Best Buy leaked Data Sheet Suggests New 11.6” HP Chromebook


One of the best deals in town still might the Google Chromebook, the slimmed-down line of laptops built for web-based work and storing documents in the cloud. A new leaked data sheet from Best Buy suggests a new model on the horizon…the HP Chromebook 11.

Specs reveal an 11.6” HD Display, 6.5 hour battery life, and Beats Audio (the software from Dr. Dre’s audio company). The leaked document also indicates this Chromebook is much lighter than HP’s already existing 14” Pavilion Chromebook, weighing in at just 2.42 lbs compared to 4 lbs. If the specs are accurate, the 11.6” HP would be lighter than the Acer 11.6” Chromebook that weighs 3.1 lbs (or 3 lbs depending on configuration), but about the same as the Samsung 11.6” Chromebook weighing 2.4 lbs. Probably, will be one of the best chromebooks of 2019.

As far as vertical dimensions, the HP Chromebook 11 is only .7” high, a tenth of an inch shorter than the 14” model. Width and Length dimensions are still debatable, as the leaked document didn’t provide extensive specifications. In terms of memory, we’d expect at least a 16GB solid state drive with 4GB RAM to be competitive with other 11.6″ models. Although who knows, HP might surprise us with a larger configuration.

However, as with other Google Chrome OS models, it’s certain the purchase provides two-years of 100GB Google Drive storage for free (a $120 value).

The Best Buy data sheet suggest the Chromebook can be an inexpensive second PC. But besides the lack of substantial hard drive space and disc drive, Chromebooks are the perfect fit for some folks who don’t need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive laptop.


Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot has a background in web development and design, as well as working in broadcast television as a studio engineer, lighting director and editor. He frequently writes about technology, broadcasting, digital entertainment, and the internet.

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  1. I don’t understand the lack of hard drive complaint. The Chromebook permits an external drive hookup for those looking to avoid cloud storage. So what’s the big deal? That hardly seems like a limitation. Meanwhile the thing runs faster than any computer I’ve seen and somehow sucks so little battery it lasts for well over 12 hours of continued use. I don’t know, I guess people gotta complain about something.

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