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Updated: Nov 20, 2023 10:39 AM
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Your computer needs fixing, and you’re on the hunt for the best computer repair kit. As a consumer, you have the right to repair everything from devices to cars. But what should you look for in a repair kit? First, consider whether you want to build a kit from scratch or purchase a pre-made kit containing everything you could possibly need to repair your desktop or laptop computer.

Second, think about what kind of repairs you’ll need to tackle. You can find comprehensive repair kits with every tool you could ever want, even for tasks like assembling that IKEA desk you purchased for your computer. But if you know that you only need a few tools, you can save money by opting for a smaller repair kit with a streamlined tool selection.

Also, consider whether your computer features specialized screws. If so, you may need unique tools. Finally, think about how much you’re willing to spend, as these specialized kits can get expensive depending on how many tools are included. Keep reading our best computer repair kit buying guide to learn more.

Top Computer Repair Kits

 #1  iFixit Pro Tech Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This complete selection is made with 6150 steel, anodized aluminum, and recycled ABS. That makes it great for environmentally friendly technology enthusiasts. We also love that it includes every part you need.

  • Complete tool set
  • Universal compatibility
  • Engineered storage
  • Some tools are a little short

This is the ultimate kit for anybody requiring home repairs of any type. It comes complete with over 60 different pieces. This includes a 64-bit driver kit, anti-static wrist wrap, multiple 4mm bits, a tool roll, and so much more. It even has a magnetic pick-up tool so that you don’t have to worry about stripping your screws. Unfortunately, the Philips 000 and 00 bits are a little on the shorter side, so some consumers may struggle with those tools.

It’s also a universal set, so it can work on devices such as iPhones, PC systems, cameras, Nintendo Switch, desktops, laptops, and more. The engineered storage means that it’s entirely portable, so you’re never caught off guard, even while traveling. This kit is friendly for beginners and those with careers in the information technology industry. If you’re repairing a phone, you’ll especially love the screen remover that helps you pop off screens without damaging them.

 #2  XOOL 80 in 1 Professional Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: There are two sizes available for this option. That means that you won’t get more or less than what you want. This set is complete with over eighty different tools, so you’ll have everything you need for repairs.

  • Wide range of applications
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Anti-static and magnetic components
  • Some tools are sensitive

With everything you need for a complete repair, this kit is a great option for those who intend to do all of their own repairs. It includes tri-angle, square, Phillips, hex, tri-point, Torx, and pentalobe head styles. We especially love that it includes versatile bits and tools so that you’ll always have exactly what you need. It has been reported that some of the tools are sensitive and may wear down more quickly than we like to see.

The convenient wrap-up Oxford carrying case fits every part of the kit so that you can take it everywhere. You’ll also enjoy the high-quality stainless steel the ESD pincettes are made of, which is both resistant to acids as well as other corrosive agents. There is a flexible extension with high elasticity, so it’s flexible enough to get the job done. The bits are all standard size, so you don’t have to waste time double guessing whether you have the right size or not.

 #3  Kaisi 126 in 1 Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: A highly versatile set, this collection comes complete with hundreds of options. There is no limit to combinations, so that every repair job is easier than the last. You can repair almost anything, including your favorite gaming systems.

  • Expert-grade set
  • Multiple system usage
  • Vulcanized CR-V steel
  • Case can be finicky

We enjoy the wide range of applications this set can tackle. From the ¼ inch screwdriver adapter to the ESD tweezers, you’ll have every tool you need. This kit is engineered entirely to provide as much versatility as possible, regardless of what it is you’re fixing. The versatility is the best part, but unfortunately, the case must stay upright, or the tools may come loose. This isn’t a huge problem, but you’ll want to keep it in mind.

The ergonomic design will help you avoid sore hands. The handles are designed to be press-and-push, so you can change bits and change screws in a snap. Even if you damage bits due to repetitive usage, there are upwards of 4 each, so you always have a replacement. It also includes a storage bag made entirely from oxford so you can protect your precious tools and travel with them at your leisure.

 #4  Royace Small Screwdriver Set Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This brand provides excellent quality, including both anti-rust and anti-shrink treatments for the components. A vast selection of high-precision bits will almost always match the system you’re repairing.

  • Anti-rust treatment
  • Customized magnetic pad
  • Anti-shrinking plastic
  • Driver magnet may come loose

There are many reasons to love this set. They include a customized magnetic pad so that you don’t lose any loose screws, no matter how little they are. The bits included in your kit are also magnetic, so they’ll stick to the pad for easy access. This is especially handy with repairing phones and other small devices. Some consumers report that the driver magnet may come loose over time. This is the part that holds the bits in the driver.

