Best Autonomous Standing Desks in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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The best autonomous standing desks offer a wide range of health benefits, are easy to use, and come with plenty of integrated features. These types of desks are easy to adjust, so you can take advantage of the height that works for you and your specific task. They also have interactive features like voice control and incorporate outlets and USB ports for charging.

To reap the full benefits of the best standing desks, it’s worth the money to invest in an autonomous standing desk that allows you to mix up your workday with standing and sitting. These desks are convenient and will help you increase productivity.

Keep reading our buying guide to learn more about autonomous standing desks.

Top Autonomous Standing Desks

 #1  Autonomous Smart A169-A9 53” x 29” Standing Desk


WHY WE LIKE IT: This desk has an exquisite wood tabletop with a sleek surface that stands out. It has a motorized lift system with four programmable buttons to save the user’s favorite settings.

  • Sleek finish
  • Four programmable buttons
  • Electric lift system
  • The tabletop height range doesn’t favor short and very tall individuals

The Autonomous Smart A169-A9 53” x 29” standing desk is a medium-sized table suitable for most office users. It has a bamboo top with an elaborate wood grain pattern that will bring rustic charm to any workspace. It has sturdy telescoping steel legs that provide structural support and fast height adjustment. However, the tabletop height range of 28”H to 47” H may not favor small and very tall individuals.

This desk runs on dual electric motors that adjust the height at 2.3”/sec. Advanced features such as the four memory buttons offer convenient operation. The tabletop features covered grommets for routing cables easily away from the working surface, and the desk comes with all the necessary hardware needed for installation in the office. Featuring a one-piece tabletop, the desk has a smooth continuous appearance. This table is sturdy enough to hold gaming desktops, printers, and other heavy pieces of hardware.

 #2  Autonomous Premium A2-A295 70” x 30” Standing Desk


WHY WE LIKE IT: This table boasts a large working surface that is adequate for two-monitor office setups. It has a laminate tabletop that provides a stable platform for office equipment. Four programmable buttons simplify operating this unit.

  • Expansive tabletop
  • Four preset buttons
  • Generous 26” – 52” height range
  • Top surface is prone to scratches and scuffs

With a large tabletop, the Autonomous Premium A2-A295 70” x 30” standing desk provides plenty of workspace for office dwellers. It comes with German-designed dual motors that adjust the height quietly. Equipped with a heavy-duty steel frame, this desk is stable and durable. Covered grommets located towards the rear of this table let users direct unsightly cables away from the tabletop, maintaining a clutter-free table. However, the surface of this table is prone to scratching and scuffing.

A sustainable laminate top provides durability. This standing desk boasts four programmable buttons, memorizing the user’s favorite height settings for fast adjustment. The table supports equipment weighing up to 300 lbs, so it easily accommodates everything from all-in-one computers and desktops to printers and multiple monitors. Adjustable in heights between 26 inches and 52 inches, this desk is suitable for smaller and large people. This standing desk has an all-black color scheme that adds a touch of executive sophistication to the office.

 #3  Autonomous Hybrid A168-A292 53” x 29” Standing Desk


WHY WE LIKE IT: A stylish design with a snowy palette blends in easily with contemporary and classic office design schemes. This table has a generous work surface and fast motorized adjustment system.

  • Fast, quiet motorized adjustment system
  • Outstanding matte white tabletop
  • Memory function
  • Limited height adjustment range

The Autonomous Hybrid A168-A292 53” x 29” standing desk has a dual-motor electric system that adjusts the height of the tabletop at the touch of a button. This desk stands out with its all-white finish, which will add a touch of refinement to any office space. With a digital control panel, adjusting this desk is a snap. However, its height range of 29.5” – 48” means that this desk is a bit too high for shorter individuals and too low for really tall people.

With a lifting speed of 2.3”/sec and quiet German-made motors, this desk is very office-friendly. It meets all ANSI/BIFMA and UL requirements for performance and safety and features four programmable buttons, memorizing height settings.. This table has a special matte top that will add visual interest to any space. Its sturdy steel frame provides lasting support. The table has cable management holes for routing wires away from the work surface for a neat desk.

 #4  Autonomous Premium A1-A295 70” x 30” Standing Desk


WHY WE LIKE IT: A wide tabletop offers adequate space for two large monitors in addition to other office equipment. This desk features an exquisite contrasting color scheme that will create a bold statement.

