7 Best Dust Masks

Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:16 PM
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The best dust mask we researched was the AstroAI Reusable mask. It’s made from high-quality components, including premium mesh nylon, with a four-layer carbon activated filter, in addition to featuring a comfortable form-fitting design and adhering to N95 medical standards. We also loved that it ships with two replacement filters, for a total of three. If you also want to check out other health products and fitness appliances, open our health wellness guide.

To help you find the best reusable or long-term dust masks, we researched a multitude of top products, researching to ensure that they are made with high quality and durable materials, often washable, with excellent filters that protect the nose and mouth and efficiently block particles in the air, including dust, smoke, pollen, and vehicle exhaust, among other contaminants. We also liked items that came in multipacks, containing multiple masks and filters, and those that were comfortable to wear. Keep reading to learn more about the AstroAI Reusable Dust Face Mask and the other models on this list.

Top 7 Best Dust Masks

 #1  AstroAI Reusable Dust Face Mask

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Highly adjustable and comfortable form factor, made from premium nylon, with a four-layer carbon activated filter that adheres to N95 medical standards and built-in discharge valves, which allow for easy breathing during use.

  • Best N95 mask
  • Comes with 2 multi-layered replacement filters
  • Discharge valves creates no breathing resistance
  • May struggle to fit kid’s faces
  • Additional filters can be difficult to purchase
  • Filters are not reuseable once they come into contact with a pathogen

This AstroAI Reusable Dust Face Mask is a highly adjustable product, with a strap, ear loops, and a nose clip, all of which add to its comfort rating, particularly during long use sessions. It is made from high-quality materials, including premium mesh nylon, and features a four-layer carbon activated filter, which can protect against particles as small as one micron and is the best N95 mask we researched. We also loved that it ships with three of these filters.

Though the filters are of extremely high quality, they must be thrown away once you come into contact with a pathogen, as they cannot be washed. Additionally, this type of mask is fairly large and could struggle to fit the face of a child, but it does have an adjustable neck strap. If the dust mask isn’t doing the trick, take a look at the best air purifier for allergies and dust too.

 #2  Baigewa Safety Dust Mask


WHY WE LIKE IT: Unisex design that is fully adjustable with a high-quality nose bridge, to prevent slipping, and shipping with a pair of PM2.5 replacement filters.

  • Nose bridge helps prevent slipping
  • Ships with 2 replacement filters
  • Unisex adjustable design
  • Cannot fully filter virulent particles, though can help
  • Mask can struggle to fit children
  • Pack contains only 1 mask

This Baigewa Safety Dust Mask is an extremely comfortable product while offering plenty of safety features, including five internal layers, with one being made from activated carbon and a replaceable PM2.5 filter. We also loved the fully adjustable unisex design and the well-made nose bridge, which helps to prevent slipping, and the fact that it ships with a pair of extra filters. Although it is not a surgical mask, this cloth mask does well to protect a person against getting infected from inhaling spittle coming from an infected person.

Though this multipack does contain three filters in total, it only ships with one mask, which could be an issue for some consumers. Also, this mask only filters particles sized 2.5 microns and above, and many viral particles are much smaller, though research has indicated PM2.5 filters can help somewhat in this regard. You might be a new parent looking for reliable diapers that are free from materials that can cause rashes. For great options, open our best diapers guide.

 #3  Graoll Face Towel with Earloops Dust Mask


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly item with plenty of high-end features, including an adjustable aluminum nose bridge, a velcro design complete with earloops, and a built-in activated carbon filter.

  • Activated carbon filters effective against pollen & smoke
  • Velcro design with earloops fit snugly
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Ships with just 1 filter
  • Just 1 mask included
  • Could struggle to fit children or large faces

This Graoll Face Towel with Earloops Dust Mask comes in at a budget-friendly price point while still offering a suite of pleasing features, including a highly adjustable design, thanks to a velcro enclosure and an aluminum nose bridge. It also wraps around the ears for added comfort and safety, in addition to including the same kind of activated carbon filter that is used in N95 masks.

Though the design is highly adjustable, we found that this mask could struggle to fit children or adults with extremely large faces. Additionally, this is not a multipack, and only ships with one filter and one mask. This dust mask will definitely come in handy the next time that you’re using your best duster.

 #4  VTER Cotton Face Breathing Dust Mask


WHY WE LIKE IT: Ships with 5 masks, the biggest multipack on this list, with each made from high quality and hand washable knitted fabric and featuring comfortable and stretchable earloops.

  • Hand cleanable design
  • Comfortable and stretchable earloops
  • Absorbs sweat, so no need for valve
  • No carbon activated filter
  • Could struggle to fit extremely large heads
  • No nose wire or bridge

The VTER Cotton Face Breathing Dust Mask is a high-quality cotton and polyester dual-layer design, which is great for filtering out smoke and pollen, among other contaminants, The stretchable earloops are great, making for an easy fit, and the fabric is designed to absorb sweat, eliminating the need for a dedicated breathing valve. We also loved that it ships in a large multipack of five units, the biggest multipack on this list.

This is just a standard dual-layer fabric design, however, and does not include a dedicated carbon activated filter of any kind, so may not be the best choice if you are looking to avoid viral particles. Also, we found that these masks could be a bit snug when adhering to larger than average heads. This doesn’t have to just be for dust either. If you’re doing a craft with your best acrylic paint set and want to keep your face clean, this dust mask could come in handy.