All of the bits are high precision to aid in repair. This kit includes a Torx screwdriver set that features non-slip silicone handles. You’ll appreciate that extra grip when working with small parts. An included extension rod allows you to adjust the length of any of the screwdrivers, allowing for more torque and force when you need to remove a stuck screw without stripping it. The included plastic storage is shockproof to avoid damage to your tools.

 #5  GangZhiBao 25pcs Electronics Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re a Mac OS enthusiast, you’re in luck. This collection is made entirely with MacOS products in mind. However, it’ll also work for a variety of other systems and brands. This makes it incredibly versatile.

  • Multi-function collection
  • Magnetized tips
  • Made with safety in mind
  • Specifically made for Apple

This kit comes with a menagerie of useful tools, such as a precision P5 Pentalobe screwdriver and PH000 Phillips screwdriver. The Phillips is made with ultra-thin steel, so it can get into the tightest spaces to reach screws. You’ll also enjoy the inclusion of a T5 Torx for especially small parts in your laptop or phone. Even though it works across the board, this repair kit is made with Apple products in mind.

It includes nylon spudgers so you can easily pop off the back of your laptop case to fix hardware and electronic components. Whether you need to remove fan screws or replace a hard drive, this kit has a solution. It’s compatible with a variety of iPhones, such as the 7, 8, Xs, Xr, Xr Max, SE, and even earlier models. All of the stainless steel tips are magnetized, so you won’t lose small screws while taking them out.

 #6  Showpin 122 in 1 Repair Kit


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is a multi-function collection that is able to withstand a lot of pressure and usage. The shockproof carrying system will keep these durable tools safe no matter how often or where you take it.

  • 3 TorxTR bits
  • Resistant to damage
  • Hard-cover travel system
  • P 0.8 is a little fragile

This complete collection features 98 bits made of Cr-V steel with a 55HRC rating for hardness. You’ll also love the TorxTR bit inclusion, which is made of 52 alloy steel that has a hardness rating of 60HRC. You’ll be able to repair your glasses, drones, cameras, watches, smartphones, gaming systems, and more. Although durability is maxed out in this kit, the P 0.8 bit seems to be a little fragile and prone to snapping on difficult jobs.

It comes with a multitude of useful tools, such as a handle and extension bar. This means that you’ll be able to adjust leverage as necessary to remove stuck screws and bolts. There is a hexagonal sleeve socket, so it’s compatible for usage with cordless drills. A brush and dishrag are also in the mix to make the system that much more useful to techies trying to repair their own systems and getting dirty in the process.

Beginner’s Guide to Computer Repair Kits

What is a Computer Repair Kit?

A computer repair kit is a collection of tools designed to help you tackle a variety of tech-related projects. In the most obvious cases, a good computer repair kit can save you money in the long run by allowing you to manage minor repairs or maintenance tasks yourself. But you can also use these kits to build a PC from scratch.

Tool kits can vary in complexity. But on average, a tech toolkit can include anywhere from 50 to 150 pieces. Along with various screwdrivers, you may also get multiple bits, anti-static tweezers, and a plastic or metal spudger. This can come in handy for repairs on motherboards or graphics cards or when you need to carefully remove tiny screws from your computer’s exterior shell.

Because of the large range of tools, a good electronics tool kit can also be used to make minor repairs to other non-tech gear, such as fixing a loose screw on a pair of glasses or removing that battery panel on your child’s toy with the tamper-proof screw.

How Computer Repair Kits Work

As we previously mentioned, computer repair kits come in a wide range of configurations. Some tool kits may feature a small selection of tools because they’re specifically designed to manage one particular type of task. For example, although it’s not technically a computer, if you buy a smartphone screen repair kit, it may only have a handful of tools that are essential for that task.

In contrast, you can also find kits that have a wide variety of tools because they’re intended for someone who makes frequent repairs, such as a professional computer repair person or someone who wants to build a PC from scratch. Still, there are some basic tools that every computer repair kit should have.

First, you’ll want to look for a screwdriver. This tool is essential as pretty much every computer relies on screws to secure different components. In particular, a magnetic screwdriver is best, as you’re less likely to lose a tiny screw inside a computer while you’re working.

