7 Best Cabinet Hangers in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

The best cabinet hanger is the Simple Houseware Over-the-Cabinet Organizer. It’s a sizable storage option with an incredibly versatile design. It can be hung from cabinet doors and standard size doors, but it can also be mounted to a wall. The iDesign Axis hanger is our “Honorable Mention” because it takes that a step further and offers multi-tier organization support.

The best cabinet hanger options provide a convenient and innovative way to store dishes, toiletries, belongings, or supplies. Often, they are mounted underneath another cabinet or shelf to create a new, smaller storage area, filling space that otherwise goes unused. We spent over 10 hours researching the best under cabinet hangers and over-the-door storage baskets. During our search, we looked for hangers that are durable and relatively lightweight, yet offer a decent weight capacity. They can also be used all over the home, not just in the kitchen mounted inside cabinets or pantries. Keep reading to know more about our top pick, our honorable mention, and all the other models. But first, learn how to find the best prices on appliances.

Top 7 Best Cabinet Hanger

 #1  Simple Houseware Organizer and Cabinet Hanger


WHY WE LIKE IT: Offering one of the best overall storage spaces, this basket can be mounted to the back of any cabinet door or standard-size door. It can be used to hold large items like pans, cutting boards, and more.

  • Convenient large storage; fits cutting boards and more
  • Hangs on any standard or cabinet door
  • Includes hanging hardware
  • Some cabinets may not close with this installed

This storage rack is meant to hang on a cabinet door, and it can be faced either inward or outward. The mounting hooks can also slide over a standard size door. It’s a single, open rack that offers ample space for cutting boards, pans, pantry items, and even bathroom supplies. The entire rack is made of sturdy steel, with a stylish silver coating over the top.

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It comes bundled with the hanging hooks, cabinet screws, and an anchor. When mounted to the wall, it sits relatively flush and is incredibly secure, provided the included anchors are used. When mounted to a door, it hangs down slightly lower than the top. Cabinets will need space behind the door, but for taller cabinets, the rack makes use of space that would otherwise go to waste. If you’re using this in your living room, you may want to also look at the best portable desk to work from.

 #2  iDesign Axis Over-the-Cabinet Cabinet Hanger


WHY WE LIKE IT: With its 2-compartment basket design and included hanging hardware, this storage rack would work well in the shower or bathroom and the back is designed to reduce accidental scratching.

  • An excellent shower rack
  • Multi-level basket setup
  • Back designed to prevent cabinet scratching
  • Cannot mount to the wall

This rack is versatile, as it can be mounted to any cabinet or door, but also in other spaces, such as a bathroom or shower. It has a 2-tier setup, with a larger basket on the top, and a smaller more narrow basket on the bottom. Non-absorbing foam backing helps to protect wood cabinets and other surfaces from scratching. That’s important because the entire rack is made of aluminum, a sturdy yet lightweight metal.

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No additional hardware is necessary to install or mount the rack, as the hooks merely slide over the top of a door or mounting area. It can hold just about anything from shampoos and louvers to spices and dishwashing supplies. If you plan to use this for office storage, it might be a good idea to check out our guide on the best little desks as they’re both space saving and allow for productivity.

 #3  mDesign Modern Metal Cabinet Hanger


WHY WE LIKE IT: Rather than hanging linens and towels from the cabinet door, this curved bar slides right over it to provide a more stylish option. It also looks much better when the towels are draped over the bar instead.

  • Stainless steel and rust-resistant finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in many colors and styles
  • Not useful as a multi-purpose storage rack

This storage rack is incredibly simple, yet monumentally useful. It’s a curved, all-metal bar that mounts to cabinet doors, and standards doors too. The idea is to provide a place to hang hand, dish, and tea towels in a much more practical way. The unit is made of stainless steel and has a rust-resistant finish. That means even if towels are damp when hung, they won’t ruin the rack.

The hanging hooks have soft foam pads attached so they won’t scratch wood cabinets and doors. The rack can also be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. It comes in many colors and styles, from brushed metal to bronze. Having this in your kitchen will make it easier to keep your space clean, and your dish towels dry. And if you happen to use this in your bedroom, it should complement your best pillow for sleeping, since it will add more space for storing your no longer used pillows or extra pillows.

