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Best Cable Ties

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To determine the best cable ties, we looked at a select number of factors that included design, materials, and quantity. When shopping for cable ties you’ll need to decide on whether you prefer a reusable or single-use design. Likewise, some people may find that self-gripping fabric cable ties are easier to use than nylon plastic cable ties. And finally, the number of cable ties in a pack — when compared against the overall price — will also influence your purchases. These cables combined with the best home theater systems will give you a heavenly sound system.

After considering all of the above, we nominated the Velcro Brand One-Wrap Cable Ties as our Top Pick. We liked that these self-gripping fabric reusable cable ties provided 100 ties in a pack. The easy to use hook and loop design is virtually “goof-proof”. And the fact that you can use these for indoor or outdoor purposes makes them a smart buy. Keep reading to learn more about the rest of our top picks.

Top 5 Best Cable Ties Reviews

 #1  VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A large quantity of reusable Velcro cable ties that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and offer a low-profile, pre-cut design.

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  • Best reusable100-count, self-gripping
  • Pre-cut design
  • Length not as advertised

Traditional cable ties can be a nuisance if you place them on the wrong item or pull them too tightly since you can’t reuse them. This is why we nominated the Velcro Brand One-Wrap Cable Ties as our Top Pick. These self-gripping fabric cable ties are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and feature a hook and loop design that makes them easy to use — and more importantly easy to adjust or remove. The wire ties are good for cord organization and cable management, securing long cords out of the way to avoid risks of tripping.

You’ll like that you get 100 pre-cut cable ties that are sturdy and perfect for organizing all those cords under your desk or behind the entertainment center. You can also choose between all-black ties or a mix of black and gray. And considering how budget-friendly these cable ties are, there’s no risk of buying them. They work well for organizing wires from the best home theater systems.

 #2  TR Industrial Multi-Purpose UV Resistant Black Cable Ties

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: A set of multi-purpose cable ties that are ideal for outdoor applications thanks to their UV-resistant construction and a 50-pound tensile strength.

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  • Best for outdoor use
  • UV protected
  • 50lb tensile strength & 100-count
  • Single-use design

When you’re working on industrial projects, you want to be confident that the tools and items you’re using are going to stand the test of time. The TR Industrial Multi-Purpose UV Resistant Black Cable Ties are our Honorable Mention recommendation because they can provide up to 50 pounds of tensile strength. The ties are made from UV resistant Industrial Strength Nylon 6/6 and come in standard packs of 8, 12, and 14 inches, but larger inch pieces like 24 or 36 inch have more than 3 times the 50 lbs of tensile strength.

We like that although these cable ties have a single-use design, they feature a bent head to aid with efficient insertion and positive teeth for a secure hold. These ties are also designed for outdoor use, with the ability to maintain a secure hold between 40 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. And with 100 pieces per pack, you should have plenty of cable ties to complete your tasks. Get those wires from your best subwoofer organized and out of the way.

 #3  Attmu 50 PCS Reusable Fastening Cable Ties

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: A budget-friendly set of reusable self-gripping cable ties with a hook and loop design that makes organizing your work or entertainment areas a snap.

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  • Hook & loop design for easy fastening
  • 6” length
  • 50-count
  • Lowest quantity on our list
  • Indoor use only

Self-gripping fabric cable ties are very popular and for good reason. They’re easy to use and removing and reusing them helps to improve their value over time. The Attmu 50-Piece Reusable Fastening Cable Ties are a great option if you’re looking to save money but still need to secure cables and cords around your home or office.

While this brand offers the least amount of cable ties, and they can only be used indoors, we like that they feature the standard hook and eye design that makes it easy to use. However, we have to note that these aren’t designed for outdoor use. You can also use the best aux cable for your devices.

 #4  Flurhrt Heavy Duty 12-Inch Cable Zip Ties

Award: Best Heavy-Duty

WHY WE LIKE IT: A serious set of heavy-duty cable ties designed with a 120-pound tensile strength, a 12-inch length, and approved for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Best tensile strength (120lbs)
  • 100 quantity
  • Rated for indoor & outdoor use
  • Single-use design
  • More expensive than competitors

If you’re working on a hardcore project, you need a cable tie that can stand up to serious punishment. The Flurhrt Heavy Duty 12-Inch Cable Zip Ties are ideal for this type of work thanks to the fact that they’re rated at 120 tensile pounds. Although these are the most expensive option, they also offer the best length with 12 inches.

