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Best Convertible Tablet in 2023 (September Reviews)

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As mobility has increasingly become a priority among tech consumers, the demand has likewise increased for the best convertible tablets, which are as small and lightweight as literal notebooks that you can slip in your backpack. After a week spent researching several models, we have narrowed down our choices to the seven best convertible tables on the market today. Their features makes them some of the highly-rated tablets in the market.

Out of all the convertible tablets we researched, we found the Acer Chromebook R11 to be the ideal device for people on the go, thanks to its portability, available storage, long battery life, and wireless capability. Read on to learn more about it and the six other convertible tablets that made it on our list of favorites.

Top 7 Best Convertible Tablets Compared

 #1  Acer Chromebook R11 Tablet

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This 2.76-pound Chromebook is packed with a lot of power thanks to its Intel Celeron N3150 processor, large storage, and speed. It has an average battery life of 10 hours and it provides users access to 100GB free storage on Google Drive for 2 years.The exterior of the Acer R11 is similar to that of the MacBook Air, but it is sold at a much lower price so it’s a good buy for someone who’s on a tight budget and wants a convertible laptop similar in build to the MacBook Air.

  • Powerful processor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Well-spaced keys
  • Dim display
  • Poor speakers
  • Flexing lid

The tablet-laptop is run by a 1.6GHz quad-core Intel Celeron N3150 processor. You get 32GB of internal storage, plus either 2GB or 4GB memory, and 100GB of storage on Google Drive that is free upon purchase. It has a USB 3.0 port, SD card slot, HDMI port, and DC-in jack on the left side and a USB 2.0 port, microphone/headphone jack, and lock slot on the other side. It’s nice to know that you can use the best usb flash drive with this model.

The touchscreen display is colorful, but it has an average brightness of 224 nits. This is relatively dimmer compared to its competitors’ displays, which are built with over 300 nits. Its immaculate white, metallic finish is stylish, and its textured bottom gives you a good grip on the unit. However, users need to avoid pressing hard on the lid cover as it has the tendency to bend lightly. Also, don’t fold the unit in tablet mode when recording audio to avoid covering the speakers that are located at the bottom of the device. Check out the best tablet floor stands to make sure they fit the design.

 #2  Lenovo Chromebook C330 81HY0000US Tablet

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Users of this 2.64-pound Chromebook will enjoy reading or viewing images on its sharp IPS (in-plane switching) display panel. Its long battery life and multiple ports, including an HDMI slot that’s rare among Chromebooks in its price range, are its other top selling points.

  • 10 hr battery
  • Screen displays vibrant images
  • Comfortable keys
  • Poor-quality speakers
  • Close auto-update expiration date (June 2022)
  • All-plastic build makes it prone to scratches

Its IPS panel allows you to view from wide angles without changes in color as compared to regular LED monitors. However, Lenovo claims that this product’s screen has a brightness of 250 nits, but it looked dimmer when we were researching it out. Its great color features makes it one of the best tablets for reading.

You’ll find a USB-C port, HDMI port, SD card slot, and a USB-A port on the left side and an audio combo jack on the right side of the device.

The C330 81HY0000US is powered by a 1.7-GHz MediaTek MTK 8173C processor. It comes with 4GB of memory and 64 GB of eMMC (embedded multimedia card) storage. You can connect up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously with its 802.11 AC wireless capability. The Chromebook also has a 720p webcam. This C330 81HY0000US is made of plastic with a matte finish.

 #3  Lenovo Chromebook C330 81ER0001UK Tablet

Award: Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: The C330 81ER0001UK is one of the best options on the market if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable convertible tablet. It is designed with a 1.6GHz Celeron N. N-class processing units provide better battery life than other models.

  • Easy boot-up and shutdown
  • True 10-hour battery life
  • Bright screen
  • Internet connectivity not as fast despite 802.11 AC Wi-Fi feature
  • White exterior build easily shows scratches
  • Close auto-update expiration date (June 2022)

The Lenovo C330 81ER0001UK is a sleek yet stylish convertible tablet that can be bought at an affordable price. Although its screen is made of plastic, the model offers durability as the bottom panel or keyboard case doesn’t easily flex or bend unlike most plastic laptops. Weighing 2.8lbs, it is heavier than the Acer R11 Chromebook. This convertible tablet also features a 360-degree hinge, giving each user the option of using it either as a slate tablet or a standard laptop.

Generally, the Chromebook C330 81ER0001UK isn’t built for speed with its 1.7GHz MediaTek MTK 8173C processor. However, for those who don’t need a top-of-the-line versatile product, the price and good battery life of the Chromebook C330 81ER0001UK already makes it a great option. For Android, read our Android tablets list.

 #4  Acer Convertible Chromebook R11 (Refurbished) Tablet

Award: Best in Portability

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Acer Chromebook R11 has a sleek and minimalist design and can be flipped 360 degrees, turning it into a tablet. It is an affordable yet extremely capable Chromebook that has a relatively long battery life. In addition, it has 32GB of internal storage and 4GB memory.

  • Minimalist & sleek design
  • Good battery life
  • Convertible
  • HD-only screen
  • Terrible trackpad

If you’re looking for a portable convertible tablet with a sleek design, then the Acer Chromebook R11 is your best bet. The Acer R11 is designed with a thin, plastic framework and a matte white finish. It also features a textured metal panel that adds an accent to its design. The only downside of its all-white chassis is that it’s prone to picking up smudges.

