Best Electric Bike for Seniors in 2023

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Updated February 24, 2023

To help you find the best electric bike for seniors, we tried out a multitude of top models, ensuring they were of exceptional quality and met the needs of consumers. To that end, we admired the best bikes for seniors with durable and lightweight form factors and those with powerful motors and a large variety of pedal assist levels. If possible, look at this list with a senior member of your family who desires the best electric bike for their needs.

The best electric bike for seniors we tried was easily the VoltBike Elegant. This ebike has everything a discerning senior would need, including a lightweight design, a Bafang motor that doesn’t need much maintenance, and ultra-safe hydraulic disc brakes. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality electric bikes available for seniors.

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes for Seniors

 #1  VoltBike Elegant Electric Bike for Seniors

VoltBike Elegant Electric Bike for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-grade Bafang 500w motor can hit speeds up to 20 MPH and excels on steep inclines and city streets, with a lithium battery that can get nearly 40 miles per charge.

  • Nearly 40 miles per charge
  • Bafang 500w motor excels on hills and on asphalt
  • Ships completely assembled and includes helmet
  • Velo saddle somewhat rigid, though it does soften over time

The VoltBike Elegant is the best e-bike for seniors, thanks to the included Bafang 500 watt geared hub motor that can reach 20 miles per hour and is designed to excel on both steep inclines and city streets. We loved the lithium-ion battery, which gets nearly 40 miles per charge, and the lightweight form factor, making it easier for seniors to interact with. This electric bike also arrives fully assembled and includes a sturdy electric bike helmet, both of which make it great for seniors.

The included Velo Plush saddle is on the rigid side at first, though it does soften over time. The included Seatpost, however, is highly adjustable and adds to this bike’s stellar rating, as do the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. That adds to why this is the best electric bike for seniors.

 #2  E-Joe Anggun 3.0 Electric Bike for Seniors

E-Joe Anggun 3.0 Electric Bike for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: Features an easy-to-mount step-thru frame design, making it shine for seniors, with 5 levels of pedal assist, a comfort gel saddle, and a Samsung battery that gets 50 miles of use per charge.

  • Efficient step-thru frame design
  • Comfort gel saddle
  • 50 miles of use per charge
  • On the heavier side, at 55 lb
  • Requires some assembly

The E-Joe Anggun 3.0 Electric Comfort Bike is one of the best step-thru electric bikes, as the design makes it easy to mount and get going. This is also a highly comfortable electric bicycle with a form-fitting comfort gel saddle, an adjustable seat post, and swept-back handlebars. We loved the removable Samsung lithium-ion battery pack, which can get 50 miles per charge and reaches a maximum charge in just 3.5 hours.

This is a fairly heavy ebike, at 55 pounds, though there is a useful walk-assist feature which is tailored for seniors. Also, this bike comes semi-disassembled and the company recommends taking it to a professional mechanic before taking it out on the road. Once it is roadworthy, however, you are sure to be riding one of the best steps through electric bikes available for purchase. You should also purchase the best bike lock to go with this.

 #3  Electrobike Gama Cruise Electric Bike for Seniors

Electrobike Gama Cruise Electric Bike for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality design that offers comfort and reliability, with a 6-speed Shimano Tourney gear system that excels with hill climbing and a sturdy rear-carry rack for transporting goods and completing errands.

  • 6-speed Shimano Tourney gear system
  • Luminous LED headlight
  • Sturdy rear-carry rack
  • Heavy, at 53 lb
  • Saddle is on the rigid side

The Electrobike Gama Cruise 350 is of exceptional quality, with an aluminum alloy step-thru frame and ultra-durable fenders. We loved the retro aesthetic here and the sturdy rear-carry rack, which makes it easy to complete errands around town. This electric bike also comes equipped with a 6-speed Shimano Tourney gear system, which helps this bike ascend steep inclines and deal with tricky terrain types.

