Best Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

Why would someone choose a bean bag chair over a traditional one? Bean bag chairs are one of the best gaming chairs and are ideal for casual gamers who want a portable chair that can also be useful for watching television or lounging around the house. Bean bag chairs come in a variety of configurations, making them a great option for people with limited space where a traditional gaming chair would be impractical.

Additionally, the convertible nature of these types of chairs makes them ideal for people who like to make frequent adjustments. And the fact that most of these types of chairs sit low to the ground makes them perfect for younger gamers. Keep reading our bean bag chairs for a gaming buying guide to learn more.

Top Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

 #1  Chill Sack AMZ-5SK-MS04 5-Foot Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This chair is large enough to provide comfortable seating for teenagers and adults. We love that the chair contours itself around the body of the user, providing comfort.

  • Extremely large size
  • Memory foam fillings
  • Washable cushion
  • Too big for small game rooms

The Chill Sack AMZ-5SK-MS04 5-foot bean bag chair is a large unit that’s suitable for children, teens, and adults. This chair is quite versatile and can be placed in living rooms, game rooms, bedrooms, and home theater rooms. It has a moldable style with shredded memory foam fillings, contouring around the user’s body, offering comfort during lengthy gaming sessions. However, owing to its large size, this bean bag takes up a lot of space and is unsuitable for small rooms.

A removable double-stitched micro-suede fabric on this unit is soft for comfort. It resists fraying, providing durability. The fabric is machine-washable for hassle-free maintenance. The zippers on this chair are easy to operate and offer durability. This Chill Sack AMZ-5SK-MS04 5-foot bean bag chair is available in a wide variety of colors, appealing to people with various tastes. We like that it is large enough to be shared by two individuals.

 #2  Big Joe Milano SmartMax 638602 2.5-foot Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bean bag chair comes prefilled, so it’s easy to set up. We love its safety zippers that protect the chair from being opened accidentally.

  • Prefilled design
  • Lightweight, compact construction
  • The chair is refillable
  • Too small for big adults
  • Fabric is not removable

The Big Joe Milano SmartMax 638602 2.5-foot bean bag chair features a structured shape reminiscent of an armchair. This chair is small enough to fit comfortably in small rooms and is the bean bag of choice for children and teenagers. It comes filled with a generous supply of lightweight beanbags, so it takes the guesswork out of filling. However, this chair is too small to provide comfortable seating for larger adults.

A sturdy handle on top of this piece of furniture allows moving it easily from place to place. This Big Joe Milano SmartMax 638602 2.5-foot bean bag chair is refillable, enabling users to revitalize the chair in case it compresses over time. It has a soft cushion that provides comfort and durability. Although the fabric is not removable, this chair can be maintained via spot cleaning. The fabric features high-quality zippers with a safety system to prevent accidental movement.

 #3  Sofa Pack AMZBB-3SK-CS13 3-Foot Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This chair provides a comfortable seating platform that will appeal to people who spend long hours gaming. It has pliable fillings, making the chair easy to mold as needed.

  • Soft velvety fabric
  • Memory foam fillings
  • Brilliant colors
  • Chair is a bit small for big individuals

The Sofa Sack AMZBB-3SK-CS13 3-foot bean bag chair is a medium-sized chair, which is a good choice for lounging, gaming, and even working. Unlike other chairs that come with beans, this model features memory foam filling, providing soft comfort. The chair contours around the body of the user for support. This chair’s velvet passion suede cushion is super-soft, so it’s comfortable. However, this chair is a bit small and may not be suitable for big adults.

This Sofa Sack AMZBB-3SK-CS13 3-foot bean bag chair has a durable fabric with double stitching for strength. The chair is available in numerous colors. The bean bag expands by itself after opening the package, simplifying installation. We love that the seat provides plenty of support, and this will please people who spend long hours gaming. This chair takes up a relatively small amount of space, making it a great choice for dorm rooms and small game rooms.

