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7 Best Bathroom Sinks in 2023

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Choosing the best bathroom sink can mean the difference between a luxurious hand wash or messy overflow onto your countertops and floor. Our evaluation focused on mounting options (e.g. countertop vs. wall-mounted vs. undermount), material, shape/size, aesthetics, drainage speed, and compliance/certifications/awards (e.g. ADA Compliance). Spruce up your bathroom by upgrading some of your bathroom essentials like the sink.

After more than 11 hours of research, our top pick goes to the Kingo Home Bathroom Sink. It is an absolute dynamo, made using highly durable non-porous ceramic and a center drain location for quicker draining. A minimalist, vessel design also matches well with most bathroom decor. Keep reading to learn more about the Kingo Home Bathroom Sink and six others that met our strict grading criteria.

Top 7 Best Bathroom Sinks

 #1  Kingo Home Bathroom Sink


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best countertop sink, thanks to a durable non-porous ceramic finish and compact vessel shape, making it a great choice for people who would prefer a dual-sink bathroom.

Read Full Review: KINGO HOME Counter Porcelain Bathroom

  • Very durable & scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimalist design matches well with most bathroom decor
  • Does not include faucet
  • The bottom is not fully flat

We love this bathroom sink’s finish, consisting of non-porous, glossy white porcelain which is scratch-resistant and holds up well to stains and discoloration. Its size is also on the smallish side at 16″ by 13″ by 5.5.” Two of these sinks work great as a pair on a 50-inch plus vanity counter with enough space in between to rest hands or place items on.

Because of this bathroom sink’s vessel shape, draining is exceptionally quick, unlike some flatter bottoms that may hold standing water a little longer. It is also easy to clean, since there are no ridges to trap dirt and debris. This makes it a winner in our book. Make sure you have the best bathroom essentials on hand too.

 #2  Vccucine Rectangle Bathroom Sink


WHY WE LIKE IT: Thanks to a square-shaped, above counter design and larger than average dimensions (18.90″ by 14.57″ by 5.12″ ), we like this bathroom sink for people who prefer a European-inspired, farmhouse design for single-sink bathrooms.

Read Full Review: VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom

  • Farmhouse look and large surface area
  • Durable, scratch-resistant finish
  • Farmhouse, European-style design complements many bathroom decors
  • No overflow hole
  • Pop up drain stopper not included
  • Standing water collects easier than top pick

We love this bathroom sink’s construction, made of scratch-resistant, crystalline glaze finished ceramic. Its bulky, rectangular proportions match a farmhouse-vintage hybrid vibe and a white finish is compatible with many light and dark backsplashes, cabinet, and floor tile colors. With larger than average specs, we recommend this for single-sink bathrooms.

Like our #1 pick Kingo Home Above Counter Bathroom Sink, this bathroom sink includes a center drain. However, with a flatter bottom, it does not drain as quickly with heavy overflow. However, it more than holds up well with everyday washing. With a little help from the best bathroom cleaner, your bathroom will always be sparkling.

 #3  Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bathroom sink is made of thick tempered glass and includes a complete assembly kit (including faucet), making it a great choice for people who do not want to purchase multiple pieces separately.

Read Full Review: Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted

  • Easy to clean, glossy surface
  • Variety of shape and finish options
  • Includes faucet, pop up drain, and installation hardware
  • Edge is not scratch resistant nor chip-proof
  • May be too fragile for some people

This vessel sink features a visually striking and tempered glass body that installs directly on your countertop. Measuring 16.5″ by 16.5′ by 5.2″, with a 0.5″ bowl thickness, it is large enough to be a centerpiece for a smaller single sink bathroom. We like the various shape and finish options available, coming with the choice of frosted, grey crystal, rounded square, and plain grey finishes. You’ll be able to customize your best bathroom faucets with the Vessel.

Although this bathroom sink is stain resistant, it can wear over time with occasional chips in the glass if not cared for properly. Consider this more of a stylistic, complementary piece for your bathroom rather than a strict utilitarian like our #2 pick #2 Vccucine Rectangle Bathroom Sink.

 #4  Mr Direct U1611-W Bathroom Sink


WHY WE LIKE IT: Thanks to this bathroom sink’s undermount design and durable vitreous china construction, this is a great choice for large families exposing it to heavy wear and tear.