You’ll also want an anti-static wrist wrap. This can help minimize the risk of building up static electricity as you work, which can discharge and cause costly damage to your computer’s electronic components. Also, look for tweezers and pliers, as these essential tools will make working precisely in tight spaces easier. In particular, check that your desired kit has both diagonal and needle-nose pliers. Finally, you’ll also want a flashlight, as the extra light can make managing repairs significantly easier.

Why You Should Buy a Computer Repair Kit

If you’re relatively confident in your repair skills, investing in a good computer repair kit can save you significant money in the long run. Not to mention, it means you don’t have to send your computer away for repairs. Similarly, if you’re a fan of DIY fixes and own a car, you might eventually need the best dent repair kit. Of course, there are other reasons why investing in a computer repair kit can be a smart call.

Are Computer Repair Kits Worth Buying?

  • You’re Good at Repairing Electronics: If you’re relatively handy, you might not be interested in paying the upcharge to have a “pro” handle your repairs. Buying a computer repair kit with the right tools can save you money.
  • You Have a lot of Projects to Tackle: Because some computer repair kits are pretty comprehensive, you can sometimes use those tools to manage other repair tasks or builds around the home or office.
  • You Have an Older Computer or Device: If you have an older computer that’s no longer under warranty, opting for DIY repairs may be the smarter option. In particular, you may be able to squeeze a little bit more life out of your tech gear when traditional outlets would tell you to forget it and upgrade instead.

Why Computer Repair Kits May Not Be for You

  • You’re Not Comfortable Making Repairs: Although not all computer repairs are challenging, removing the case on your computer can still be intimidating as looking at a motherboard and associated cards. If this is you, getting professional help might be a better choice.
  • You Don’t Make Repairs That Often: If you only need to make repairs once every few years, investing in the biggest tool kit might be going overboard.
  • You Don’t Know the Difference Between Apple and PC Components: Computer repair kits exist for Apple gear. However, if you don’t pay attention to the nuances between the two categories, it’s better not to buy a repair kit.

How Long will Computer Repair Kits Last?

Like great iPhone repair kits, computer repair kits feature quality tools made from durable materials. Because of this, these kits should last you for years as long as you aren’t abusing the components. This means ensuring you aren’t applying too much torque when using screwdrivers or bits that can damage the heads.

More importantly, you should be sure to clean your kit after every use. This ensures that your tools don’t accumulate dirt and grime, which can happen if you don’t routinely clean your computer’s internal components or go too long between cleaning the fan. It also keeps rust from forming, reducing your tools’ lifespan.

How to Choose the Best Computer Repair Kits

Much like when shopping for any other product, you need to consider the repair you plan to tackle and which compatible tools. But you should also consider factors such as how many tools are included in your kit and, of course, your budget!

Such consideration should also go into new purchases, especially if you’re debating whether to repair or replace a refrigerator that’s been malfunctioning. Although, if you have a warranty or insurance on your refrigerator, you might do better allowing the manufacturer to fix it for you.

For more about repair options and laws, check out our guides to Apple’s Right to Repair, DMCA Section 1201, Sony’s Right to Repair, and What is SB 605.

Computer Repair Kits Key Factors to Consider

1. Are you trying to fix an Apple device?

We can’t stress enough that Apple devices use different screws. More recently, they tend to be pentalobe screws that look like a flower and are found on both Macbooks (Pros and Airs) and iPhones. But if you have an older Apple device, it might be the classic Torx, hollow Torx, Torx Security, or Torx Plus screws. Whichever version you have, you’re going to need a very specific screwdriver to remove these screws without stripping the head.

2. What kind of repair or task are you trying to do?

Some repairs might not require a large range of tools to complete them. Take some time to confirm what tools you need to narrow down your search to the relevant computer repair kits with the right tools for your job.

3. Does the kit have the essentials?

While you might not always need every tool in a computer repair kit, some specific items should be in every kit. This includes a screwdriver, anti-static wrist strap, anti-static ESD tweezers, pliers (both needle-nose and diagonal cutting pliers), and a flashlight.

4. Do you want to manage other tasks besides tech repairs?

If you think that, along with fixing a computer, you might want to use your computer repair kit to manage other repairs around the home, it might make sense to buy a more comprehensive kit. These kits might offer more screwdrivers in a variety of diameters and additional specialty bits, making them perfect for other household repairs.

5. What’s your budget?

Just like with any other product, computer repair kits come in a range of price points. Depending on your budget and the repair you need to complete, you might be able to pick a cheaper repair kit.

On the other hand, you can see if your device is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty.

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