7 Best Briefcases in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

To help you find the best briefcase where you can store all of your daily necessities, we spent 10 hours testing 17 of the top models available today. And after careful consideration, we selected the Samsonite Classic 3 Gusset Briefcase as our top pick. This comprehensive and well-designed briefcase offers a huge internal capacity and durable exterior.

Our testing focused primarily on design, materials, and storage capacity, but also factored in security features like combination locks and laptop retaining features. Keep reading to learn more about the Samsonite briefcase and the other best briefcases on our list.

Top 7 Best Briefcase in 2023

 #1  Samsonite Classic 3 Gusset Briefcase


WHY WE LIKE IT: The versatility and storage capacity that the Samsonite briefcase brings to the table is incredibly hard to beat. It’s a large bag with a durable build that can double as an overnight bag, if needed.

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  • Large, 0.5 cubic feet of internal capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Large front pocket
  • Shoulder straps a bit uncomfortable
  • Exterior edges not as tough

The Samsonite Classic 3 Gusset briefcase is one of the largest briefcases on our list, with tons of internal capacity and a variety of different compartments and pockets. It includes a padded laptop pocket, open pockets for laptop charger and accessories, a main compartment for documents and organizer pockets for pens and other small items. The exterior also features an easy-access front pocket. With all this space, this briefcase can easily perform as either a daily case or an overnight back.

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The Samsonite Classic briefcase also features a padded, adjustable shoulder strap for easier carrying when fully loaded. However, the sheer size of the briefcase when packed can make using the shoulder pad a little awkward at times. Overall durability is also impressive here. The bag is made from ballistic nylon, which is incredibly tough. Unfortunately, the exterior edges of the Samsonite aren’t lined with tubing like the previous version, which means they may wear a little faster. However, we don’t foresee this being a problem in the long run. If you want an upgrade to your office chair, consider the best office stability chair too.

 #2  RoadPro SPC-931R Briefcase


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is one of the most durable briefcases on our list with an exterior made from aluminum. It also offers a simple, yet spacious interior compartment with pockets of varying sizes for pens and other small items.

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  • Incredibly durable exterior
  • Dual combination locks
  • Spacious interior
  • Handles are plastic
  • Interior pockets not as durable
  • No laptop storage

There’s nothing more iconic or eye-catching than an aluminum briefcase, and if that’s something you’re looking for, then the RoadPro SPC-931R is the briefcase for you. The aluminum exterior can easily stand up to bumps and drops, which extends the overall life of the briefcase. The only thing we would improve about this design is the handles, which are plastic and not aluminum like the body. Fortunately, the RoadPro is also incredibly lightweight while still maintaining its overall durability.

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The RoadPro only offers one internal compartment, but it’s spacious enough to hold almost everything you need without a problem. The interior is lined with soft fabric, as well, so you won’t need to worry about your stuff getting damaged while in there. Unfortunately, there are no laptop storage options, but you do get some interior pockets for small-item storage. You also get exterior combination locks for added security, which is always a nice touch. This will be the perfect briefcase to set next to your best office stool every day,.

 #3  Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Alpine Swiss is the best high-end briefcase on our list, with a durable and luxurious genuine leather exterior. The case also organizes its interior compartment in an intelligent way that doesn’t create unnecessary clutter.

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  • Durable, luxurious exterior materials
  • Expandable interior compartment
  • Strong combination locks
  • Heavier than other cases
  • Only available in black

The Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attaché briefcase is designed incredibly well with a classy genuine leather exterior, making it the best briefcase for lawyers. The leather exterior is extremely durable and looks amazing, to boot. The Alpine Swiss also features sturdy and comfortable leather handles, as well as four feet on the bottom of the case so you can keep it propped up on the ground. The briefcase is also secure with its dual combination locks whose codes can be regularly changed.

On the inside, the Alpine Swiss only offers a single compartment, but it’s organized extremely well with interior pockets and a flap-over pouch for additional storage. We were impressed with the smart way the briefcase organized its interior compartment. Everything kept its place without getting in the way of other items. The top interior pocket is also expandable for even more storage capacity. Keep in mind that the Alpine Swiss only comes in one color, black and is a bit heavier than other options on our list. However, these are small downsides when compared to the overall amazing performance the Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Attaché provides. While you’re upgrading your briefcase, you might also want to grab some of the best paper clips.