  • Excellent build quality
  • 26” to 52” height range suits tall and shorter individuals
  • Contrasting black and white palette
  • Lacks drawers
  • Large footprint

With a sleek black tabletop and a white frame, the Autonomous Premium A1-A295 70” x 30” standing desk will add stunning contrasts to any office. This table has a very large tabletop that easily accommodates dual monitors in addition to a desktop tower and small office accessories. It has integrated cable management, helping users to maintain a clutter-free office surface and features a sturdy MDF top that supports loads of up to 300 lbs. However, this model lacks drawers or shelves for storage.

Featuring an excellent tabletop height range of 26” through 52”, this supports comfortable standing and sitting. It has a heavy-duty telescoping steel frame that holds up well in the face of daily adjustment. With ANSI/BIFMA and UL certifications, this table is reliable and the tabletop has gently curved corners for safety. It uses quiet motors and features a digital control panel with four programmable buttons for hassle-free lifting and lowering.

 #5  Autonomous Premium A1-A13-2021 53” x 29” Standing Desk


WHY WE LIKE IT: This moderately sized desk offers plenty of room for equipment without taking up too much office space. It has a motorized adjustment system with four programmable controls for memorizing frequently used settings.

  • Exquisite colors
  • Integrated cord management
  • Effective digital controls
  • Lacks casters
  • Top is prone to water degradation

The Autonomous Premium A1-A13-2021 53” x 29” standing desk provides a moderately sized working surface without taking up too much room in the office. It’s ideal for most users with a single monitor or two moderately sized dual monitors. Quiet dual motors on this model lower and lift the tabletop at 2.3” per second. This standing desk has an earth-friendly MDF top that supports loads of up to 300 lbs. However, the MDF top could be degraded by exposure to moisture.

It’s UL-certified and meets ANSI/BIFMA standards for performance and safety. This table has a contrasting color scheme with a sleek black top and white frame. With two integrated cable management grommets, this table enables tucking the wires away from the tabletop for a neat working environment. It features a high-quality steel frame with a telescoping design for hassle-free height adjustment. A memory function stores up to four height settings for quick adjustment.

 #6  Autonomous Premium A1-A294 70” 30” Standing Desk


WHY WE LIKE IT: An extra large working surface is adequate for two large monitors in addition to small photo frames and decorative items. This model boasts an exquisite color scheme that will complement office decor.

  • Extra large tabletop
  • Exquisite white palette with a matte tabletop
  • Liberal 26” to 52” tabletop height range
  • Won’t fit in very small offices

Featuring an all-white design with an exquisite matte tabletop, the Autonomous Premium A1-A294 70” x 30” standing desk will raise the aesthetics in any office. This desk runs on two electric motors, adjusting the height at a speed of 2.3”/sec. The motor operates quietly at noise levels that can be tolerated in a library. It has a wide tabletop height range and it can be changed between 26” H through 52 ”H. However, this model is too big for very small offices.

With an extra large tabletop that measures 70” L x 30” W, this unit is the table of choice for users with multiple monitors. It also has enough space for photo frames and small decorative items and it’s controlled by a digital panel located towards the right hand edge of the tabletop. This panel has up and down controls in addition to four programmable buttons that memorize height settings, and it meets ANSI/BIFMA standards for safety and reliability.

Beginner’s Guide to Autonomous Standing Desks

What is an Autonomous Standing Desk?

An autonomous standing desk, also known as an electric height adjustable desk, is a type of office furniture that allows the user to adjust the height of the desk to fit their needs. This can be done manually or electronically, depending on the model. Autonomous standing desks are becoming increasingly popular in today’s workplace, as they offer many health benefits over sitting at a traditional desk. Plus, they can be considered great standing desks for gamers.

These types of desks are unique because they allow you to customize the height of the desk to fit your individual needs. This is important because it means that you can adjust the desk to a height that is comfortable for you, which can help reduce strain on your body. If you prefer to sit for a period of time, you can do that, too.

These desks are easy to adjust without clearing your computer or other work items from the top and can be adjusted with just one hand. Many Jarvis standing desks are also extremely durable and offer other great features that you won’t find in traditional desks.

Many models of these desks come with built-in USB ports so you can easily charge your devices while working at your desk. Additionally, some Flexispot standing desks have areas where you can conveniently organize cables or hang up papers, which can help keep your work area more organized and tidy.

Autonomous standing desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for your home or office. You can also choose from a wide range of price, material, and color, so there is sure to be an option that fits your budget. The market is saturated with many different design options. You may also find that some of the options are the best portable desk solution, as well.

Autonomous Standing Desks vs Standard Desks

There are a few key differences between autonomous standing desks and traditional desks. The most obvious difference is that autonomous standing desks allow you to stand while you work, whereas standard desks require you to sit. The height adjustment range is much larger for an adjustable electric standing desk because it needs to accommodate standing.