 #5  Teczero LED Light Up Dust Mask


WHY WE LIKE IT: Extremely fashionable and tech-forward design, with 7 LED lights that can be programmed to flash different colors, made from dust-resistant materials, with the ability to add your own carbon-activated filter for further protection.

  • Comfortable and adjustable design
  • Allows for insertion of carbon activated filter
  • 6 month repair guarantee
  • Could struggle to fit kid’s heads
  • No adjustable nose bridge
  • Lights get around 2 hours of use on a single charge

The Teczero LED Light Up Dust Mask is an innovative and fashionable product, featuring a series of seven LED lights that can be programmed to flash different colors, and a design that is dust and pollen-resistant, with a comfortable and adjustable form factor. We also loved that this item allows for the insertion of a third-party carbon activated filter, for added protection, and that it ships with a six-month repair guarantee.

This is a fairly large mask and, as such, is likely not suited for children. Additionally, though the LED lights are powered via a USB connection, we only got around two hours of use on a single charge and it took more than one full hour to reach a full charge. Bring this next time you go to dust off your best jigsaw, and you’ll be allergy-free.

 #6  Auempress Black Cotton Dust Mask


WHY WE LIKE IT: Finely stitched item that fits a large variety of faces, including children, with a stretchable elastic ear loop and a washable design that makes this a great reusable mask for woodworking, among other tasks.

  • Great for woodworking
  • Stretchable elastic ear loop
  • Ships with 2 masks
  • No filter, just 2 layers of cotton
  • No nose wire, so can slip if not careful
  • Only available in 1 color

This Auempress Black Cotton Dust Mask is a wonderfully stitched and attractive item, with a stretchable elastic earloop, for comfort, and a unisex design that easily fits adults and children alike. We also found this to be the best dust mask for woodworking, thanks to the aforementioned comfort-forward features and the fact that it can be washed. It also ships as a multipack containing two masks.

Though this item excels at preventing wood-related dust and other particulates from entering your lungs, it does not contain an actual filter, so will not be effective against smaller particles, such as viruses. Also, this is a standard dust mask and does not include a dedicated nose bridge. If you’re doing a project with your best airless paint sprayer, use this mask to keep your face protected.

 #7  Yoodelife Black Mouth Dust Mask


WHY WE LIKE IT: Cotton fabric product that is cold water machine washable, with a wide mouth unisex design that fits a variety of face sizes, comfortable ear straps, and shipping in a multipack of 3 units.

  • Multipack for families
  • Wide mouth unisex design
  • Comfortable ear straps
  • No filters
  • No nose bridge
  • Can go in dryer, but potential to shrink

This Yoodelife Black Mouth Dust Mask is a classic double-layered cotton fabric product that protects against pollen and automobile exhaust, among other contaminants. These masks can be machine washed in cold water, which is fantastic, and feature comfortable ear straps and a wide mouth unisex design that fit nearly every face we researched it with. We also loved that it ships in a multipack of three units.

These masks just feature two layers of cotton, however, and not a carbon-activated filter, or filters of any kind, making them not ideal for small particles, such as viruses. Additionally, these items can be placed in a drier, but we’d recommend air drying as they could shrink. Next time you pull out your best air blower, make sure you have this mask at the ready. Are you also looking for the right tools to remove your ear wax? We have great suggestions in our best earwax removal kit guide.

How We Decided

To help narrow down to the above list, we first made sure that the above masks excelled at their stated anti-dust job, protection from dust and related particles. To that end, we made sure they boasted multiple layers of protection and were appropriate for protection against not only dust and pollen but smoke, automobile exhaust, and a long list of other potentially harmful toxins.

As far as protection from viruses and bacteria, such as the flu, we populated the above list with plenty of masks that contain built-in multi-layer carbon activated filters, which get close to or equal the N95 medical standard, meaning they filter out 95 percent of potentially harmful particulates.

We were also picky about comfort, choosing masks that were made from comfortable materials, often cotton or a mesh fabric of some kind, and those that featured highly adjustable form factors. To that end, we liked stretchable ear loops and adjustable nose clips, so as to reduce the chances of it falling off of your face mid-use. Finally, we liked masks that were reusable, often washable, and those that were aesthetically pleasing.

Best Dust Mask Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Filtration
    Any dual-layered cotton mask should offer adequate protection against common contaminants, such as pollen or dust. If you are looking for extreme protection from smoke, automobile exhaust, smog, or, most commonly, virus particles, you are going to want to make sure the mask you choose features a heavy-duty filter of some kind. Many of the above products come with multilayered carbon activated filters that approach or meet the N95 medical standard.
  2. Adjustability
    You are going to want to make sure the mask you choose is adjustable, often via stretchable ear loops that wrap around the face. You may want to choose an item with an adjustable nose bridge of some kind, so as to prevent the mask from slipping off during use, which can be annoying and, in some cases, dangerous. Some items also include velcro enclosures, further enhancing their adjustability.
  3. Additional Features
    Not all dust masks are created equal. Some bring additional features to the fore. These features can be purely aesthetic, such as the light-up LED lights as seen in our number five pick, while others can be functional, as several of our picks come with multiple carbon-activated filters. Other masks come in large multipacks, as many as five units in one go.
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