 #4  Posh Creations Malibu Lounge YSHC-SX004 2.5-Foot Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This chair has a design that provides adequate support for gamers and movie lovers. It has a high-quality cushion that cleans easily with cloth and water.

  • Incredible support
  • Easy-to-clean fabric
  • Carrying handle
  • A bit rough
  • Too small for some adults

The Posh Creations Malibu Lounge YSHC-SX004 bean bag chair is a moderate-sized model that’s easy to fit in any room. This chair is recommended for children and adults. We like its durable handle that allows toting this piece of furniture around easily. This chair has a structured design that’s similar to wing chairs, providing good support for the upper body. However, the beans in this chair are a bit big, providing a slightly rough filling.

This Posh Creations Malibu Lounge YSHC-SX004 bean bag chair has a childproof zipper that prevents accidental engagement. It comes filled with polystyrene beans that offer a comfortable gaming or lounging experience. Featuring EZ clean fabric with a plastic-style finish, this chair supports spot cleaning or wiping with a wet cloth. This chair is a moderate size suitable for installation in dorm rooms, bedrooms, and game rooms. Weighing just 7 pounds, the chair can be carried by children.

 #5  Throne Boss 3-Foot Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This chair shroud can be padded with the user’s choice of fillings, offering versatility. The chair has a tall-back design and side pockets for accessories.

  • Extremely supportive tall-back design
  • Accessory pockets and headset hanger
  • Small footprint
  • Lacks armrests
  • Doesn’t come with fillings

Gamers seeking to build their own chair should consider the Throne Boss 3-foot bean bag chair. Unlike other bean bags with fillings, the Throne Boss chair only ships as a cover. Users can purchase their choice of fillings to complete setting up this chair. Throne Boss recommends using 300 liters of beans to fill up this chair. It is big enough for adults. However, it lacks armrests, so it doesn’t provide a lot of upper-body support.

This Throne Boss 3-foot bean bag chair features an attractive black and red color scheme that will stand out in the game room. It has a high-back style with a headrest that supports the back and head. This chair has a handle for carrying it from place to place. It has a hanging accessory for headsets and side pockets for consoles and other devices. It features high-quality Oxford 420D fabric that offers durability. The fabric is waterproof, so it’s safe for outdoor use.

 #6  Ample Decor LB-4101-RB Gaming Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This seat fabric comes in vibrant colors that will add visual interest to any space. The water-resistant fabric supports spot cleaning and can be used inside and outdoors.

  • Exquisite appearance
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Zipper allows refilling
  • Doesn’t come with fillings
  • The chair is a bit small

The Ample Decor bean bag chair features vibrant colors that make a lasting impression. This chair ships as a cover only, so users can fill it up with their choice of filling material. Ample Decor recommends using up to 1.8 kg or 180 liters of fillings for this model. The chair has a versatile design that can be used for lounging, reading, and gaming. It has a soft cushion, providing all the comfort. However, this chair is a bit small for the typical adult.

This Ample Deco bean bag chair has a maximum loading capacity of 265 lbs and is suitable for most teens and adults. It has a triangular shape that provides support for the head and back. The leatherette material is water-resistant and cleans easily by wiping it with a wet cloth. This cloth features double-stitched hems, which resist fraying for durability. This chair is recommended for both indoor and outdoor placement. With a high-quality zipper, this chair supports refilling.

Beginner’s Guide to Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

What is a Bean Bag Chair for Gaming

Unsurprisingly, a bean bag chair for gaming is a great gaming chair that can be used to sit in while playing video games. If you’re familiar with the standard bean bag chair, just picture that — but as a seat to use while you’re playing video games.

While earlier versions of bean bag chairs from the 1960s and 1970s were quite basic, newer models offer better support. Whereas the original versions were filled with everything from plastic beads to actual beans, today’s bean bag chairs can contain polystyrene beads or even shredded foam.

