We spent the past 48 hours going over some reputable brands to bring you the best dual monitor stands you can purchase online. Out of the 21 products we reviewed, we shortened our list to just seven stands that were able to meet our standards for quality. All of these stands are heavy-duty and can support over 20lbs of weight per mount, and they’re all relatively easy to handle. The best monitor stand makes it easier to view your content.

The VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Stand is our top pick thanks to its impressive load capacity, sturdy frame, and small footprint compared to the rest of our favorites. Read on to find out more about it and the rest of our curated choices.

Top 7 Best Dual Monitor Stand

 #1  VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Stand


WHY WE LIKE IT: This stand is very easy to install and compatible with almost every modern monitor thanks to its 100x100mm and 75x75mm VESA brackets and C-clamps for mounting. A great choice for when you want to maximize your desk space without compromising monitor stability.

  • Excellent compatibility (dual-arm VESA mounts)
  • Rigid frame
  • High weight tolerance
  • Individual mount heights not adjustable

The VIVO Dual Monitor Stand has a sturdy frame made of steel. You can mount it on desk edges that are up to 4” thick thanks to its robust and adjustable C-clamp. The arms can easily support up to 22-lb monitors with 13-27” screens, giving you peace of mind as you use your computer. Stand height and monitor orientation can be adjusted. Plus, it has detachable VESA brackets for universal mounting.

This dual monitor stand outshines the rest in terms of modularity, durability, and weight tolerance. It’s great for programmers and digital artists who need more desk space, but it’s also great for general use. You can use it for the best 4k gaming monitor.

 #2  AmazonBasics Premium Dual Stand


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is another great option if you’re looking for one of the best dual monitor setups. This stand is durable, effortlessly adjustable, and compatible with almost every monitor with 100x100mm or 75x75mm VESA mounts.

  • Very stable & flexible
  • Holds 20 lbs per arm
  • VESA-compatible
  • Might be tricky to tighten

This AmazonBasics stand is a very close competitor to our top pick for the same reasons that made it so good. It has the standard 20-lb weight limit, but what makes it amazing is its flexibility. You’ll be able to adjust each long monitor arm in almost every direction, allowing for the maximum range of movement.

This is perfect for programmers and artists who need to quickly change their monitor’s orientation. Each mount is compatible with 100x100mm and 75x75mm VESA mounts, and the stand itself is attachable via a grommet bracket. The best 144hz gaming monitor will be more useful when using this.

 #3  WALI Free-Standing Dual LCD Monitor Stand


WHY WE LIKE IT: This pick’s free-standing design and flexibility make it the best dual monitor stand for corner desks. It even comes with an optional bracket mount for extra stability and VESA mounts for standard measurements.

  • Best for corner desks
  • Detachable VESA plates
  • Highly sturdy
  • May scratch easily

This monitor stand uses the more traditional free-standing design typically seen in single-monitor stands, making it more viable for all sorts of surfaces. The stand is still stable despite the design, but its stability relies more on how steady the surface it’s standing on is. However, it does come with a grommet bracket to combat this dilemma.

The mount is equipped with detachable VESA plates and made of high-grade steel and aluminum. It can hold up to 22lbs of weight in each arm. It is perfect for the best monitor for video editing.

 #4  Suptek Dual LCD Stand


WHY WE LIKE IT: A dual monitor stand with a unique vertical monitor positioning that allows for creative screen positions that are otherwise impossible to achieve on horizontal monitors. Great for programmers, artists, and other creative uses.

  • 360-degree horizontal rotation
  • Stable free-standing base
  • Integrated tool and cable holders
  • Style is not for everyone

Suptek’s dual monitor stand is unique compared to our other picks because it has a vertical monitor orientation instead of the more common horizontal one. It sports two VESA mounts placed on top of each other on an adjustable steel pole. Each mount can be rotated 360 degrees, and swiveled and tilted within a +/- 45-degree angle.

It has a free-standing base with an optional grommet bracket. Overall, it’s a great dual monitor stand for 27” screens and even comes with a hardware kit for worry-free installations. The vertical orientation of monitors may not be for everyone, but it opens up many options for creative uses in digital art or even video games. Games will be great on this with the best 240hz gaming monitor.

 #5  The Office Oasis Large Dual Stand


WHY WE LIKE IT: A wide table-like monitor stand meant to elevate existing monitors to a more comfortable level. This stand is a more practical and stylish approach to rising monitor height and requires no installation.

  • No installation needed
  • Adjustable height
  • Non-slip feet
  • Large footprint

The Office Oasis stand is meant for elevating desktop monitors and improving user posture. It’s a sleek mini-desk that’s 42” long and 10” wide. The surface is made with bamboo, a more sustainable alternative to other types of wood.

It can comfortably support a 34” screen, and the bamboo surface is tough enough to carry the weight. It’s quite long, however, so be sure to have ample space for it. This desk stand comes in three designs: black, brown, and natural.