Read Full Review: MR Direct U1611 W Undermount Porcelain

  • Great below your counter option
  • Large and deep enough for hair washing
  • Overflow hole prevent high water levels
  • Not ideal for smaller bathrooms
  • Does not include pop up drain

Unlike our first three vessel sinks, this undermount bathroom sink is no-frills, with a simple squarish concave shape that sits below your countertop, leaving no rims exposed and completely hidden from view. This makes it less susceptible to breaking or dismounting, which works great in households with small children. It is also very large (18 1/4″ by 13″ by 7 7/8″) making it a good choice for occasional hair or clothes washing.

This bathroom sink is very durable and chip-proof, made of vitreous china, a heat and enamel-treated glossy surface that is more durable than standard porcelain. Specifically, its surface is triple-glazed and triple-fired at 2,000°F to help achieve this effect. Drainage is pretty efficient, with a slightly curved bottom and an overflow hole that prevents water from pooling over. If you want your bathroom to stay sparkling, take a look at the best bathroom power scrubber.

 #5  Nantucket Bathroom Sink


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bathroom sink features a durable ceramic construction and generous size (18″ by 13″ by 7.5″ ), making it a great choice for anyone that wants to clean countertops faster.

Read Full Review: Nantucket Sinks UM 16×11 W Rectangle Undermount

  • Great for kids because of easy clean up
  • Durable ceramic construction & large overflow hole
  • Easier to clean dirt and debris off countertops
  • Flimsy plastic overflow flange
  • Some users reported small minor blemishes

This bathroom sink is very durable, made using glazed porcelain enamel for scratch and wear-resistance. The undermounted construction and flush position help save countertop space. It is also one of the easiest bathroom sinks to clean, only needing a quick wipe of dirt directly into the sink without having to scoop it up and over as one would need to do with a vessel sink. If you are guilty of clumped toothpaste and spilled mouthwash, this is a lifesaver.

Unlike our flat #2 pick Vccucine Rectangle Bathroom Sink, its sides are sharply curved to prevent water pooling. Bonus points for a built-in overflow hole and no exposed rims, making it very child-friendly. We were very impressed with this bathroom sink’s overall build quality.

 #6  KES Bathroom Sink


WHY WE LIKE IT: This above counter bathroom sink is made of non-porous ceramic and doubles as a wall mount or counter mount faucet, making it a great choice for people who prefer a variety of placement options.

Read Full Review: KES Bathroom Rectangular Countertop BVS123S60 BK

  • Large surface area (24.4″ by 14″ by 4.3″)
  • ISO9001 and BSCI certified for product safety
  • Very durable non-porous ceramic
  • No overflow hole
  • Too large for some vanity counters
  • Flat surface may cause standing water

This bathroom sink’s non-porous ceramic is very durable and less prone to chipping and cracking. It also offers the largest size of our picks at 24.4″ by 14″ by 4.3″. Although its depth is below average, its large surface area is wide enough for two averaged size adults to wash their hands at once. We like it for larger households.

Kudos for its ISO9001 quality certification, awarded to companies that achieve high manufacturing standards for select products. It is also BSCI compliant which ensures adequate supply chain working conditions.

 #7  eclife 16.5″ Turquoise Square Bathroom Sink


WHY WE LIKE IT: This square-shaped bathroom sink is made of durable tempered glass with a 1.5 GPM faucet aerator, making it a great choice for people who want to save on their water bills.

Read Full Review: Eclife Turquoise Bathroom Artistic Tempered

  • Scratch-resistant glass design
  • Choice of five earthy-vibe color schemes
  • Includes 12” brass faucet and pop up drain
  • Water spots may form on black glass border
  • Edges prone to chipping with heavy wear and tear

This countertop bathroom sink consists of rounded and squarish basins that come in five color schemes – A16 (reminiscent of frosted glass), blue, round brown, square ocean blue, and square turquoise. With the exception of A16, all release an earthy vibe with catchy hand-painted gradient colors, complementing beach house style homes with your classic Adirondack chairs and wicker tables.

This bathroom sink is small enough for dual sink bathrooms (16.5” by 16.5” by 5.13”), which is about right for basic hand and face washing. Its curved vessel design drains water very fast to a center drain. It also contains a full kit for installation, including a faucet, pop up drain, hot/cold water pipe, and accessories.

How We Decided

In determining the best bathroom sinks to buy, we explored mounting options (e.g. countertop vs. wall-mounted), material, shape/size, aesthetics, drainage speed, and compliance/certifications/awards (e.g. ADA Compliance).