Additionally, the cover can vary. While popular options include fabric (usually with a cotton composition), you can also opt for vinyl, suede, and other faux leather options. Although the most popular design that resonates in pop culture is a simple circular bag, you can find more chair-shaped versions or even square cushions. If you do live streams for your game, try the best streamers gaming chair that will make it easy and comfortable for you.

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming vs Gaming Chairs

As compared to traditional gaming chairs, the biggest difference you’ll experience when using a bean bag chair for gaming is that you’re sitting low. Traditional gaming chairs are usually stationary on a base, designed like stadium seating, or set on wheels. Instead, with a bean bag chair, you’ll be sitting just a few inches above the floor, depending on how much support or cushioning is available through the seat of your chair.

Even though you can find overstuffed bean bag chairs, this product subcategory generally takes up less space than a standard gaming chair. Because of the smaller footprint, it’s an excellent choice if you’re trying to add a chair to a bedroom or living room. Plus, since they don’t have that stereotypical gaming chair look, they can blend in better with your overall decor scheme.

And finally, one nice feature of a bean bag chair for gaming is that it’s going to be far more portable than a standard gaming chair. Whereas a theatre seating chair or a gaming chair set on wheels typically isn’t designed to be moved from room to room, you can do this with a bean bag chair. Along the same lines, a bean bag gaming chair is usually more lightweight than a standard chair.

How Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming Work

Probably of all the chair subcategories, bean bag chairs have the smallest learning curve. Unlike with standard gaming chairs, you won’t have to figure out how to manage seat height adjustments, tilt/rock, recline, or connectivity issues.

However, some bean bag chairs are designed to be convertible — meaning that they can be reconfigured from a traditional bean bag chair design to a twin or full-size mattress. This can be ideal if you’re using a bean bag chair as a portable seat for a sleepover.

These days, you can also find bean bag chairs that are designed to be ultra-supportive. Features such as body contouring mean that regardless of how you sit, the chair’s interior stuffing adjusts to provide proper support in any position. This can be essential for people using a bean bag chair for gaming.

Why You Should Buy a Bean Bag Chair for Gaming

While bean bag chairs might not be the solution for every gamer, they’re a great addition to a targeted demographic. Plus, their smaller size and versatility can make them a great solution for people seeking an alternative to standard gaming chairs. Additionally, you can really show off your personality with a wide range of colors for the outer cover.

Are Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming Worth Buying

You’re a Casual Gamer: If you don’t play video games for extended periods but still want a dedicated chair for the activity, this is a great solution. It won’t take up too much space and can still provide a comfortable seat.

You Want a More Comfortable Seat: Although sitting low to the ground isn’t for everyone, some people enjoy the plush, overstuffed design that’s typically seen with bean bag chairs. In some cases, you can even find models with responsive cushioning that provide proper support in any position.

You Want a Portable Chair: Hands down, bean bag chairs are far more portable than traditional gaming chairs. Whether you want to move your chair from room to room or you want to take it on the road, bean bag chairs can be a great solution.

Why Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming May Not Be for You

You Want a Chair with More Functionality: If you’re shopping for a chair that can be paired with devices, you’re usually not going to find this kind of tech-forward feature on a gaming chair. Instead, you’re better off shopping for a rocker gaming chair, or a standard wheeled or stationary gaming chair.

You Don’t Enjoy Sitting Low to the Ground: While it is possible to find bean bag chairs for gaming that sit higher, they’re usually designed to sit low to the ground. A bean bag chair isn’t good for people with difficulty standing from low positions. In short, if you want a great gaming chair for PS4 but prefer not to sit on the floor, then this chair isn’t for you.

You Want a Chair That Looks More Structured: Bean bag chairs offer various design options. But you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a bean bag chair that offers as much visible structure as you get with a standard gaming chair. In that case, make sure you compare a gaming chair vs a bean bag before making a buying choice.

You Want Additional Support and Adjustments: As comfortable as bean bag chairs can be, you’re not going to have access to standard gaming chair features like seat height adjustment, tilt/rock, recline, or adjustable armrests. If those are deal-breakers, then you might want to avoid a bean bag gaming chair.

