6 Best Dredge Shakers in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Of the dredge shakers we tried, the Winware Stainless Steel Dredge is the best dredge shaker. We chose it because of its durable, heat resistant, and seam-free stainless steel construction, built-in handle, versatility, and classic diner aesthetic. This is definitely a must-have kitchen product for your home.

We assembled a list of the best dredge shakers, preferring stainless steel, plastic, and glass shakers made for use in both restaurants and at home. We favored shakers that can hold at least 10 liquid oz by volume, can be used for a variety of food items, are easy to refill, and are flame and heat resistant. We also favored shakers that are certified non-toxic and could not harmfully expose you to chemicals. Keep reading to see more high-quality dredge shakers available for purchase.

Top 6 Best Dredge Shakers

 #1  Winware Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Dishwasher-safe, seam-free construction and versatility, with a classic vintage diner look makes it an appealing workhorse that will add flair to your dining room.

  • Seamfree-metal for long-lasting durability and clean looks
  • Good for food items such as salt & pepper, grated cheese, powdered sugar
  • Welded handle for easy use
  • Can rust over time if not kept dry after washing

The Winware Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker is an all-stainless steel 10 oz shaker with a solid welded-on handle. The steel is seam-free for maximum durability and a less mass-produced factory look. Its screw-top lid comes off easily but stays secure during use, with holes large enough to use for anything from salt & pepper to grated cheese and spice mixes.

The Winware’s stainless steel construction makes it naturally heat and flame resistant for busy kitchens and restaurants, as well as durable and non-toxic. Although the steel is not guaranteed to not rust if not properly cared for with thorough drying off after washing, its reliability, versatility, and clean, classic vintage diner looks make it a restaurant staple that can also add flair to your home kitchen or dining room. For the rest of your kitchen storage, take a look at our guide on the best brown sugar storage.

 #2  Dozenegg Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Stainless steel dredge shaker with a large handle, for ease of use, and a dishwasher safe design. It’s a great choice for families as it ships with 2 shakers.

  • Large handle for ease of use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ships in a pack of 2 shakers
  • Metal is thinner than many models

The Dozenegg Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker is an all-stainless steel 10 oz. shaker with an extra-large stainless steel handle. It’s dishwasher safe and features a screw-top lid that’s easy to remove with large holes that make it good for food items and condiments ranging from salt & pepper to grated cheese. You may also want to check out the best disinfectant spray if you are looking for other cleaning options.

The extra-large stainless steel handles are thinner than many and can be uncomfortable, especially when the shaker is heavy from being full or storing heavier food items, but it’s a versatile and durable shaker that’s naturally flame and heat resistant and easy to clean. Coming two in a pack, they’re also a terrific bargain for restaurants who need to order a large supply of reliable, safe-to-use dredge shakers for “front of house” and kitchen alike. If you like having your produce on your counter where you can see it, you’ll also want to read our guide to the best onion storages/savers.

 #3  WINCO PDG-10AC Dredge Shaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Their multi-colored lids, handy measurement markings, and non-toxic, lightweight construction make them extra handy for use at home in the kitchen.

  • 4 different colored-tops and hole sizes for varying ingredients
  • Measurement markings make them extra handy for cooking
  • Each lid has different sized holes for a variety of uses
  • Less heat and flame resistant than many dredge shakers

The WINCO PDG-10AC Dredge Shaker is a 10oz, 100% PC (polycarbonate), dishwasher-safe shaker with snap-on lids. It’s NSF-certified, meaning it’s 100% guaranteed to meet all federally-mandated public safety requirements. It comes with four semi-flexible PC lids in four different colors, each with different-sized holes suitable for different uses. The jar also features sturdy handles and imprinted measurement markings that won’t wear off after prolonged use and multiple washes.

Though their lightweight plastic construction makes them far less heat and flame resistant than many steel and glass shakers, they’re still durable and easy to clean. Moreover, their multiple alternate-color and size lids offer extra versatility and can help you stay organized, while their handy measurement markings make them even more useful for the home kitchen. If you know someone that likes kitchen utensils, you might also want to look at our guide on the best syrup dispenser for the perfect gift.

 #4  Tezzorio Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Its extra-wide, deep lid grip and other hand-friendly design features make it easy to open and refill, particularly for those with small hands or seniors or hand strength issues.

  • Dishwasher safe design
  • Ships in a pack of 3
  • Ergonomically-designed handles for maximum comfort
  • Large lid holes may not be ideal for extra-fine food items

The Tezzorio Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker is a 10 oz shaker made with 100% high-quality stainless steel, arriving in a pack of three shakers. Their classic, vintage diner design includes large, ergonomically-designed attached handles for extra comfort and lids with wide, deep-grooved grips that make them especially easy to refill while maintaining a secure fit.

Their vintage looks and flame and heat-resistant steel construction make them great for restaurants, and their ergonomic comfort features and easy-refill lids make them excellent for seniors, people with small hands, and others with hand-strength issues. The large lid holes make them less ideal for super-fine grain condiments as they may pour too quickly, but they’re a great choice for restaurants serving elderly patrons or homes with seniors or those with arthritis. You could use this for salt, pepper, or even your best popcorn seasoning.

 #5  Winco Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Durable and dishwasher-safe construction combined with extremely generous capacity, pack of 2 with 22 oz each, make them ideal for large dining halls or other high-volume scenarios.

  • Narrower for easier storage and loading large numbers into washers
  • Work well for small-grained food items
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Holes may not be large enough for some uses
  • No handle

The Winco Stainless Steel Dredge Shaker is a 22oz commercial-grade shaker constructed of 100% high-quality stainless steel. It features a twist-off lid with slightly smaller-than-average holes and a handle-free body that’s longer and narrower than most similar shakers. Being stainless steel, it’s natural heat and flame resistant and non-toxic.

