7 Best Drop Leaf Tables in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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The best drop leaf table is the East West Furniture Dublin Table. This drop table features a 42” diameter, quite large for a round-style table. It’s made of Asian Hardwood and has an elegant, yet classic design that works in just about any space. If you need more culinary tools, then read our best kitchen products guide.

That in mind, to find the best drop leaf table we made sure that all of our selections featured folding sides that help conserve space when they’re not in use. Why? They’re excellent for small living areas where space is limited, such as a studio apartment or starter home. Moreover, our top picks are made of durable solid wood materials, in a variety of styles. Keep reading to learn more about our top picks.

Top 7 Best Drop Leaf Tables

 #1  East West Furniture DLT-WHITP Dublin Drop Leaf Table


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 42” diameter dining table offers the largest round surface area when it’s opened up. It’s made of solid wood and comes in a wide variety of single-color and two-tone styles.

  • Largest round surface-area on list
  • Elegant and great for small spaces
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Not a full set as no chairs included

This round, solid wood table is composed of White Asian Hardwood, also called Rubber Wood. It measures 42” in length by 42” in width, which is a decent size dining space, if used as a dining table. It stands 29.5” tall which is slightly above waist-level. Two 9” drop-leaves sit on either side and will fold down to make a smaller surface, or for easier placement and storage when not in use. The leaves can be returned to normal and locked in place providing a larger tablespace. If you need shakers that don’t leach chemicals into your food, then you need to check out our best dredge shakers.

It does not come with chairs, which is par for the course with these tables as most don’t. However, you can buy a matching set from the same brand. Or you can look at the best standing desk chairs as another option. The table comes in a variety of colors, including white linen, oak, walnut-black, mahogany, and more. There are both two-tone and solid, single-color variants available.

 #2  International Concepts Small Drop Leaf Table


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bistro-style, rectangular table will accommodate two and fits just about anywhere. It’s made of solid parawood and we found it to be quite sturdy, in addition to being easy to assemble.

  • Fully customizable & very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bistro-style two-seater design
  • Unfinished, which may not suit everyone

This relatively small and rectangular table is an excellent option for DIY-lovers that want the freedom to fully customize their new furniture. It comes unfinished, which means it needs a quick “finish” sanding, and it also needs to be stained or painted. After the paint or stain is dry, a clear coat needs to be applied to protect the surface. Those looking for a finished, ready-to-use table should go with another model. Make the perfect poached eggs with our best egg poachers.

The table is 22” wide by 36” long and it stands 30” off the floor, well above the average waist height. It’s made of solid parawood, also called Hevea Brasiliensis. The material is durable, easy to finish, and looks fantastic when complete. Two 9” drop leaves on each side fold down to save space. While you’re at it, upgrade your office with the best standing desk.

 #3  Signature Design by Ashley D293-15 Drop Leaf Table


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 40” round dining table has a beautiful, warm finish and it’s composed of Asian Hardwoods. It accommodates up to four, yet has a compact design for small dining nooks.

  • Perfect for 4 people
  • Larger 10” drop-leaves
  • Easy-to-match warm brown finish
  • No chairs included

Made of Asian Hardwood and veneers, this stunning table is compact yet also accommodating. The 40” diameter is suitable for up to four chairs and offers a comfortable fit, but it’s small enough to fit in limited spaces. It stands 30” tall which is above waist height, so there’s plenty of room to slide the legs under. Assembly is required, but all the hardware is included and the only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver.

Each drop-down leaf is 10” and they both fold down — or up — as needed. With the leaves down the table still serves as an excellent surface for decor, photo frames, and even light work.

 #4  Coaster Home Furnishings Damen Round Pedestal Drop Leaf Table


WHY WE LIKE IT: This classic, country-style table has a natural brown and white finish, with an elegant, ornamental base. The center pedestal design is sturdy and can support up to 300 pounds.