This is a high-grade bike filled with advanced functionalities and, as such, it is on the heavier side at 53 pounds. Additionally, we found the saddle to be somewhat rigid and certain consumers may want to replace it with something cushier. This is still one of the best bikes for seniors.

 #4  ProdecoTech Stride 500 Electric Bike for Seniors

ProdecoTech Stride 500 Electric Bike for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: Comfort-forward design, with a Velo Plush wide vented saddle and an adjustable step-thru design. This is a comfortable bike for daily commutes, with a built-in battery that gets 30 miles per charge.

  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Intuitive twist throttle
  • Battery reaches max charge in 3 hours
  • Heavy, at 55 lb
  • No front light

The ProdecoTech Stride 500 is extremely comfortable and perfect for daily commutes and long riding sessions alike, with a Velo Plush wide vented saddle, an adjustable step-thru frame, and a 500-watt gearless motor that offers a smooth ride. We loved that the battery can get 30 miles of use per charge and that it reaches a maximum charge in around three hours. The intuitive twist throttle and durable aluminum alloy frame also make this a worthy choice for purchase.

This bike is on the heavy side, thanks to the gearless motor, which may not suit the abilities of all senior riders. Also, there is a brake light along the rear but there is no front-facing light, so you should avoid night riding unless you want to add your own third-party LED headlight. For more stability, seniors may want to try out the best adult tricycle.

 #5  Emojo Panther Pro Electric Bike for Seniors

Emojo Panther Pro 500W 48V Hybrid Cruiser Step-Through eBike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Equipped with a powerful 500w brushless motor that can hit a max speed of 28 MPH and features a best-in-class twist throttle and 3 levels of pedal assist. This is a great choice for those with a need for speed and acceleration.

  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission system
  • Front suspension soaks up bumps and vibrations
  • Max user weight 230 lb
  • Bike weighs nearly 60 lb

The Emojo Panther Pro is the best throttle electric bike, thanks to a powerful 500-watt electric motor that can reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour and the twist throttle that absolutely excels at acceleration and at providing extra power for climbing. We loved the ultra-stable Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which are great even in wet conditions, and the durable front suspension system. This bike is also equipped with a Shimano 7-speed transmission system, further contributing to a smooth and even ride.

Though the motor is plenty powerful and is great for hill climbing and for accelerating, it does only support riders up to 230 pounds, which may not suit every consumer. Additionally, this is one of the heavier bikes that we reviewed, clocking in at nearly 60 pounds. Seniors will love this bike for hill climbing alongside their grandkids who have the best kids mountain bikes.

 #6  Hurbo Folding Electric Bike for Seniors

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Folding design that can become extremely compact, for storage and transportation, with a luminous LED headlamp for night riding and a removable battery that gets more than 30 miles per charge.

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  • Bright LED headlamp for night riding
  • 7-speed transmission system for climbing and bumpy roads
  • Removable battery gets over 30 miles per charge
  • Max speed 15 MPH
  • Max load 240 lb

The Hurbo Folding Electric Bike easily folds up into a compact shape, making it easy to store or transport when not in use, as it can fit in the trunk of a car or in a large closet. We loved the removable battery, which gets over 30 miles per charge and can be plugged in while the frame is collapsed, and the 7-speed transmission system, which we found to be excellent while climbing steep inclines or riding over bumps. The front-facing LED headlamp is also exceptionally bright, making this a good choice for riding at night.

Though the 250-watt electric motor is decent at climbing and acceleration, it does max out at 15 miles per hour, so take that into consideration. Also, the load capacity here is just about 240 pounds, which may not suit all body types. For long distance commutes, or traveling between cities, read our guide on the best electric cargo bike.

 #7  Speedrid Folding Electric Bike for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: Value-conscious bike with plenty of high-end features, including a 500w motor that can easily ascend steep hills and go up to 22 MPH and fat tires that offer stability across difficult terrain types.

