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5 Best Chalk Sets for Various Uses in 2023

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Choosing the best chalk sets for various uses could mean the difference between uneven and quickly worn out chalk or a smooth draw each and every time. It can also enhance any outdoor activity by using the ground to create sidewalk art and spark kids’ creativity. Our evaluation focused on color quality, longevity, ease of application (compatibility with one or more surfaces), ease of cleaning, and tip design. We also looked into auxiliary features such as carrying cases and beading accessories. A great chalk set is amongst the most popular toys and games for kids, because they get to draw all sorts of crazy things and create their own games too.

After more than 12 hours of research, our pick for the best chalk sets for various uses goes to the Alexa Spa Hair Chalk Set. It is pretty well rounded, featuring five, fun washable hair chalk pens and accessories to turn any young girl’s room into a beauty salon in no time. Keep reading to learn more about the Alexa Spa Hair Chalk Sets for Various Uses and other best chalk sets for various uses available for purchase.

Top 5 Best Chalk Sets for Various Uses

 #1  Alex Spa Hair Chalk Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: This hair chalk set comes with five washable hair chalk pens and several accessories such as metallic beads and hair beading combs, a great choice for young girls who want to create a cool spa atmosphere at home.

  • Best on a budget
  • Includes 24 metallic beads, a hair beading tool, and 24 elastics
  • Great for children ages 8 and under
  • Can become sticky and messy if not handled correctly
  • Using a surface to color hair against strongly recommended
  • Only five hair chalk color options

This hair chalk set is very easy to apply, tie-dye style. Each hair chalk pen glides across small or larger strands of hair for instant color. The set also includes 24 metallic beds and elastics to mix and match different styles of combinations. Kudos for its washable “ink” that is very easy to rinse off with shampoo and hot water. To help your child complete their colorful transformation, get them the best face paint for kids so their face can match or complement their hair.

We like how long this hair chalk set lasts. While researching, each hair chalk pen lasted several hair coloring sessions with minimum sheen or color loss. Our only knock is that applying hair chalk from a standing position limited how vibrant the color looked. We recommend laying hair against a surface such as cardboard to really make the color pop. You can also get vibrant colors with the best spray paint for your home maintenance or art projects.

 #2  Chalkola Fine Tip Chalk Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: This fine tip hair chalk set comes with 10 water-based and erasable chalk pens that work well on most surfaces, making it an excellent choice for professionals who want something quick to write with.

  • Works on most surfaces
  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Dual-use tip with a rounded and chiseled nib for fine writing and filling
  • The flow of ink may be impeded if not shaken properly
  • Not as useful with upright boards due to ink flow direction

We really love how these high-quality fine tip chalk markers feel. Each is super lightweight and easy to grip with a reversible tip carrying a round nib and a chiseled nib. The round nib is perfect for creating detail and the chiseled nib works best for filling large scale drawings. The pen tip diameter is only 3mm, so artists can really dial in on a coloring project.

Our favorite feature with these best sidewalk chalk for adults is its water-based formula and stickiness on almost all surfaces including dry erase boards, glass, and regular paper. Its water-based formula is easy to wipe clean off of a non-porous surface, with only a damp cloth needed to remove off of blackboards. All in all, this chalk set is a very neat solution that kids love. And if you love to paint, why not try out one of the best airless paint sprayers for your next home project?

 #3  Chalky Crown Liquid White Chalk Sets for Various Uses


WHY WE LIKE IT: This 5-set chalk set comes with a dust-free formula and five different tip sizes ranging from 1mm to 15mm, making it an excellent choice as a chalk replacement on most surfaces.

  • Non-toxic, water-based formula
  • Very easy to wipe off
  • Reversible tip on 6mm pen
  • Markers prone to leakage with heavy wear and tear
  • Flimsy tip construction; could be more durable

Our favorite feature with this chalk set is its sizing. Five chalk pens carry 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 15mm tips, making them versatile across different types of surfaces including blackboards and cement floors. Plus, a non-toxic and water-based formula makes this best rated sidewalk chalkeasy to wipe off with a wet paper towel.

This chalk set’s different sized tips apply really smoothly with no chunking or unevenness. Kudos for a reversible tip on the 6mm pen which can work as a fine detailer or a filler (rounded and chiseled tip). Definitely, a good reason not to ever ” color outside the lines” and produce a true, brightly colored work of art. Just like with the best fine tip paint brush for extra fine detailed artwork.

 #4  GirlZone Hair Chalk Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: This hair chalk set comes with 10 hair chalks in five shiny and five metallic colors, making it a nice choice for young girls to get their “spa on.”

  • Comes in a nice variety of hues
  • Extendable tip works great to brush more hair strands at once
  • Looks great on darker hair
  • Can create light dusty texture if over applied
  • May stain hands and clothes if not applied properly
  • Can only be used on hair

This chalk set is super well rounded. Large applicator tips really glide well across hair, instantly leaving color in its wake. Plus, each tip is expandable up to 1.5 inches so you can really nail larger strands in one brush. Kudos for the choice of ten colors, including your standard fare pink and yellow along with some more curious choices – gray and lime green included.

