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To help you find the best battery chargers that will keep all your vehicle and tool batteries at full capacity, we spent over 30 hours researching 20 of the top options available on the market today. During this research, we measured each charger’s ability to easily charge up a battery and do it safely, even for people who aren’t mechanically inclined. We also researched chargers on their ease of use and overall construction so you can buy an option that won’t break after only a single-use. For more interior car options, check out our best car accessories guide.

The best battery charger on our list is the DieHard 71219. This battery is easy to use and incredibly safe with reverse hookup and overcharging protection. It also offers a variety of connection options and a helpful LED status indicator. Keep reading below to learn more about the DieHard battery charger and the other top picks on our list.

Top 6 Best Battery Chargers

 #1  DieHard 71219 Battery Charger – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The DieHard 71219 battery charger is built with user-friendliness and convenience in mind. This option is fully automatic and includes LED indicator lights so you know exactly what’s going on with your battery and its charge.

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  • Fully automatic charging
  • Reverse hookup protection
  • 3 connection options
  • Clamps could be bigger

The DieHard 71219 battery charger is controlled via an intelligent microprocessor that creates an automatic charging functionality. The automatic charge allows you to keep the charger attached to the battery without worrying about overcharging since it will automatically shut down when fully charged. The charger uses a 5-stage charging process and 2A battery maintainer and float mode, which we were super pleased to find. You can both charge your battery completely and maintain that full charge until you’re ready to re-install and use the battery. If you need mats for your interior, read our best truck floor mats guide.

We were also impressed with the LED status indicator found directly on the battery charger. The unit will use these indicators to tell you if the clamps are reversed, when the unit is charging and when charging is complete. This is a super helpful feature to have available so you always maintain safe operation. You also get a variety of different connection options with the DieHard battery charger, including 50 amp clamps, 12V accessory plug and ring connectors. The clamps could be a little bigger but weren’t a problem during our research. For your car needs, the best car battery will keep your car running.

 #2  Schumacher SC1281 Battery Charger – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Schumacher SC1281 battery charger offers two in one functionality with both automatic charging and a jump start option. This battery charge is perfect for customers who want more than just a charger.

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  • Includes 100A jump start
  • Advanced diagnostic testing
  • Digital display
  • Clamps seem a little flimsy
  • Instructions are written poorly

The Schumacher SC1281 battery charger is fully loaded, that’s for sure. For starters, it performs its core functionality extremely well as a 6/12V battery charger with automatic charging that shuts off once battery is fully charged and auto voltage detection so you don’t overload your battery. It also includes reverse hook-up protection and multi-stage charging for safety and precision. Eliminate odors inside your car with our best cabin air filter.

This battery charger also provides additional functionality than just charging. It can also give your car battery a jump start with its integrated 30/100A engine starter and can even run diagnostic testing on your batteries. This helps you see what your existing charge level is and finds electrical problems before they ruin your battery and/or car. If you need more versatility in your battery charger, the Schumacher SC1281 is a great option. Another quality product worth considering is the Black Decker BM3B Fully Automatic Battery Charger on Amazon.com. This charges and maintains 12 volt and 6 volt AGM, GEL, and WET batteries followed by its convenient float mode, and it includes cable clamps, O-ring terminals, and a 1 year warranty. You should also have the best tire pressure gauge handy as well.

 #3  Ampeak Smart Battery Charger – Great for Winter Charging

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Ampeak Smart Battery Charger lives up to its name with three different amperage levels, automatic charging rates for your specific type of battery and clear LCD display so you know exactly what’s going on.

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  • Winter charging mode
  • 3 amperage options
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Cooling fan is loud
  • Won’t charge completely dead batteries

The Ampeak Smart Battery Charger gives you a wealth of different options when it comes to charging up any of your vehicle or tool batteries. This charger gives you 3 different amperage options: 2A for trickle charging, 8A for quick charging and 15A for even faster charging. The Ampeak is also a fully automatic charger that can detect when your battery is fully charged and can choose the charge rate best for your specific battery.