 #4  Bosidu Leather Briefcase


WHY WE LIKE IT: This briefcase is sleek, durable and incredibly spacious. Each component of the bag is built with aesthetics and durability in mind, and you won’t be disappointed by its high quality design.

  • Three large internal compartments
  • Attaches easily to suitcases
  • Waterproof leather exterior
  • Non-rigid body
  • Zipper sometimes catches
  • Handle covers are uncomfortable

The Bosidu Leather briefcase has been designed with premium quality, even down the very last stitch. For starters, the exterior of the bag is made from classy genuine leather, which is one of the best briefcase materials. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the rain without worrying about your belongings getting soaked. We do wish it featured leather straps, as well, but the fabric straps are still durable and comfortable. All of the hardware is solid bronze, including the zippers. The zippers sometimes catch on the interior fabric, but it’s rare enough that it can be ignored.

The most impressive part of the Bosidu, though, is its interior storage capacity. This is a large briefcase with three main compartments, including a laptop compartment and document pocket. With so much storage, you’ll be able to carry a wide variety of items with ease, including laptops, books, documents, phones and writing utensils. You’ll have everything you need for your commute to the office with this briefcase.

 #5  Ativa Ultimate Workmate Rolling Briefcase


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Ativa briefcase is incredibly portable with four strong casters and a telescoping handle for easier handling. It also offers plenty of internal, well-organized storage space.

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  • Great for pharma sales reps
  • Extra-tough polyester exterior
  • Plentiful organized storage
  • Expensive
  • Bulkier than other options
  • Heavy

The Ativa Ultimate Workmate Rolling Briefcase is anything but traditional. Where other briefcases are meant to be carried by hand or on the shoulder, the Ativa is meant to be rolled along on the floor with you. It features four caster wheels on the bottom of the case to achieve the rolling effect. These casters are all very durable and stand up to extended periods of use. The Ativa also features a telescoping handle that can lock into place for easier handling.

The Ativa is built from extra-durable 1680-denier polyester fabric. This is perfect for a rolling briefcase since it’s more likely to get bumped around than traditional briefcases. The interior features multiple compartments separated by rigid dividers. It’s large enough to fit laptops up to 15 inches, lunch, documents, books and more. With the portability and increased storage capacity, this is the best briefcase for doctors and other medical professionals who are always on the move. If you’re on the move enough that you need to take your work home, consider one of the best little desks for a temporary at-home option.

 #6  Taygeer Laptop Bag Briefcase


WHY WE LIKE IT: This durable bag is water-resistant, spacious and comfortable to carry anywhere with you, all in an extra-affordable package.

  • Very comfortable shoulder strap and handles
  • Water-resistant polyester exterior
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Not as rigid as others
  • Heavier than other options

If you’re looking for the best budget briefcase, the Taygeer laptop bag fits the bill. For starters, it’s built extremely well for a budget bag, with durable synthetic nylon that’s also water resistant. The nylon is also tough enough to travel with you wherever you go, whether by car, train or public transport.

You get a surprising amount of space with the Taygeer briefcase. It’s big enough for most 15 inch laptops and offers tons of pockets for pens, documents and binders. We were most impressed with how comfortable the Taygeer was during use, even when it’s fully loaded. While it’s heavier than other briefcases on our list, the included shoulder strap and handles lessen the strain on your body. The shoulder strap is adjustable and the handles are padded with soft leather.

 #7  Heritage Travelware Vinyl Briefcase


WHY WE LIKE IT: This briefcase is incredibly secure with dual combination locks that are easy to use and easy to adjust. It offers lots of storage space and a laptop restraining strap.

