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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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The best car floor mats channel and repel water, mud, snow, and other debris with ease, keeping your vehicle’s carpet clean. Our evaluation criteria focused on floor mats vs. floor liners, construction, ridged edge and tread patterns, car/truck compatibility (or fi)t, inclusion of 1st and 2nd row, cleaning method, and ease of use. Affordability was also a deciding factor, which eliminated all Weathertech car floor mats, a very well-known brand. Our top-rated car accessories are sure to enhance your car’s interior.

After more than 17 hours of research and testing, our top pick goes to the YITAMOTOR Floor Mats. These floor mats are ingeniously designed with a series of ridged and raised edges for water and mud trapping, a custom fit for your vehicle’s footwells, and ridged edges to cover the gap between your door jam and carpet for full coverage.

Top 7 Best Car Floor Mats Compared

 #1  YITAMOTOR Floor Mats – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: These waterproof floor mats offer dynamite floor protection, featuring a heat-resistant thermoplastic elastomer construction, ridged and raised edges for liquid trapping, and a generous lifetime warranty. It is a solid choice for rambunctious toddlers or camping aficionados.

  • Best for Honda Sedans
  • Non-toxic, TPE material
  • Channels to trap liquid
  • Shorter front passenger floor mat
  • Driver floor may interfere with gas pedal
  • Uncomfortable when barefoot

One of our favorite features is its ridged channels created using 3D laser scanning technology, which helps trap snow, liquid, and debris, repelling them away from your foot and carpet. Raised edges also line the door jam, filling the gap to keep debris trapped within. It really adheres well with your vehicle’s footwell like a glove for a snug fit.

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Its thermoplastic construction is an upgrade over traditional rubber, as its more abrasion, UV, and impact-resistant, which fares well with heavy toddler foot stomps and cargo sliding down your passenger seats. A non-slip surface is ideal for children or elderly needing traction when stepping in and out of the vehicle. Cleaning these floor mats is easy, only needing mild soap and water with a quick wipe or air dry. You can use the best shop cloth.

 #2  oEdRo Floor Mats – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: These floor mats defend against spilled messes, snow, and old leftover sandwich pieces with a precision laser canned TPE tri-extruded construction, deeply molded tread pattern, and an anti-skidding surface. It is an excellent choice in scorching environments (hello Death Valley, California) with superior heat resistance to PVC and rubber floor mats.

  • Best Honda CR-V
  • Deeply molded tread pattern
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Non-trimmable
  • Does not lay flat at first
  • Challenging to clean without pressure wash

The surface is deeply molded with straight and slightly curved ridged lines, with excellent lower channel separation that helps trap mud, snow, water, and debris. It does an excellent job of absorbing caked mud and grime from shoe bottoms. A retaining clip design also anchors it firmly to the ground to prevent slippage.

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A precision laser fit aligns the mat’s contours with your vehicle’s footwell to leave no gaps in between the door jam and the carpet. It also offers improved heat capacity than PVC liners. Plus, it is completely odorless, even when exposed to the elements. Make sure to also check out the WeatherTech Black Heavy Duty All Vehicle Mat, which has a tall ribbing structure designed to provide coverage and prevent fluids from reaching the vehicle rug underneath. This overall helps slow down the resale value decline, and the mat also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You might also want to check out the best headlight restoration kit.

 #3  Armor All 4-Piece Black All Season Rubber Floor Mat – Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: These all-weather floor mats protect your vehicle’s floors with a deep tread pattern, anti-slid cleats, trimmable material, and heavy-duty rubber construction. It is a solid choice for anyone with non-traditional vehicle footwells who can trim it to custom specifications.

  • Compatible w/ any car
  • Textured skid-resistant surface
  • Excellent for snow, mud, rain
  • Rear seat mats leave some areas exposed
  • Glaring gap on upper right side of front driver mat

What we love about these mats, aside from the Armor All name, is that they can be custom trimmed for a tight fit. A pair of tough scissors is mre than enough to cut through thick rubber. Cleaning is a breeze, only requiring mild soap and water with quick air dry. Pressure washers or garden hoses can get all the grime and dirt out quickly. It is also odorless and non-toxic.