Another one of the stand out features you get with the Ampeak Smart Battery Charger is its unique and incredibly helpful winter charging mode. This mode is specially designed for quickly charging your battery in cold temperatures while still ensuring a long lifespan before the battery dies completely. Speaking of completely dead batteries, one thing that did disappoint us about the Ampeak is its lack of ability to charge batteries that have been fully discharged. At the end of our research, this unit is the best car battery charger we included on our list. There’s also the Noco Genius Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, which works with 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries. It’s powerful yet compact and efficient at preventing overcharges due to its handy maintenance mode after reaching the maximum charge. The best car brakes are another great upgrade to make sure that you are safe.

 #4  MOTOPOWER MP00205A Battery Charger – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: For its price point, the MOTOPOWER MP00205A is the best battery charger maintainer on our list. It’s compact, portable and can be wall mounted for even greater convenience while trickle charging your batteries.

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  • Best maintainer
  • Good built-in safety features
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Only good for trickle charging
  • Not as durable as other options

The first thing that stands out about the MOTOPOWER MP00205A is its compact and extra-portable design. It weighs in at just 11.5 ounces and measures in at a mere 4.1 x 2 x 1.5 inches, making this the smallest battery charger on our list. But don’t let the MOTOPOWER’s small size distract you from its excellent ability to charge and maintain your batteries, as needed.

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend the MOTOPOWER charger for recharging batteries that are low, it can still operate in that way. We just recommend you use it as a battery charge maintainer to keep all your batteries continuously topped off while they’re not in use. One of the other best features about this battery charger is the holes on the casing that you can use to mount the unit to the wall. This way, it can stay in place during charging, as long as you’re okay with a more permanent placement.

Check out the Battery Tender Plus 12V Charger and Maintainer as well, which is a 1.25 amp charger that chargers fast and efficiently with its float mode. It works with lead-acid, flooded, and sealed maintenance free batteries like AGM and gel cell. If you use this alongside a charge measuring device, like the TN Tonny 12V Plug In Car Battery and Charging System Tester, you can both charge your battery and stay informed on when your battery and charging system alternator’s due for a charge so that you don’t get stranded in any risky areas. The tester also has an LCD screen to display the measured voltage with a bar graph. Speaking of battery power, you may as well use it for great tunes with the best bluetooth fm transmitter.

 #5  TowerTop Smart Battery Charger – Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: The TowerTop Smart Battery Charger is super easy to use and charges all your batteries quickly. It also includes tons of safety features to protect both you and your battery from anything bad happening.

  • Includes engine start aid
  • 7-step charging process
  • User friendly display
  • Awkward with in-vehicle batteries
  • Doesn’t charge 100% empty batteries
  • Expensive

The TowerTop Smart Battery Charger offers tons of functionality for plenty of different applications. Whether you’re charging your car battery or keeping ATV batteries fresh over the winter season, this model can take care of it with ease. It uses a 7-step charging process to optimize your battery’s power without damaging it. The TowerTop also features an engine start aid that can help you jump start your car when needed, an impressive additional feature that can be hard to find.

We were impressed and comforted by the TowerTop’s built-in safety features that will protect you and your battery from overcharging, overheating and short circuiting. It also features anti-reverse alarms that will notify you if you have your cables attached to the wrong side of the battery. We also really liked the bright LCD display that helps you better operate the battery charger with ease. Pair this with the compact-sized Harbor Freight 12 Volt Battery/Alternator Tester to give your vehicle’s battery a quick charge or alternator check. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter like it’s a phone car charger. Also, the LED indicators are a nice visual feature to show the battery level. Now that your battery is taken care of, you can be comfortable by using the best car seat cushion.