We like that these cable ties are also UV resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. The ties are also wider than competitors, for improved performance. And while these are single-use cable ties, you’ll like that this is a 100-piece set that comes in a resealable bag for easier storage between uses.

 #5  Cable Matters Combo Pack Assorted 200 Self-Locking Nylon Cable Ties

Award: Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: A large-quantity set of cable ties that are the best computer cable ties and provides buildable tensile strength and features a variety of lengths to tackle any type of task.

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  • Best for computer
  • 200-pack
  • 6, 8, & 12-inch cable ties
  • Single-use design
  • Indoor use only

If you find yourself using cable ties frequently, we recommend the Cable Matters Combo Pack which features 200 self-locking nylon cable ties that are available in three sizes — six, eight and 12 inches. Even though these ties are only ideal for indoor use, we like that they’re rated for light and medium tasks.

While a single cable tie is rated for 17 pounds of tensile strength, if you double them, you’ll get 48 pounds of tensile strength. The nylon ties are also designed from fire-resistant materials. And we like that these ties ship in a resealable container for easier storage.

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How We Decided

Cable ties are a must-have if you’re tired of looking at a jumble of cables or cords. However, there are a lot of options when you look at the market. So to help narrow the field, we considered the following criteria — design, materials, and quantity.

Cable ties can be divided into two main categories, reusable and single-use. While there are benefits and drawbacks to both, you’ll note that in our recommendations, we’ve presented a balanced set of options that include reusable (Top Pick & Best Budget), and single-use (Honorable Mention, #4, & Best Quality).

Next, we looked at the materials used. We also created a balanced set of options that includes plastic and self-gripping fabric. All of the reusable cable tie recommendations are self-gripping fabric. Meanwhile, all of the single-use options are made from nylon.

And finally, we looked at the quantity. Typically cable ties are sold in sets that can range from as little as a handful to as many as 200 or more. We prioritized options that offered at least 50 cable ties in a pack. This is ideal because all of the products in our recommendations are very budget-friendly. However, depending on how frequently you use cable ties, you’ll need to decide if a 50-pack (Best Budget) is sufficient or if you need to consider a brand that offers 200 in a pack (Best Quality).

Cable Ties Buying Guide


Most Important Things to Consider

  1. Design
    Cable ties can come in a range of options from velcro to traditional zip ties. But in addition to the materials, you’ll need to decide whether you want a design that is reusable or single-use. Single-use traditional cable ties can only be tightened and must typically be cut to be removed. These are great if you only need to secure a cable once. In contrast, reusable cable ties are ideal if you constantly need to adjust cables.
  2. Materials
    The most common options for cable ties are plastic and self-gripping fabric. Self-gripping cable ties are ideal because they tend to be more flexible, allowing you to easily make adjustments and reuse the cable whenever you want. Additionally, these ties often come in a range of colors, making it easy for you to create a color-coded labeling system. However, there are plastic cable ties that are also reusable. The reusable plastic cable ties feature a releasable latch and while flexible aren’t as bendable as self-gripping fabric cable ties. There are stainless steel zip ties too, but these are more for the toughest applications such as home repairs and pipes or in industrial and automotive fields.
  3. Quantity
    Most cable ties are sold in packs. Quantities can vary greatly. So, in addition to looking at the general price, it’s also important to consider the unit price, and how many cable ties you’ll need.

Cable Ties FAQs

Can you reuse cable ties?

Yes, you can – which is to say you can sometimes undo zip ties. You can buy reusable cable ties that are made from either plastic or self-gripping fabric. The style you prefer is up to you but reusable cable ties can be a great cost-saving option if you frequently need to secure cables. However, it is possible to reuse traditional cable ties, but you’ll need to open them carefully to keep from damaging them.

What’s the difference between a self-gripping fabric cable tie and a Velcro cable tie?

Velcro is a brand name. However, the design and concept are the same. But much like people often call facial tissues Kleenex, most people say Velcro to refer to any self-gripping fabric. Still, other brands that sell fabric cable ties cannot use the name Velcro.

I want reusable cable ties, but I can’t decide between plastic or self-gripping fabric.

This is ultimately going to be a choice that comes down to personal preference. But, self-gripping fabric cable ties can be ideal because it offers the most flexibility and can be completely molded for a low-profile effect and are extremely durable.

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