Coming two to a pack and with more than twice the capacity of comparable shakers, they require less frequent refilling, making them especially suited to large dining halls and school cafeteria use, though they’re also easier to knock over accidentally. Their slightly smaller holes mean they may not be ideal for such uses as grated cheese, and the lack of a handle may not suit all needs- though it also makes them easier to store and load in large numbers into a dishwasher. If you want a utensil that will make cooking easy, take a look at our guide to the best automatic pot-stirrer.

 #6  American Metalcraft Dredge Spice Shaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Heat and flame resistant construction and generous capacity combine with an alternate classic eatery look for a restaurant and home go-to.

  • Larger capacity than similar models
  • Durable components, including stainless steel and non-toxic SAN plastic
  • Stain-proof and dishwasher safe
  • Less heat and flame resistant than some shakers

The American Metalcraft Dredge Spice Shaker is a 12-oz shaker constructed out of non-toxic SAN plastic with a 100% stainless steel easy-refill lid. SAN plastic is formulated to be non-toxic, more durable, and somewhat more heat resistant than standard plastics. Its lid perforation size makes it good for more fine to medium condiments such as granulated sugar, salt and pepper, and some spice mixes, and its lightweight body features shallow grooves that give extra grip when holding.

Its classic “sugar dispenser” look makes a great choice for adding vintage diner and eatery flair to restaurants and homes alike. Though heat and flame-resistant, it’s less so than stainless steel and some other plastic models, making it less ideal for commercial kitchen use. But the fun aesthetic and extra-large capacity is great for front-of-house and dining room use, especially as a sugar or salt & pepper dispenser. It would look good and even compliment the best drop leaf table due to its nice retro design.

How We Decided

Dredge shakers or spice shakers are essential items for front-of-house restaurant use but can also be a great addition to your kitchen or dining room as salt and pepper and spice shakers, and there’s no shortage of options, whether you’re supplying your restaurant or your household.

We looked at dredge shakers that were constructed with high-quality stainless steel, durable glass, or non-toxic plastics and synthetics. We favored shakers that could be used for powdered sugar, salt and pepper, spice mixers, grated cheese, and flour for kitchen applications like pizza making.

We also liked shakers that are easy to clean or dishwasher safe and can store at least 10oz but are lightweight and easy to refill. Shakers with high-quality and easy-to-hold handles were additionally preferred. Finally, we favored shakers that were flame and heat-resistant if made of glass or plastic for use in commercial kitchens, and which were made for both home and restaurant use.

Best Dredge Shaker Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Non-Toxic Materials
    It may seem obvious, but making sure the dredge shakers you choose are made of non-toxic materials- this isn’t generally an issue with all-stainless steel shakers but plastics, synthetics, and glass should be certified non-toxic. Restaurant-grade shakers should be certified safe for public use- the state of California, for example, requires that restaurant-grade products disclose if they’re made with materials that carry any even slight risk of birth defects or other reproductive harm. Even for home use, it’s always a good idea to check if the material a kitchen item is made from could expose you to chemicals.
  2. Easy To Clean
    Whether purchased for use in restaurants or homes, the best dredge shakers should be easy to clean with soap and water, especially if they’re being used for highly perishable food items like grated cheese. If you’re purchasing for use in a restaurant, it’s practically essential that your shaker be dishwasher safe, since they’ll be cleaned that more often and at higher volumes.
  3. Easy To Refill
    Dredge shakers for front-of-house restaurant use should be as easy to refill as possible, with screw-top lids that have a secure fit but come off quickly and with minimal effort- especially since they’ll most likely have to be refilled several times a day.
  4. Flame and Heat-Resistant
    Restaurant kitchens are full of hot surfaces and often open flames, and accidents happen- while stainless steel will generally fare fine in heat or flame, other materials may not- most restaurant-grade dredge shakers made of plastics, synthetics, or glass are made to be heat resistant and often flame-retardant, but it’s a good idea to make sure it’s there in product descriptions. Even if you’re purchasing shakers for your home kitchen, it can’t hurt to buy shakers that can stand up to heat and flame.

Dredge Shaker FAQs

What is a dredge shaker, and do I need one?

A dredge shaker is, simply put, a jar with a perforated lid for dispensing any kind of condiment or other food items. The term “dredge shaker” is more common in the restaurant and dining industry, however, and more common terms include spice shakers and salt and pepper shakers. Though more often marketed specifically for industry use, many dredge shakers are great and still economical for home use, both in the kitchen and dining room, especially if you’re looking to add some vintage flair to your home.

Are any dredge shakers unsafe?

While all of our picks are certified BPA-free, as are the majority of dredge shakers available, some common industrial plastics are made using BPAs- short for the chemical Bisphenol A, which is known to the State Of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Safety standards and research results can vary greatly from state to state, so it’s best to always check product descriptions and look for BPA-free certification.

What’s the difference between restaurant grade and home use grade?

There isn’t always a difference, product to product. Many dredge shakers explicitly designed and manufactured for commercial use will be made to be far more heat and flame resistant because of the increased exposure to extremely hot stovetops, grills, deep fryers, and commercial ovens, and to be safe to use in high-capacity commercial dishwashers safely. But it’s safe to say that any dredge shaker made for use in a restaurant will be just as good for use in a home- if the reverse isn’t always true.

What is the best dredge shaker?

The best dredge shaker that we found is the Winware 10-oz Stainless Steel Dredge, due to its extremely tough, no-seam stainless steel construction, high heat and flame resistance, easy-to-refill lid, and classic vintage diner look. Another popular brand that doesn’t appear on the list is Blackstone, who make a variety of high-quality dredge shakers and other restaurant supplies.
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