 #4  Spectrum Diversified Satin Nickel Grid Cabinet Hanger


WHY WE LIKE IT: This medium-sized storage option can hold a bevy of items, without taking up too much space. It’s an ideal choice for smaller cabinets, pantries, and similar areas.

  • Ideal for spices and small collections
  • Easy to install, with no tools required
  • Fits anywhere
  • Single basket with no organization

This open storage rack is much smaller than some of the others, but it’s still designed to hang on a cabinet or standard size door. It’s meant to hold items under 10” tall. It’s made of sturdy steel and comes in 3 different finishes, including white, bronze, and satin nickel. It has a basket or open wire design so that you can see everything inside at a glance.

The hanging brackets are padded on the underside so they won’t scratch or ruin wood and other materials. They slide easily over the top of a cabinet or standard door. They require no additional hardware such as screws or anchors. The cabinet can be placed just about anywhere from a bathroom to a garage, provided there’s a secure place to hang the hooks from. For more quality products for your home, check out our guide to the best standing desk.

 #5  Fvstar Mug Holder with 4 Coffee Cup Cabinet Hanger


WHY WE LIKE IT: Cups and mugs are tough to store away, especially inside open cabinets, but this set of hooks makes it possible to hang them in plain sight. Moreover, there are 2 hangers, enough to hold a ton of mugs.

  • Excellent for showing off ceramics
  • Rust-resistant iron composition
  • Can hold 8pcs per rack
  • Hooks limit what you can hang

This hanger set includes 2 separate units, each of which has 2 hooks. The hooks split in half, which means a single hanger can hold up to 8 coffee mugs, or 8 pieces total. They’re meant to be mounted on the underside of cabinets, but they could be installed under shelves and similar spaces — such as a wet bar. They come bundled with the screws needed to hang them.

The hangers are available in several styles, including black, bronze, and rose gold. They’re made of high-quality iron and have a rust-resistant finish. They’re an excellent way to store and show-off stylish mugs, cups, and more.

 #6  The Minimalist Home Banana Hanger Under Cabinet Hanger


WHY WE LIKE IT: Even though it’s nothing more than a lightweight hook, this hanger can hold a bunch of bananas, or anything up to 10lbs total. It comes with self-adhesive and screws and could be installed under any stable surface, such as a desk.

  • Can be attached to virtually anything
  • Supports up to 10lbs
  • Includes self-adhesive and screws
  • Items must be hangable

This hanger is not a basket or rack, but instead, a small hook primarily meant to hold a bunch of bananas. At the top of the hook or base is a strong self-adhesive tape, and the entire unit can be secured even further with screws — also included. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and can be installed just about anywhere, not just underneath cabinets.

It’s the best all-purpose hanger because it can be used for virtually anything. One could hang towels, tools, coffee mugs, light pots, and more. It could be placed on the underside of a desk, for example, to use as a headphone or accessory holder. The hook is made of heavy-duty plastic and can support up to 10lbs at a time.

 #7  Bafvt Wine Glass Holder Under Cabinet Hanger


WHY WE LIKE IT: This no-screw and non-permanent glassware rack slides onto the front edge of a shelf, bar, or cabinet. It can hold anywhere from 9 to 12 glasses total, depending on the size.

  • Ultra easy installation; no screwing or cutting
  • Holds 9 to 12 wine glasses
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Needs a lot of space

This lightweight and stainless steel rack can hold between 9 to 12 wine glasses with the stem hanging down. It mounts underneath a cabinet face or shelf with a sliding arm. The arm slides over the top and secures the entire rack and its contents. No additional hardware or screws are needed to set up the hanger.

The stainless steel is rust-proof, so the glasses can be placed on the rack even damp. The biggest limitation is that there will need to be enough space underneath the rack to hang the glasses, so it cannot be close to a counter or floor.

How We Decided

While every cabinet hanger or storage rack you see here has a unique design, the most important feature we looked for was their general placement. Each hanger can be installed either under a cabinet, on the back of a door, or to a wall. This allows the storage to remain out of the way while making use of what would otherwise be underutilized space. They’re also relatively compact, so they fit just about anywhere, and they’re super easy to install.