  • Two-tone country style
  • Supports 300lbs
  • Ornamental, thick pedestal base
  • No chairs included

This traditional, two-tone round drop leaf table is composed of solid Asian Hardwood and Asian Tropical Wood. The natural brown and white two-tone style matches country and traditional decor well. There are no chairs included, but matching sets can easily be found.

It supports a total weight of 300 pounds. When the drop leaves are locked in place, it’s 40” by 40” which is a decent surface area. Moreover, the table stands 30” tall, offering plenty of room underneath to sit comfortably. Each leaf is about 7.5” so when they are folded down the table dimensions are 40” by 25” wide. It’s an excellent table for any space, big or small.

 #5  SEI Furniture Driness Drop-Leaf Convertible Console Drop Leaf Table


WHY WE LIKE IT: This table has a lot going for it in terms of uniqueness. It’s one of the longest at 63”, but the drop leaf sides run the length of the table, instead of being located at opposite ends. It also has an incredibly sturdy all-metal base.

  • Seats up to 6 people
  • Leaf sides run the length of the table
  • Chic weathered finish
  • Medium-density fiberboard; not solid wood

This elongated dining table seats anywhere from 4 to 6 people total when the drop leaf sides are locked in place. Unlike most tables, the leaves part down the middle and run the length of the entire table, instead of being located on opposite ends. With the sides in place it’s 63” long and 31.5” wide, and drops down to 63” long and 12.25” wide with each leaf being 9.625” wide. It’s an incredibly unique setup that further bolsters the table’s usability in tight spaces.

The tabletop is made of MDF or medium-density fiberboard, while the base is all-metal. The surface features a weathered gray finish, that’s both chic and modern. It stands 29.5” tall, which offers plenty of room for the legs underneath. If you have a hard time sitting down to do work at this table, you might want to also consider one of the best little desks for your home too.

 #6  LINLUX Versatile Coffee Table and Extendable Drop Leaf Table


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is an excellent accent, side, or small desk option as it’s quite compact with the sides down, going from 36” long to 23” long. It has a convenient under-mounted shelf for storage and supports a high weight capacity for the size, up to 150 pounds.

  • Scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean surface
  • Bottom-mounted shelf
  • Supports 150-pounds
  • Difficult to assemble

This table would make an excellent side or end table, drop leaf console table or makeshift breakfast set because it’s much smaller than anything else on the list. The base is made of high-quality steel while the table surface is MDF or medium-density fiberboard. The surface is easy to clean and scratch-resistant, which is excellent for an all-purpose option such as this.

When the sides are locked in place it’s 36” long and 18” wide, but when down it shrinks to 23” long and 18” wide. It stands at 28.93” tall, offering just enough space to slide your legs comfortably under. As small as it is, it can support up to 150 pounds total which is quite impressive. If you sometimes need to take work home from the office, take a look at the best portable desk for your home too.

 #7  Jofran Richmond Cherry Drop-Leaf Drop Leaf Table


WHY WE LIKE IT: This delightful bistro-style, two-seater is made of Asian Hardwood and adorned with a cherry veneer. It will match just about any decor and fits in small or limited spaces perfectly. Moreover, it’s easy to assemble.

  • Cozy two-seater
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Solid wood construction
  • Not a full set, which no chairs included

While some of our other picks would fit the purpose, this is the best bistro-style, two-seater table on the list. It’s made of solid Asian Hardwood with a Cherry veneer, that is sturdy but also looks fantastic. With both side leaves down the table measures about 30” by 30” and extends to 56” x 30” with them locked in place — each leaf is about 8” wide. It stands about 30” tall offering plenty of legroom.

It doesn’t have the smallest dimensions on the list, but it’s still compact and would fit nicely anywhere a bistro-style table would normally be placed. Some ideas include a front patio or entry, a rear patio, a small kitchen, a living area, and more. Assembly is required, but it’s super easy, taking only a few minutes.

How We Decided

One of the most important elements of any table is the amount of weight it can bear. That’s especially true of a narrow drop leaf table, as there are two configurations to worry about, including when the sides are locked in place. Every table on the list is durable and will hold an adequate amount of weight, whether the sides are down, or up.