  • Max speed 22 MPH
  • Fat tires excel on difficult terrain types
  • Folds into compact shape for storage
  • Requires some assembly
  • 20 miles per charge

This Speedrid electric bike comes in at a value-friendly price point while offering features in line with higher-priced competitors, such as a powerful 500-watt electric motor that can reach speeds of up to 22 miles per hour and easily ascend steep inclines. This bike also includes 20-inch fat tires that are great for gravelly and debris-laden paths. We also were impressed by the folding form factor, which allows this bicycle to be collapsed into a compact shape for storage.

This ebike does require a fair bit of assembly, though tools and clearly written instructions are included. Additionally, the lithium-ion battery pack maxes out at around 20 miles per charge, which is on the lower end. For those seeking a taste of adventure, read about the best electric mountain bike.

 #8  iZIP Brio Electric Bike for Seniors

iZIP Brio Electric Bike for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: Offers an incredibly smooth ride, thanks to an SR Suntour NEX-E25 suspension fork and a custom-made saddle, with reliable Tektro mechanical disc brakes along the front and rear.

  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes are reliable
  • 61 miles per battery charge
  • Comfortable saddle and non-slip handlebar grips
  • 2 amp charger takes 6 hours to reach max charge
  • Heavy, at 56 lb

The iZIP Brio Mid-drive Electric Bike offers a comfortable and smooth ride, with proprietary non-slip grips, ergonomically designed handlebars, a custom-made saddle, an adjustable aluminum alloy seatpost, and a best-in-class SR Suntour NEX-E25 suspension fork, which easily eliminates discomfort derived from external vibrations. We loved the lithium-ion battery, which gets 61 miles per charge, and the Tektro mechanical disc brakes, which we found to be excellent even during wet conditions.

Though the battery is awesome, the 2 amp charger does it a bit of a disservice, as it takes six or more hours to reach a maximum charge. Also, this is a fairly heavy bicycle, at 56 pounds, which may be an issue for some seniors. For a more balanced experienced, check out our guide on the best mid drive electric bike.

 #9  Nakto Spark Electric Bike for Seniors


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly ebike with plenty of high-end features, including a 6-speed transmission, ultra-smooth V-brakes, and a high-strength carbon steel frame.

  • 6-speed transmission and V-brakes
  • Bright LED headlamp
  • High-strength carbon steel frame
  • Requires a fair bit of assembly
  • Not ideal for riders shorter than 5’4”

The Nakto Spark comes in at a budget-friendly price point while offering a feature set in line with higher-priced competitors, including a bright LED headlamp and a durable carbon steel frame. We loved the 6-speed transmission system and the Shimano V-brakes, both of which allow for a stable and safe ride. The removable battery can also get around 35 miles on a single charge, which is a decent metric considering the price.

This electric bike does require a good amount of assembly, though all of the necessary tools come in the box. Additionally, we’d suggest those shorter than 5’4” to go for another bike, as the design makes it difficult for shorter legs to touch the ground. Best sure to check out our list of the best ebike for hills.

 #10  EWheels EW-29 Electric Bike for Seniors

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Great for errands, thanks to a pair of cargo baskets and a 400 lb maximum weight limit, with an oversized seat complete with backrest and a durable step-thru carbon steel frame.

  • Oversized seat with backrest
  • Step-thru carbon steel frame
  • Ultra-luminous headlight for night riding
  • Trike design may not be for everyone
  • Max speed 15 MPH

The EWheels EW-29 is an exceptional choice for running errands around town, thanks to a load capacity of 400 pounds, two large cargo baskets, and the ability to ride in reverse, for parking. We loved the durable and convenient step-thru carbon steel frame and the ultra-luminous LED headlight along the front of the vehicle. This electric trike also features an oversized saddle complete with a backrest, making for an extremely comfortable ride.

This is an electric tricycle, which does offer some stability over its two-wheeled counterparts, but the design may not be to everyone’s liking. Also, the maximum speed here is 15 miles per hour, which is on the lower end. Also, take a look at our best electric hunting bike buying guide list.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we focused on features and innovations that would make it easy for senior citizens to get on the road and start adventuring. To that end, we like lighter-than-average electric bikes, often with walk-assist features, and those with plenty of built-in safety features.