Another major difference is that autonomous standing desks can be adjusted to fit your individual needs, while standard desks typically cannot. This means that you can customize the height of your standing desk or program heights for different tasks, making this customizable desk more comfortable for you to use.

Autonomous standing desks are often lighter and thinner than traditional desks, which allows them to be easily moved around the office or home. You can also adjust these types of desks without leaving your seat using a digital display, which is not possible with standard desks. The lifting capacity is such that you don’t have to clear off the top of your desk first because they’re strong enough to raise and lower all of your equipment with them.

A key difference between standard desks and standing desks is that sitting for too long can be extremely harmful to your health, whereas it is much healthier to use standing desks. This means that you will need to spend more time sitting when using a traditional desk, and less time sitting when using an autonomous standing desk.

When it comes to desk sizes, there are a remarkable number of similarities in an autonomous smart desk and a standard desk. All types of desks come in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll find that an adjustable height electric stand up desk offers plenty of options. While some might generally consider them bulkier and heavier than a standard desk, it depends on which model you choose for work. Sold oak desks are quite heavy, so it may not be much of an adjustment for you to switch to a standing desk.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that a height-adjustable standing desk has electrical components and moving parts, making it more fragile than a standard desk in some cases. You need to take great care in cleaning and using the desk to ensure you don’t damage these pieces, or it can be a costly fix.

How an Autonomous Standing Desk Works

There are a few different ways that an autonomous standing desk can work, but all of them have the same goal: to allow the user to adjust the height of the desk to fit their needs.

One type of desk uses a motor to raise and lower the desk, while others use hydraulics or levers. Some desks have preset heights that can’t be adjusted, while others allow you to customize the height, set your preferred height, or adjust it throughout the day as your needs change.

An electronic option that works similar to an autonomous standing desk is an electric height adjustable desk that has presets where you can set heights for different times of day or tasks you are working on. This type of desk is not autonomous, but it does offer the same health benefits as an autonomous standing desk.

No matter how they work, any type of autonomous standing desk will allow you to stand while you work and adjust the height easily, whether it’s with the push of a button or by doing it manually. You may want to read more about the best Ergotron standing desks.

Why Should You Buy an Autonomous Standing Desk?

Autonomous standing desks offer plenty of health benefits over a traditional desk. If you work from home or your workplace gives you the option, it may be time to upgrade your desk. Even if you already have a standing desk, you may want to look into the latest technology behind autonomous standing desks.

Is an Autonomous Standing Desk Worth Buying?

  • They offer a lot of health benefits: You’ll burn more calories with an autonomous standing desk. According to studies, you can burn up to 20% more calories by standing rather than sitting. This is due to the fact that standing helps keep your heart rate up, and it also helps improve your mood and energy levels.
  • You’ll be less likely to get a disease: According to a study done by Dr. Joan Vernikos, the benefits of standing desks go beyond weight loss and include a decreased risk for chronic diseases. In fact, she found that standing for three hours a day cut the risk of heart disease by almost 50%.
  • You’ll have a happier day: Not only will you be less likely to get sick, but you’ll also be in a better mood. A study by the University of Bristol found that standing made people happier and more energetic.
  • They’re better for your posture: When you’re sitting in an office chair, you’re not using your muscles, which can lead to poor posture. This is true even with the most ergonomic chairs. When you stand, you’re using all of your muscles, which is better for your general health.
  • They have integrated tech: While there are some benefits to adjustable standing desks that can’t be used with traditional desks, the latest generation of standing desks has added an interactive element. This means that you can use your standing desk with your computer, phone, or tablet. They also have USB ports and electrical outlets that keep wires off of the floor and eliminate the need to plug all of your gadgets into the wall.
  • They’re easy to adjust quickly: One reason why autonomous standing desks are better is that they allow you to adjust your height quickly and easily. If your current desk isn’t adjustable, this could be a pain. With an autonomous standing desk, you can adjust it to fit your needs in just seconds.

Why an Autonomous Standing Desk May Not Be For You

  • They’re expensive: The average price for an autonomous standing desk is about $500. This could be a lot more expensive than a traditional desk, but it’s worth the investment if you really want to improve your health. However, it’s not in everyone’s budget.
  • They take up a lot of space: Autonomous standing desks are typically larger than traditional desks, so they may not fit in your current workspace. If you have a small home office, you may want to consider a traditional desk instead. Setup can also prove complicated.
  • They’re still new: Autonomous standing desks are relatively new. While you can buy one now, the technology will become more advanced over time. As with all technology, it will continue to evolve, and you may find yourself needing to upgrade sooner than you originally wanted, which will cost more money.
  • They can be unstable: It’s important to consider stability and weight capacity with a standing desk. The moving parts can weaken the desk somewhat, and it may not be able to hold as much as a traditional desk.