Our second favorite feature is its tight grip on carpet using Carpet Claw™ anti-slip cleats to keep them firmly in place. It also offers a heavy contour, textured skid-resistant surface. Trimmable material also allows users to customize fit. Note, it is missing a lip to prevent liquids and debris from touching your floor’s surface, laying across your door jams, making it a better option for non-off-road vehicles with no exposure to muddy terrain. Another one of the best floor mats for your car is the 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Liners, that not only look great but perform well too. The mats are made with thermoplastic rubber on top for cracking resistance, shock-absorbing XPE as a middle layer, and MAXpider fibers on the bottom for extra grip. This all works together to efficiently protect your vehicle floor, and the mat for the driver’s side has a heel pad for extra grip and wear resistance. Also, read about the best satellite radio for your car.

 #4  OxGord 4pc Full Set Carpet Floor Mats – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: These 4-piece carpet floor mats feature heat and stain-resistant carpet construction, rubber spikes to grip your fibers to prevent sliding, and a uniform finish. They’re a reliable option for those who prefer style over function and live in major cities with less exposure to dirt, mud, and snow.

  • Best carpet
  • Studded bottom
  • Universal fit
  • No ridged edges
  • No channels to trap dirt and mud
  • Challenging to clean without pressure wash

Unlike our first four picks, these carpet floor mats are constructed entirely from carpet, with no ridges or channels. Mud and water tend to cake into the fabric with higher frequency, making it a better choice for use in dry environments. However, they’reit ist is easy to clean using soap and water with a quick air dry or on your dryer’s dDelicate cycle.

These carpet floor mats also provide a universal fit for most cars, including SUVs, large sedans, and trucks. Trimmable edges can be customized to fit vehicles with differently shaped footwells. Unlike the rigid – and, it does a better job of cushioning feet, excellent for long-distance drives with young children. Speaking of car accessories, read about the best transmission jack.

 #5  FH Group Black F11311 Rubber Floor Mat – Best Decorative Car Floor Mat

WHY WE LIKE IT: This self customizable rubber floor mat is solid all-around, featuring a sturdy rubber construction, channels to trap dirt/mud, and anti-slip backing for a secure fit. It is an excellent choice for standard or custom footwells on sportier vehicles with the choice of two-tone options.

  • Sporty design
  • Trimmable
  • Channels to trap dirt
  • Strong rubber smell when opened
  • Heavy
  • Poor channel depth

As with most of our picks, tall ridges help trap mud, debris, and fluids and keeps them contained. A separate contact patch has smaller, thinner ribs, ideal for scrapping mud and caked dirt off of boot bottoms before stepping into the vehicle. It is also stain-resistant and waterproof, making this an all-terrain dynamo.

Design is incredible for sportier vehicles with a two-tone finish that include standard black versus the choice of different colors. Its ridges and channels are also wildly angled, better matching the contours of a low profile sporty vehicle than an off-road pickup. Its definitely one of the louder designs we’ve seen on a car floor mat. You might also be interested in the best Cobra radar detector.

 #6  BDK MT-641-RD Red Universal Fit 4-Piece Set – Best Warm Weather

WHY WE LIKE IT: These cut to size, decorative car floor mat impresses with a bright metallic chrome finish, weaved tread pattern, and a rubber backing system to keep it firmly in place. They’re a solid choice for anyone who do not live in snow/rain areas looking to protect their carpet who would not mind a little aggressive styling as well.

  • Easy to clean
  • Distinctive design
  • Can be cut to size
  • Vinyl finish
  • Easily knicks and scratches
  • Poor at trapping mud, sand, and other debris

These floor mats trap some mud and debris with a vinyl finish, along with broad channels and raised edges in a circular pattern, making it an excellent choice in humid, rainy, or sandy environments with constant foot traffic in and out of your vehicle. Anti-slip backing also claps your carpet’s fibers for a slide-free fit.

All mats are semi-trimmable, which means it can be cut to size depending on the vehicle. This is a solid option for vehicles with oddly shaped or custom footwell dimensions. Cutting was effortless and straightforward with outlines guiding each cut. If you are more concerned with car audio, read our best car subwoofer list.