While it doesn’t have the fastest processor, the Acer Chromebook R11 can keep up with moderate workloads. Thanks to its 4GB RAM and Intel Celeron N3150 processor, it can work smoothly even if you’re multitasking. Don’t forget to read best stylus.

 #5  Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Tablet

Award: Best Display

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Samsung convertible tablet comes with a high-resolution WUXGA monitor, making it the best on our list of products in terms of screen resolution quality. The device is also equipped with a stylus pen and dual cameras.

  • Best camera
  • Pressure-sensitive stylus
  • Spacious and responsive keyboard and touchpad
  • Short battery life
  • Large screen size

This 2.98-pound unit has a 12.2-inch WUXGA (widescreen ultra-extended graphics array) LED display. WUXGA screens have a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, which is much higher than the typical 1080 pixels of average laptops.

It runs on a 1.5-GHz Intel Celeron processor with a memory of 4GB and storage capacity of 64GB.

Moreover, the stylus pen of this convertible tablet can be used for drawing, magnifying, or taking screenshots without charging. The stylus pen has full tilt recognition for shading or writing and 4.096 levels of pressure sensitivity. This makes the battery-free pen great for artists who use Infinite Painter and similar apps.

The convertible tablet has two USB-C ports, one Type A port, and a combo audio jack. This is not one of those best tablets for babies.

 #6  HP Chromebook 2-in-1 Business Chromebook Tablet

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: This HP Chromebook is a sturdy and rugged unit with a spill-resistant keyboard. Its Brightview screen is made of damage-resistant Corning Gorilla glass. Another key feature of this tablet-laptop is its TrueVision HD camera, which makes you appear bright and clear during video calls, even in low-light environments.

  • Best rugged
  • Quality HD webcam
  • Affordable
  • Glossy monitor tends to produce reflections
  • Heavy at 4.4 pounds

This HP Chromebook’s Brightview monitor displays images with improved sharpness and contrast. However, reflections can appear when light hits the screen. This tablet’s glossy display will work best if you use it indoors, particularly in a room where there’s no bright artificial light or sunlight that can cause glare.

This product runs on a 2.4GHz Intel Celeron processor, has a RAM of 4GB, and 32GB eMMC storage. It has two USB-C ports, USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card slot, and an audio combo jack. Buyers will enjoy both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity with this unit. Read about the best tablet cover to protect your slate.

 #7  2019 Lenovo 300e Chromebook Tablet

Award: Best Windows

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Lenovo Chromebook is designed for both students and teachers to use in the classroom. The device makes both seatwork and class presentations more engaging thanks to its high-definition IPS touchscreen. It also has a spill-resistant keyboard that helps prolong the life of the device.

  • Has a Windows 10 operating system
  • Spill resistant
  • Build provides comfort while typing
  • Long battery life
  • Easy absorption of grease and sweat from hands

This tablet-laptop has a pre-installed Windows 10 OS in S Mode, the usual format for lighter devices. Its Intel quad core Celeron N3450 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB eMMC storage can keep up with the demands of school work.

The three-pound 300e Chromebook comes with a USB-C port, a USB 3.0 port, HDMI slot, SD card reader, audio combo jack, as well as Bluetooth and AC Wi-Fi capability. Also, read 8 of the best 10-inch tablets and 10 of the best 7-inch Android tablets.

How We Decided

Although tablet-laptops also come with detachable keyboards, we chose to feature only convertibles with good hinge quality because of the many ways you can benefit from their 360-degree form factor. Users can comfortably watch videos, have video calls, and work with a stylus in stand or tent mode.

We also prioritized products that are durable and reliable while also small and lightweight enough to be easily packed away in your bag for business or school.

Lastly, we chose models that offer a good balance between portability and high productivity through a fast processor, large memory and storage, as well as battery life.

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Convertible Tablets Buyer Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

Knowing what you will be using your device for will help you choose the convertible tablet that will work best for you. Here are some factors you might want to consider when deciding on which model to buy:

  1. Portability
    Tablet-laptops with screen sizes ranging from 10 to 13 inches are light enough to carry anywhere. At the same time, their screens and keys are large enough that you can browse, read, and write comfortably. It’s always best to check a product’s weight because there are many models with wide screens but are thinner and lighter. You still want to protect it just as you buy the best ipad case for your iPad.
  2. Operating System
    You won’t need a Windows OS if all your apps are cloud-based. On the other hand, you can’t buy a Chromebook if you need to regularly work on Office files or other memory-intensive software.
  3. Processor
    Be willing to invest in a more expensive unit if you want a high-performing Intel processor such as a Core m3, i5, and i7. A higher RAM capacity will also enhance your convertible tablet’s performance.
  4. Storage
    Go for products with at least 32GB of storage space or a 2-in-1 with an SD card slot to expand internal capacity.
  5. Battery Life
    All of the convertible tablets featured in this review, except for the Samsung Chromebook, can run for 10 hours straight without charging. The Samsung unit needs recharging after about five hours and 45 minutes of use.
  6. Comfortable Keys
    If you need to use the keyboard a lot, you will have to buy a unit that would make typing easier to avoid straining your wrists or fingers.vAlso consider if the device can withstand the kind of environment you’ll be working in, especially if you have to be outdoors most of the time. You will need to check for brightness and security features as well.

Convertible Tablet FAQs

Is a convertible tablet better than a detachable laptop?

Convertibles usually feature better keyboards and are made of sturdier materials compared to detachable devices. However, having a detachable unit is helpful if you often need to travel light and you can survive with just the tablet.

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