The build quality and material of the table is another major concern. When cheaper and less efficient materials are used it can compromise the durability of the table. Every selection on the list is composed of solid or composite wood materials that are sturdy and long-lasting. We did our best to steer clear of weak particleboard options. Keep in mind, MDF or medium-density fiberwood is much different and it’s a much more sturdy and reliable material.

Finally, we looked for tables that were relatively easy to assemble. Because most of the options here will be shipped, they’re going to come in pieces. Everything on the list can be installed and put together using a Phillips head screwdriver, a common tool that nearly everyone owns already.

Best Drop Leaf Table Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Build Quality or Material
    The material and build quality of the table is going to determine how much weight and use it can handle. Poor and inefficient materials increase the likelihood of failure or damage. It’s best to look for tables that either come in solid wood — natural or composites — or metal, to ensure longevity. Some of the more popular IKEA drop leaf-table options, for example, are generally made with weaker wood composites. Solid wood is much more reliable.
  2. Style
    Think about where the table is going to sit in your home? What will you be using it for? These two answers will help determine which style or type of table you should choose. If it’s going to be your primary supper table then a round or elongated drop leaf dining table set is the best choice. If you need an end table to place in your living room, then one of the smaller tables would be better. If you’re placing a table in your formal dining room, then you’re going to want something that’s much more elegant, such as the Coaster Home Furnishings or East West selections on our list.
  3. Size and Height
    Before making a selection consider how much space you’ll need, not just for the tabletop but also underneath, for your legs. The table you choose needs to be high enough off the ground to accommodate comfortable seating. It also needs to provide enough surface space for whatever activity you’ll be doing, whether that’s dining, working, playing games, or something else.
  4. Drop-Leaf Sides
    Every selection on this list has drop leaf sides, which means segments of the table fold down to reduce the overall size of the table. This allows the table to be moved out of the way or stored easier when not in use. It’s also an excellent option for places with limited space, like smaller apartments and homes. While the tables are sturdy and durable, a solid table without folding sides is always going to be much stronger than anything here. Before choosing a table, consider the placement and how much room you have. If you can get away with a solid table, that might be a better option.

Drop Leaf Table FAQs

What Are Drop Leaf Tables?

A table is essentially a multi-purpose surface that can be used for dining, work, studying, and more. Drop leaf tables are really no different, and when the sides are locked in place, they look and function exactly like a traditional table. Where they differ, is that the sides generally unlock and fold down to reduce the tabletop. This allows them to fit in smaller or more limited spaces, such as a studio apartment. They can also be stored or moved out of the way to create more space when they’re not being used.

What’s the Best Style of Drop Leaf Table?

There are a few different styles of drop leaf tables, just like there are many types of traditional tables. There are round, country-style tables, and more elongated formal dining tables. There are also side and accent tables, desk-like tables, and simple storage tables — which are meant to be placed as decor or storage solutions. They all serve as excellent options depending on what you’re looking for. That is primarily what’s going to determine which is “best” for you. If you want a dining table for your family then a round or more formal-style table is the better choice. If you just need something small to work, eat, and sit at with a significant other, a smaller bistro table would be excellent.

Is There a Drop Leaf Table with Storage?

Some drop leaf tables offer additional storage, but they are not common. The best one on our list is the LINLUX because it’s a drop leaf table with storage thanks to a shelf that hangs below the main tabletop.

Are Round or Rectangular Drop Leaf Tables Better?

There is no true winner between round and rectangular tables, as they are both suitable options. Rectangular tables offer a much larger surface area when the sides are locked in place, so they’re good when you need a lot of wiggle room. They’re also the preferred style for large families or social gatherings. A rectangular drop leaf dining table would be an awesome choice for big families, cookouts, or holiday suppers. Round tables, on the other hand, still offer plenty of room with a more intimate design. They tend to accommodate up to four people at a time, whereas rectangular tables — if they’re larger — can seat anywhere from 4 to 6 people. Of course, that all depends on the size of the table as some round tables can be smaller, while some rectangular tables are smaller too.
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