 #7  Motor Trend MTX101 Red DualFlex All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats – Best Ridge Patterns

WHY WE LIKE IT: These sporty rubber floor mats protect your vehicle’s carpet with a self trimmable rubber construction, deep drainage channels, and multiple ridge patterns. With its two-tone sports theme, it is an excellent choice for muscle cars and runners with regular off-road exposure.

  • Self trimmable
  • Sporty design
  • Deep drainage channels
  • Very heavy
  • Polarizing design
  • Strong smell when unwrapped

Our favorite feature is that these mats are trimmable and can be cut to fit your car’s footwells. To that end, trimming outlines are well defined to prevent cutting errors. Second is its well-designed ridge patterns, with its channels sloping downward to collect liquid at the base of your heel. Rubberized nibs on the bottom also prevent it from sliding and slipping.

This rubber floor mat nearly cover’s your entire floor, leaving the sides of your vehicle’s footwell exposed. It lasts long with extended use, tracking mud and dirt with an easy clean up using pressure wash or a simple tipping over your door sill. We were very impressed with the build quality. A few other cool car accessories include the best police radar detector.

How We Decided

Choosing the best car floor mats can be the difference between wet and soiled floors with expensive car detailing costs and a spotless shine.

In determining the best car floor mats to buy, you should consider its material (floor mats vs. floor liners), ridged edges and channels, backing, and material. Floor liners generally have a larger coverage area than floor mats, extending to your vehicle’s door jam to cover your footwell’s walls. They are also made of synthetic polymer (rigid plastic material) for greater elasticity, since they don’t always lie flat like floor mats. Floor mats are generally made from rubber and tend to last less longer than floor liners.

Note, floor liners are also preferred for high volume spills, with a more comprehensive set of channels. If you have kids, floor liners that provide a custom fit instead of floor mats that may expose edges should be the preferred option.

Ridged edges and channels are very important. It allows mud and dirt to be trapped, remaining where it falls or directed to a reservoir to collect before the next clean. Our #4 pick, Husky Liner Fits, are especially known for deeper channels that could hold enough liquid equal to an 8 oz cup of coffee, preventing it from seeping onto your carpet. Backing should also be sturdy with optional retention clips to prevent car floor mats from sliding and slipping.

Car Floor Mats Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Backing
    Car floor mats and liners should affix firmly in place, gripping your vehicle’s carpet to prevent it from sliding. Many have teeth or nibs, along with Armor All’s Carpet Claw™ anti-slip cleats, which are uniquely shaped for a better grip. Others come with holes to attach to OEM hooks, but these don’t sink and grab onto your carpet as well.
  2. Ridges and Channels
    Look for car floor mats with an elaborate channel system, which helps repel debris trap dirt in place. It can also redirect water towards a reservoir, making the floor mat more comfortable to clean.
  3. Material
    Floor liners are generally made of composite polymers that hold deep channels to trap dirt, mud and water. Look for rigid plastic for greater flexibility and a longer lifespan than rubber.
  4. Fit
    When assessing fit, note that floor liners generally do a better job of providing a custom fit. With floor mats, look for OEM parts (e.g. oEDro floor mats for 2017-2020 Honda CR-Vs and YITAMOTOR floor mats for Honda sedans) where a manufacturer provides a measurement for that purpose. Note, some floor mats are trimmable with easy cutting guidelines to follow, which is cool for custom footwells.

Car Floor Mats FAQs

Are car floor mats necessary?

Car floor mats are integral in protecting your car’s carpet from spills, which can cause discoloration and wear it out over time. It also preserves the value of your car and saves you money from having to redo carpeting. Plus, its backing technology using retention systems, anti-slip backing, and a custom fit allows better traction stepping in and out of your vehicle. It may not be as high-tech as the best car alarm, but it is important.

Are rubber or carpet car mats better?

Rubber floor mats offer greater protection than carpet car floor mats, most notably with its ridged edging and channels that help trap mud and liquid, preventing it from seeping into your carpet.