 #6  Directtyteam Enhanced Edition Battery Charger – Best Smart

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Directtyteam Enhanced Edition battery charger is a smart charger that works with a ton of different battery types, making it one of the versatile and unique options on our list. It can also repair dead batteries, something that comes in handy in a pinch.

  • Best lawn mower
  • Powerful 6A/12V output
  • Incredible repair mode
  • Not as durable as others
  • Instructions aren’t the best

One of the best things about the Directtyteam Enhanced Edition battery charger is its compatibility with multiple battery types, including WET, MF, FLOODED, GEL, SLA, AGM, EFB and VRLA batteries. This gives you more versatility than many other battery chargers. And with a powerful 6A/12V output, this charger can easily charge up small and large batteries alike.

Another one of the Directtyteam Enhanced Edition charger’s best features is its repair mode. If you have a completely dead battery, this charger can bring it back to life, making it one of the more unique offerings on our list. If you need a versatile, affordable and compact smart battery charger that can repair batteries, then this is the choice for you. This battery can save your ATV if it dies on the side of the road, so no more attaching the rope to the best ATV winch.

How We Decided

Battery chargers aren’t few and far between by any means, and it can be almost overwhelming when faced with so many different options. So, to narrow down the list for you, we focused on battery chargers that were versatile and extra safe to use. We researched each battery charger on a variety of different battery types, including car batteries and recreational vehicle batteries.

We also looked for battery charges that are easy to use. The best battery chargers feature either full displays or indicator lights that give you a quick idea to know exactly what’s going on with the battery and its charge. They should also be able to switch between different modes or power outputs so you can easily tailor the charge to your specific situation.

Finally, we looked for battery chargers that are durable and long-lasting. It’s likely that you’ll be moving the charger around a lot to different places in the garage or under the hood or stored somewhere in a drawer. As such, you’ll want to be sure you have an option that won’t break with every bump that may happen.

Battery Charger Buying Guide


The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Total Power
    Most battery chargers draw power from a 12V battery built in to the charger, but the power going to your vehicle’s battery is measured in amps. The higher the amperage, the better and longer lasting the charge will be. Chargers with higher amperage also tend to charge your batteries faster. However, the more power you get for your charger, the more expensive the product becomes, so keep that in mind as you’re shopping around.
  2. Safety
    Dealing with high levels of charge going into your batteries always carries an element of hazard, so you’ll want to be sure you purchase a charger that offers built in safety features. Fortunately, most modern-day battery chargers provide such features. We recommend looking for an option that has at least one, but preferably more of the following features:

    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Spark proof design
    • Auto voltage detection
    • Automatic charging capabilities
    • Multi-stage charging
  3. User Friendliness
    We recognize that not every customer purchasing a battery charger is an experienced car mechanic or even mechanically inclined, so we’ve only included battery chargers that are easy to use. Chargers that offer a high level of user friendliness include features that specifically make your life easier. Features like quick connectors and LED status indicators or full displays all make the experience much easier for you and build your confidence that you’re using the device correctly.
  4. Portability
    If there’s one thing to remember about batteries, it’s that they never lose their charge in a convenient place. You should always plan for the worst when it comes to needing to charge your battery, which is why it’s so important that you purchase a portable battery charger. Look for chargers under 5 pounds that also have convenient carrying handles or storage bags for easier transport.

Battery Chargers FAQs

Are battery chargers safe?

Yes, modern-day battery chargers are incredibly safe to use these days. The best battery chargers offer tons of built-in safety features like overcharging and overheating protection. They can also notify you if connect the cables the wrong way so you don’t short circuit anything.

Are smart battery chargers any good?

Yes, smart battery chargers are excellent choices for our ever-connected world. They’re just as powerful and efficient as their non-smart counterparts.

Is it OK to charge a car battery overnight?

With the best battery chargers, it’s definitely OK to charge a car battery overnight. Most high-end battery chargers include overcharge protection, but also can automatically turn off when they sense the battery has been fully charged.

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