If you love fabric, the best fabric gaming chair will make you love your gaming experience more.

How Long Will Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming Last?

A lot goes into determining the longevity of your bean bag chair. However, the general guide is that a bean bag chair should be able to last for around five years. Keep in mind that the material quality and user behavior will also impact how frequently you need to replace your bean bag chair. For a look at a solid floor gaming chair, read our Waytrim Floor Lounger review.

To get the most out of your investment, look for bean bag chairs made from durable materials with reinforced seams and sturdy zippers, which will help to maintain the exterior cover. Additionally, avoid treating your bean bag chair roughly.

For example, don’t jump on your bean bag chair. Likewise, avoid dragging the chair over rough surfaces, which can cause surface damage to the cover. Another important factor is to ensure that your bean bag chair is properly filled. Creating a more plush effect will guarantee that your chair is more comfortable and be an inviting place where you want to sit. You probably won’t have to worry about what to put under an office chair on hardwood either, as you are less likely to damage the floor than with wheels.

How to Choose the Best Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

Just like with any other item you buy, there are going to be a few factors you need to prioritize to find the right bean bag chair that’s not only ideal for gaming but also comfortable to use and that works for your home decor.

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming Key Factors to Consider

1. What kind of filling do you prefer?

These days, the most common materials used to fill bean bags are either polystyrene or shredded foam. Polystyrene is essentially small pellets that are lightweight but are a dense type of styrofoam-like pellet. The drawback of polystyrene is that the pellets can go flat over time. In contrast, shredded foam tends to hold up longer and can provide better support.

2. What material do you want for the cover?

This is an essential question, as the cover material will directly impact how comfortable your chair is, how easy it is to keep clean, and how frequently the cover must be replaced. You can opt for leather, faux leather, and cloth fabric covers. There’s no right or wrong choice, but you’ll want to pick a cover that works for your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. Also, note that not all of these seats will have a machine-washable cover. Additionally, always pay attention to care instructions for the removable cover, so you don’t mess up any of your color options when you throw it in the washing machine if that is allowed; otherwise, you will need to spot clean only.

3. How much support do you want?

While bean bag chairs are generally considered supportive chairs, you’ll need to remember that for gaming, you could be sitting in that chair for hours. So, you’ll want true support. This is one factor where being cheap can backfire. You’ll want to prioritize options that feature shredded memory foam as they provide the most support. In many cases, you can find models that incorporate memory foam that can adjust to your body for the most comfort.

4. What size bean bag chair do you want?

Bean bag chairs come in a variety of sizes, from small cushions to larger models that can seat two or more people or convert them into mattresses. Whichever you prefer, make sure that it’s compatible with the room where you plan to keep it. The last thing you want is a chair that looks out of place in your room because it’s too large or too small.

5. What kind of design do you prefer?

Similar in size, bean bag chairs come in a range of styles. You can opt for models that have a more structured chair design, while others have that traditional soft bean bag shape. The choice depends on which option you find most comfortable.

Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming FAQs

Are bean bag chairs bad for your back?

Bean bag chairs are known for being incredibly comfortable and supportive for your back — as long as you pick a chair with quality filling. However, the real question is how do you plan to use your bean bag chair, and do you already have any known issues with your back? If you need serious lumbar support, avoid the cheapest bean bag chairs as they most likely won’t have a supportive filling.

Do bean bag chairs go flat?

Not necessarily. It depends on the filling you choose. While memory foam-filled bean bag chairs tend to be more durable and less susceptible to going flat, simple polystyrene or EPS beads do tend to go flat over time and the filling will need to be replaced.

Which size bean bag is good?

This depends on your needs and how you plan on using your bean bag chair. The standard size is a six by six-inch model which can support one person. But you can also find bean bag chairs that are more like loveseats that accommodate two people. Likewise, some oversized models can convert into mattresses.
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