 #6  HUANUO Dual Arm Stand


WHY WE LIKE IT: A stylish monitor stand that’s optimized to help improve user posture while working. Each arm is equipped with a gas spring system that makes adjustments smoother and easier, and universal VESA mounts for all monitor types.

  • Smooth and effortless adjustments
  • Highly easy to set up
  • Universal compatibility
  • Relatively pricey

This is a top of the line dual monitor stand that’s optimized for durability and user comfort. Each dual monitor arm is equipped with standard VESA mounts and a unique gas spring system along the joints that allows for very fine monitor adjustments. These arms have such a broad range of motion that you can adjust the arms to become a side arm for a different side of your desk, which is useful for sharing information or a piece of work with a team member or client. Being able to tilt up or down the viewing angle of the computer monitors helps immensely too in case you have a standing desk in your office space and therefore need to change the computer screen angle to see it better.

Monitors up to 27” long can comfortably fit in each arm without causing any collisions. And unlike our other picks, this stand can be mounted via a C-clamp or grommet mount, allowing users to select which type of mount is more fitting for the situation. The power cable management system will also make your life a lot simpler and give you fewer headaches. Overall, the HUANUO is a great dual computer monitor stand set that’s worth the price and transforms your experience in your office space for the better.

 #7  Hemudu Single Monitor Stand


WHY WE LIKE IT: This stand can support up to 32” monitors with 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm mounting holes, making it the best monitor arm for ultrawide screens. Having two of these can allow for extra versatility in your PC setup.

  • Best budget
  • Supports up to 32” monitors
  • Can bear up to 77 lbs
  • For single monitors only

The Hemudu stand is a special case in this list. It’s designed for single stands, but its very high weight tolerance and wide screen support makes it the ideal candidate for large dual-screen setups.

Its adjustable bracket can be tilted, swiveled, and rotated like other mounts, but it can support screens from 13-32” wide. It can also hold an impressive maximum weight of 77lbs. Getting two of these can allow for some truly awesome desktop setups, especially for gamers who pin visual quality at a very high priority.

How We Decided

For this list of the best dual monitor stands, we included those that struck the right balance between stability and comfort so users can focus on their work or enjoying their free time in front of their computer.

For stability, we factored in each stand’s weight tolerance and mount types. We observed that many stands can support up to 20lbs of weight, while some go beyond, holding up to 22lbs and above. We decided to set 20lbs as our minimum during the selection process to ensure that a very wide variety of monitors can be installed on the stands we pick.

We also put a premium on the type of mount on each stand. Grommet/C-clamp mounts offer better stability than free-standing mounts, so we picked the products that are primarily held up by such. We also found free-standing mounts with optional grommet brackets to maximize stability.

Monitor articulation was also something we considered. We selected stands that can be easily swiveled and tilted according to your preferences. Most stands we chose allow for a 360-degree horizontal rotation and a +/- 45-degree vertical tilt angle, easily accommodating people of all heights.

Lastly, we considered the stands’ installation. We included only those with VESA brackets for maximum monitor compatibility.

Best Dual Monitor Stand Buyers’ Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Articulation and adjustability
    This refers to how easily you can adjust the arms and swivels of your stand. Opt for stands that let you turn your monitors vertically or horizontally, rotated in 360 degrees, or with customizable angles, all according to your workstation. Especially if you use an adjustable standing desk, having a range of motion in the arms that allows you to adjust the viewing angle makes getting work done easier and less distracting.
  2. Mount type
    Dual monitor stands come in C-clamp, grommet bracket, or free-standing options. Clamps and brackets offer better stability, but they need to be attached to the edge of your desk. On the other hand, free stands can be placed on any surface, but its stability will depend largely on the platform it’s placed on.
  3. Monitor Compatibility
    Before you pick a stand, it’s important to consider what monitor you’ll be attaching to it. Take a look at a monitor’s weight and size, and check if a stand can support it. If your monitor is touch screen, make sure the stand is sturdy and durable enough to withstand consistent tapping and touch pressure. Also, consider a stand with VESA mounts to make mounting monitors easier.
  4. Installation
    The type of mounts your stand has also affects how easy it is to set up. Free stand mounts require little to no installation, while C-clamps and grommet brackets require a bit more effort to install properly. VESA mounts simply require monitors to be screwed onto the mount to be attached. Though it’s not necessary, a quality power cable management system does help improve the appearance of your computer set up. In a perfect world, the ideal solution would be to just have all wireless and cordless products, but cords are part of reality for now. By organizing your system’s cords, they won’t hang everywhere and risk tripping someone, so a decent cable management system would definitely be a plus.

Dual Monitor Stand FAQs

What cords do I need for dual monitors?

Some monitors still use VGA or DVI cables, but in most cases, HDMI cables are what you’ll need to use.

What is the best way to position two monitors?

To get the most out of dual monitors, identify the amount of time you spend on each one. If you’ll use them equally, place the monitors side by side in a slightly V position. If you’ll be using one as the primary monitor, place that monitor directly in front of you, with the other one to its side in a 30-degree angle.

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