Motors, of course, were of extreme importance and we preferred electric varieties that could reach decent maximum speeds, though speed wasn’t the only metric we cared about. As the above bikes are intended for use by seniors, we focused more on the longevity of said motors, acceleration capabilities, and real-world applications, such as hill climbing.

Like all electric bikes, the lithium batteries were also of paramount concern. We liked long-lasting batteries that could get the rider at least 20 or 30 miles per charge and achieved a maximum charge in around four hours or so. We awarded extra points to removable batteries, as these can easily be charged overnight with no fear of theft. Other safety features, such as high-grade hydraulic disc brakes and durable frames were also considered.

Best Electric Bike for Seniors Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Comfort
    Comfort-forward features should be a priority as you shop for an electric bicycle, even if you’re searching for the best electric beach cruiser. These include foam saddles for a comfortable seat, high-grade suspension forks that absorb vibrations, and fat tires that provide extreme stability and balance.
    • Step-through bikes should also be considered, as these frames make it easy to mount and dismount the bike, which could be a boon for certain seniors and those with disabilities.
    • Pair a step-through frame bike with wider wheels for a smoother bike ride. You can read our DJ Fat bike review for a model with wide tires.
    • If you plan on riding either an electric or traditional bike on rougher terrain, wider tires can also make that ride a lot smoother. If you like the idea of a personal transporter but aren’t into the idea of sitting on it, the best e-scooter of 2023 is an option where you stand on it.
    • Alternatively, for those who want a fun ride, read our eDrift UH-ES395 fat tire electric trike review.
  2. Safety Features
    These are electric vehicles that travel at high speeds. As such, look for safety-enhancing features as you go about the shopping process. Hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes are a good place to start, made by renowned companies like Tektro and Shimano, as they should offer smooth and stable stopping power even during bad weather conditions. Durable frames, bright LED headlights, and easy-to-use transmission systems can all increase safety. Bright headlights will illuminate the trail in front of you so you can avoid obstacles ahead of time, whether you have electric or standard bikes. They can come in handy for both an off-trail and flat leisurely ride on a road. And, safety should always be at the forefront, especially when you’ve just found you’re old enough to ride an electric bike.
  3. Motor and Battery
    Speed and battery life are important for all electric bike riders, even seniors. Look for high-grade brushless motors made by reputable companies like Bafang and Bosch that can easily ascend hills and accelerate quickly. As for battery capacities, look for long-lasting lithium batteries that can perform for at least 20 or 30 miles per charge and offer the ability to reach a maximum charge in just several hours. Removable batteries can also be handy, for the purposes of charging on the go and theft deterrence, especially if you have a longer commute to work and don’t want to get stranded in the middle of city riding. So, you’ll want to compare electric bikes and their batteries, as well as electric bike locks, so you’ll get a good one.

Electric Bike for Seniors FAQs

What is the best electric bike for seniors?

Though we are partial to all of the above choices, if we had to go with just one we’d select our top pick. The VoltBike Elegant Electric Bike features a great battery, a fantastic motor, tires that offer good balance, and ships fully assembled.

What is the best electric bike for the money?

If you are looking for a value or a budget-friendly electric bike, may we suggest the Nakto Spark. This electric bicycle comes in at a fantastic price point while offering plenty of high-end features, including a 6-speed transmission system.

Are e bikes good for seniors?

Absolutely! Electric bikes, especially hybrid bikes, let you get your daily exercise via manual mode but also include powerful motors and batteries, so you can relax when necessary. They are a fantastic option for performing errands around town, thanks to included rear racks, or for adventuring. In short, they offer the health benefits of regular bikes but, with built-in batteries, and the ability to ride longer, thanks to pedal assist.

Who are the best manufacturers of electric bikes for seniors?

We made sure to include many reputable electric bike manufacturers on the above list, including E-Joe and Nakto. Other great companies that nearly made our list include Rad Power Bikes, Kling, and Cyclamatic.
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