Arguably this chalk set’s best feature is its longevity. It can easily hold up to 50 or more applications per pen without losing sheen or color. Our only knock is that it can only be used on hair. All in all, we were very impressed with its overall color quality and ease of application. That’s something you also get with one of the best acrylic paint sets.

 #5  Mrnki Liquid Chalk Set


WHY WE LIKE IT: This chalk set comes with 24 color liquid chalk markers, each with a 6mm reversible top, making it a nice choice for classrooms and small group activities.

  • Non-toxic and easy to clean off
  • More than 20 different colors
  • Includes rounded and chiseled reversible tip
  • Gold and silver a bit harder to remove than other colors
  • Needs to be continuously shaken to deploy ink properly
  • Not as easy to remove on blackboards than other surfaces

We really like this liquid chalk set’s design. Each liquid chalk marker uses a tip-in and releases mechanism to fill the tip with ink with a nice even application of ink across paper. While researching, we observed no smudges or installed ink after shaking. it goes well on all types of surfaces, including metal, glass, whiteboards, and chalkboards.

Each liquid chalk market comes with reversible end tips that clip into place to produce around and chisel effect for fine detailing or filling. Kudos for being dust-free and non-toxic, with a very easy clean up using only a wet cloth or sponge.

How We Decided

In determining the best chalk sets for various uses, we explored color quality, longevity, ease of application (compatibility with one or more surfaces), ease of cleaning, and tip design.

Color quality should be vibrant and keep its sheen even with dozens of repeated applications. We are big fans of color selection. Any chalk set with the choice of 10+ colors should offer more than enough replayability to keep users coming back.

The ease of application is very important. Our preferred chalk sets for various uses have different tip designs. Many carry rounded and chiseled tips that work well for fine detailing and filling. For basic handwriting, some may be more comfortable using one over the other, as hand position and ergonomics become involved with the way the pen is tilted to write.

Lastly, look for the best sidewalk chalk for artists that is very easy to clean off. All should carry water-based and non-toxic ink that requires nothing more than a quick dry or wet sponge or a cloth wipe to remove.

Best Chalk Sets for Various Uses Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Color Quality/Longevity
    Our recommendation is for chalk sets that encompass as wide a range of writing surfaces as possible. We are big fans of chalk sets that work equally well on glass, whiteboards, and blackboards as non-porous surfaces like cement. This allows it to be used by a variety of professionals who rely on different visual aids to get their points across. Also, look for chalk sets that last. Many of our picks last 50+ applications without the need to refill or purchase another set. 50+applications should easily last several months, assuming you use them once or twice a week for extended periods. With chalk art and when including stencils, this is definitely important.
  2. Ease of Application
    We are big fans of soft tip applications, which really glides across all types of surfaces well. Some chalk sets even carry rounded and chiseled tips for more fine detailing or large fills. Kudos for extendable tips on hair chalk sets, which can be used to color larger swatches of hair strands. If it is safe chalk for toddlers, it works for us.
  3. Ease of Cleaning
    Our recommendation is for sidewalk chalk sets and chalk sticks to offer non-toxic and water-based products. that is easy to wipe off using a damp or dry sponge. Plus, they are non-toxic, so it is completely safe for children to use. That is a big bonus, as they tend to get messy from time to time.
  4. Tip Design
    Tip design should be sophisticated enough to chisel or round for filling or fine detailing using standard chalk sets. For hair chalk sets, look for extended tips to help color larger strands of hair with one swoop. This also helps prevent caking and creates a more uniform look.

Chalk Sets for Various Uses FAQs

What is the best sidewalk chalk 2020?

In our opinion, the best-rated sidewalk chalk is the Chalky Crown Liquid White Chalk Sets for Various Uses. It offers a dust-free ink formula that glides across cement and pavement really well. Standard sidewalk chalk tends to clump and discolor quickly with repeated foot stomps, which is not an issue with this one.

Are liquid chalk markers erasable?

Yes, they are much more erasable than standard chalk. This colorful chalk consists of a water-based and dust-free formula. Ease of cleaning extends to all types of non-porous surfaces and even glides smoothly off on glass and whiteboards. This also applies to the best sidewalk chalk paint and is a lot less messier than Crayola sidewalk chalk. Consider this the brightest sidewalk chalk.

Is there a difference between chalk and sidewalk chalk?

Basic chalk generally comes in white and comes in a much smaller size (around .35 of an inch), more suited for classroom blackboards. Chunky chalk (similar to Crayola chalk) is much larger with rounded tips, perfect for larger drawings on the pavement. Note, neither offer the versatility of liquid chalk with its messy-free liquid formula.

What is liquid chalk used for?

Liquid chalk has a variety of uses. It works well in classrooms and for art projects, as well as more strenuous applications, such as during athletic competitions where it is used for race marking and to prevent hands from sweating. With the right art instruction, liquid chalk could be used by kids for hours and hours at a time without inducing boredom.

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