Bathroom sinks come in several mounting options, including countertop, wall mount, and undermount. Countertop sinks sit on top of your vanity, with compact sizing generally working well with dual-sink bathrooms. Wall-mounted bathroom sinks sit against the wall and under-mount bathroom sinks are installed flush to your counter, which maximizes counter space. Undermount sinks are generally the safest with children due to a lack of exposed edges.

The material is very important. Non-porous porcelain and ceramic take the cake, followed by tempered glass, which is strong but more designed for style than regular wear and tear. Our most durable bathroom sink is the Mr Direct U1611-W Bathroom Sink, which is made of viscous china, a more durable and heat-treated porcelain. It is a good choice in large households with plenty of wear and tear.

Shape/size should be a consideration. Rounded bathroom sinks pools less water, making it easier to drain. However, rectangular and wider surfaces tend to cover a larger surface area, making it ideal for the occasional hair and clothing wash.

For bathroom sinks, we recommend a water flow friendly design. Vessel and curvy rectangular or square sink basins direct water much faster towards the center drain, whereas flatter bases tend to pool water from time to time. This is especially important in larger households with people taking turns brushing their teeth in the morning.

Lastly, look for bathroom sinks with certifications that vouch for its adherence to manufacturing standards. Our #6 pick KES Bathroom Sink is a good example, winning ISO9001 and BSCI that vouch for safety and supply chain standards.

Best Bathroom Sinks Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Mounting Options
    Bathroom sinks generally come in countertop (most common), wall mount, and under mount options. Countertop sinks offer quicker draining capability, especially with vessel sinks that work with smaller vanity counters. Any two vessel sinks on our list can easily accommodate a 45″ counter. Undermount bathroom sinks (also referred to as drop-in bathroom sinks) save a ton of counter space, as they are installed flush to your counter.
  2. Material
    In a nutshell, ceramic is a bit harder than porcelain. We would be more than happy with either one, especially viscous china, a more durable heat-treated version of porcelain. Tempered glass is beautiful and has more design options but is more susceptible to cracking and chipping.
  3. Shape/Size
    For quicker drainage, countertop sinks tend to be your best bet. Flattered rectangular sinks are usually wider, which can hold standing water a bit longer. Consider the lack of exposed edges as a plus in households with children.
  4. Aesthetics
    Ceramic and porcelain sinks are known for being neutral and utilitarian, as both only offer the choice of white and off-white. Tempered glass sinks like the #3 pick Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink is a bit more versatile, coming in five different types of finishes (frosted, grey crystal, rounded square, and plain grey). All have an earthy and aqua spirit, making it look great in modern or beach style bathrooms.
  5. Certifications
    Look for bathroom sinks that have won numerous certifications that vouch for their safety and manufacturing standards. Our #6 pick KES Bathroom Sink is a good choice with two of them.

Bathroom Sinks FAQs

Which is better porcelain or ceramic sink?

Porcelain bathroom sinks are harder and more scratch-resistant than ceramic bathroom sinks. As for cleaning, both are equally smooth, hold lower water absorption, and stain-resistant with no possibility of dirt caking into the surface. Choosing either is basically a matter of aesthetic preference, with ceramic having more of an off-white tone.

What is the most durable bathroom sink material?

If you are constantly asking what is my bathroom sink made of, then we have the answers for you. In the battle of porcelain vs. ceramic, porcelain wins, as it is much harder and less chip resistant. Its manufacturing process uses heavy heat treatment, mixing metal, glass, and clay for a stronger concoction. Our most durable sink is the #4 pick Mr Direct U1611-W Bathroom Sink, which uses vitreous china, a clay-based ceramic material widely known for its durability.

Can you use bleach on a ceramic sink?

We highly advise not using bleach on a ceramic sink as it is known to cause discoloration. If you want to whiten it or remove limescale and hard water deposits, we recommend using liquid dish detergent and hot water.

What other brands do you recommend?

Although they did not make our list, we are big fans of Kohler sinks. In our opinion, the best Kohler bathroom sink is the Kohler K-6489-0 Whitehaven, which is massive (40 by 26” by 12”) with a stunning 9” depth, perfect for massive bathrooms. They are also well known for the best bathroom pedestal sinks, which we have not recommended mainly because of the space they consume, especially in smaller bathrooms.

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