  • Durable and long lasting exterior
  • Can store laptops up to 17 inches
  • Built-in combo lock
  • Laptop strap doesn’t offer much protection
  • Uninspiring design

The Heritage Travelware Vinyl Briefcase excels when it comes to security. With two customizable combination locks, you can set security as strong as you’d like with hard to guess password combinations. The locks themselves are also durable enough to withstand most attempts to break them. The exterior is made from leather-like vinyl material. While it’s not as durable as genuine leather or aluminum, it’s still enough to withstand the tests of daily usage.

On the inside of the Heritage briefcase, you’ll get plenty of storage space. It’s got a single main compartment with a dual pocket that folds out from the top portion of the case. On the bottom side of the case, the Heritage briefcase provides a helpful retaining strap for laptops up to 17 inches. Unfortunately, this is only used to keep the laptop in place, and doesn’t offer much protection from the other items you’re storing in the case.

How We Decided

The best way to rate whether a briefcase was good enough to include on our list or not was simply by using it on a day-by-day basis. This way we were able to measure just how much convenience and usability each option provided.

In the end, the value that each briefcase added to your life was the ultimate test of inclusion for our list. We favored options that did exactly what they claimed to do without getting in your way or adding to the bulk of your belongings.

After testing the overall usefulness and usability of each briefcase, we moved on to weighing build and durability. We only included options on our list if they were tough enough to handle daily use without excessive wear and tear. We awarded bonus points to briefcases that were made from premium materials like genuine leather and metal, although we didn’t exclude options for lack of these materials. Briefcases made from synthetic materials are still worthwhile to consider.

Finally, we looked at the briefcases’ internal capacity, including how many compartments each option offered. We didn’t award points based on the specific number of compartments. Instead, we rated options based on their flexibility and versatility. You should be able to adjust your daily belongings without worrying about running out of space.

Best Briefcase Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Briefcase Type
    Believe it or not, there are a few different types of briefcases to consider before making a buying decision. The classic attaché briefcase is a traditional option that works for most applications. These briefcases feature plenty of internal storage capacity and a classy overall look. Rolling briefcases are excellent for travel and commuting. You may also consider the more casual messenger-bag style briefcases, although those are technically outside of the briefcase category.
  2. Materials and Color
    Briefcases come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Materials include options like leather, synthetic polymers and metal. Metal is the most durable, but leather offers the most classy look. Synthetic polymer briefcases are also very durable and offer a more modern look and water resistance. Materials should also include the briefcase’s hardware. Options that feature bronze or brass hardware are incredibly long lasting and just look nice. Finally, you should consider what color you want for your briefcase. Black and brown is always a safe choice, especially for business applications, but lighter colors like tan can be used in more casual environments. Ultimately, these decisions are completely subjective and should fit your own personal preferences.
  3. Size and Capacity
    Your briefcase should give you enough internal storage to keep all of your belongings safe and in place. Consider what you want to carry in your briefcase and purchase an option that can give you that storage. Larger briefcases will usually give you more compartments, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing one very situation. If you don’t need the extra storage space, then a large briefcase will only end up adding unnecessary bulk.
  4. Laptop Storage
    Modern-day briefcases should include some kind of storage compatibility for laptops and tablets. This tech storage often comes in the form of a built-in pocket with retaining straps, but some laptop briefcases include a zip pocket or individual compartments.

Briefcase FAQs

What is the best briefcase for a lawyer?

The best briefcase for a lawyer on our list is the Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase. This model is designed following the traditional attaché case style. It’s made from luxe genuine leather and features dual combination locks to keep your case documents safe. It’s also incredibly spacious inside and expandable for even more capacity.

What color briefcase should I get?

A good rule of thumb for the color of business briefcases is to stick to black and dark brown. These colors invoke a sense of authority and power, plus they’re the most common colors you’ll see anyway. If you’re in a more casual environment or situation, lighter colors like tan are more appropriate.

Are attaché cases out of style?

Absolutely not! Attaché cases will never go out of style. They’re practical and classy, perfect for carrying important documentation and even laptops without a ton of added weight or bulk to your person.

When did briefcases go out of style?

While the demand for briefcases has certainly declined in the last 10 years, they’ve ever officially gone out of style. Plenty of professionals still use briefcases, like doctors, lawyers and realtors. If you think it fits your needs and style, a briefcase is still a very valid accessory.
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