We also looked for hangers with a durable, long-lasting build. Every single hanger on the list is made of a solid metal material, usually aluminum or a similar composite. It also means they can withstand varying conditions, like the humidity and moisture of a bathroom, or the dark and dry conditions of a pantry.

Finally, we chose hangers that include mounting or installation hardware. That could mean they come with a sliding bar, like a wine glass holder, or the necessary screws, like the simple hooks. That makes it much easier — and more convenient — because you don’t have to purchase additional items to use the hangers.

Best Cabinet Hangers Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Build Quality
    Anything storage-related is going to be holding a bevy of items, sometimes they’re heavy, so you must ensure the rack is durable and can withstand higher capacities. It relates to the build quality and materials of the rack. A solid metal or steel composition, for example, is going to withstand a lot more weight and usage than standard plastic. Choose a cabinet hanger and storage option that’s made of a material that can meet your needs. If you know you’ll be storing heavier items, go with metal.
  2. Storage Capacity
    You won’t need a ton of storage space with a cabinet hanger or small rack like you would with a larger storage unit like base cabinets chests or bookshelves. That said, you will need ample space to store and organize whatever it is you’re going to place inside. At most you’ll want to put in some pots and pans, cooking spices, cleaning supplies, or something similar. Be sure the storage option you choose has enough capacity to hold whatever you’re going to be using it for.
  3. Placement
    There are many places where the cabinet hangers and storage baskets can be mounted. Most of them are meant to slide on to a small cabinet door, or even a regular size door, and they include the hooks to do so. Others will need to be installed using screws and anchors, primarily to the underside of cabinets. Consider the placement potential of the storage option you choose and go with something that matches your desired application. If you want to mount a basket in the bathroom next to a shower, for example, you’ll want something that can be mounted flush to the wall without the door-style hooks.

Cabinet Hangers FAQs

What Screws to Use for Cabinet Hangers?

For full-size kitchen cabinets, fairly robust installation hardware is necessary for holding the cabinets securely in place. That’s not the case with cabinet hangers. A majority of the cabinet hangers and storage baskets you see here, do not require screw-based mounting. Many come with over-the-door hooks that will simply slide onto a cabinet or standard size door. Some of the hangers do need to be mounted with drywall screws and anchors, and they generally come with all the necessary hardware — including the mounting screws. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about what types of screws to use in most cases. If you must know, any standard and threaded wood screws will work. First, measure the thickness of the wood or install wall where you will mount the hanger to determine what size screws you should get.

How Do You Mount a Cabinet Hanger?

Unlike upper cabinets, photo frames, and other mountable items, most cabinet hangers can be installed without using any tools, screws, or similar hardware. Often, they come with over-the-door hooks that slide onto the top of a cabinet or standard size door. Some racks even come with sliding bars that attach to the front of shelving. For the storage options that do require mounting, the best practice is to drill a starter hole, insert the anchor, and then screw in the hanger using screws — which are usually included.

How Do You Secure a Cabinet Hanger to the Wall?

Keep in mind, not all cabinet hangers can be mounted to the wall and were merely designed to slide onto the top of a cabinet door. For the hangers that can be mounted, the process is no different than hanging a heavy photo frame or full-size kitchen cabinets. Some even have unique hanging rails that can be used to attach the storage to existing furniture or shelving. First, measure the area where the hanger or storage basket will be mounted and mark where the drill holes will be. Always be sure to measure accurately and take more time doing so, that way the hanging process will be quick and easy. Next, drill pilot holes using a bit that’s slightly smaller than the size of the anchors you will be using. Insert the anchors taking care not to squish or break the material. Finally, hold the hanger or basket in place and then secure it to the wall and anchors using screws — which are usually included. When mounting to solid wood, like the underside of a cabinet, anchors are not necessary.

How Do You Install Cabinet Hangers Without Studs?

For the hangers and storage baskets that are secured to the wall, anchors are the best option unless you’re drilling directly into stud locations. For the most part, studs are unnecessary because the hangers will not be holding an inordinate amount of weight. The anchors spread out when activated, creating a secure connection between the screw and the drywall or wood. Generally, the existing cabinet and the wall are already fairly secure.
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