How Long Will an Autonomous Standing Desk Last?

The life of your autonomous standing desk will depend on a number of factors, including how often you use it and how well you take care of it. However, the average desk should last for at least five years. If you take good care of your desk and don’t use it all the time, it may last for even longer.

However, if you use your autonomous standing desk daily and you adjust it multiple times per day, you may find that the motor and the mechanisms for adjusting it will wear out faster. As technology changes and autonomous standing desks begin to incorporate more interactive features, you may also find that your desk is obsolete before it stops working.

How to Choose an Autonomous Standing Desk

The best autonomous standing desk will be easy to use, offer plenty of health benefits, and allow you to adjust the height according to your needs and preferences. You also need to consider integrated tech and cost.

Best Autonomous Standing Desk Key Factors

1. Should I be concerned with ease of use?

Yes, your autonomous standing desk should be easy to use, especially because you may find yourself adjusting it several times throughout the day. Make sure that it has buttons located on the desk itself, rather than on the desktop. This will allow you to adjust your desk without having to move your hands from your keyboard or mouse. Buttons on the side may also prevent you from accidentally hitting them while you’re working on the desktop.

Features like outlets, USB ports, cup holders, and a keyboard tray that can accommodate an ergonomic keyboard may also contribute a lot to ease of use. Equally important is desktop size, especially if you need dual-monitor setups with plenty of extra room to work.

2. What kind of health benefits should I think about?

Using an autonomous standing desk allows you to stand while you work, which has a lot of benefits over sitting. First and foremost, standing for long periods of time is much healthier than sitting down. This is due to the fact that when you stand up, your metabolic rate increases substantially compared to when you sit down, which means that you burn more calories and fat during the course of your day. Additionally, standing helps to improve your circulation and posture.

Standing also allows you to be more productive. When you’re standing, you’re not as likely to get distracted by things going on around you, as you would be if you were sitting down. This is because when you stand, your focus is naturally drawn up, which allows you to concentrate on your work more clearly. Standing also allows you to be more alert, which leads to more productivity.

With all of the benefits that an autonomous standing desk can provide, it’s no surprise that they are becoming so popular today. They allow you to stay healthier and more productive, making them an ideal piece of office furniture for anyone who spends most of their day working at a desk.

3. How many adjustable heights should I be looking for?

The best autonomous standing desk will adjust to fit your needs, whether you’re short or tall. You should be able to adjust the height of the desk so that it’s comfortable for you to stand at, and the desk should also be able to fit the space that you have available in your office.

It’s also important to evaluate whether or not you want preset heights or the ability to set custom heights yourself. Pre-set desks usually only allow you to adjust the height of the desk in increments, while custom desks can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Overall, the most important consideration may be the height range that the desk allows, simply because if it doesn’t lower or extend as far as you need it to, it won’t work for you. The ideal desk height for shorter people will be vastly different than that of a taller person.

4. What kind of tech should I consider?

Integrated tech is important for any autonomous standing desk. Lately, many models have been coming out with interactive features, such as the ability to adjust the desk’s height with the use of your voice or a remote. If you’re looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology, then you should consider looking for a desk that has interactive features.

You should also look for desks with the simplest conveniences, like outlets and USB ports. This will allow you to charge your devices and keep them close at hand while you work. Not to mention, you won’t have pesky cords and wires running across the floor to a wall outlet. But, if you do have issues with managing wires around a standing desk, our guides can help you fix those issues.

5. Should I worry about price?

The price of an autonomous standing desk can vary greatly, depending on the features that you’re looking for. If you want a desk with a lot of bells and whistles, then you can expect to pay a higher price. However, there are many affordable options available as well.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality standing desk. In fact, many of the desks that are on the market today have an affordable price. So, if you’re on a budget, don’t worry – there are plenty of great options out there for you.

Best Autonomous Standing Desks FAQs

Are standing desks worth it?

Yes, standing desks are definitely worth it. They offer a number of health benefits over sitting down, and they can also help you to be more productive. You can get autonomous standing desks at affordable prices, so even if you're on a budget, you can still reap the benefits of standing while you work.

What is an electric standing desk?

An electric standing desk is exactly what it sounds like, a desk that can be raised and lowered on its own. This type of desk has an electric motor that allows the height of the desk to be adjusted automatically. These are synonymous with autonomous standing desks.

Will a standing desk help back pain?

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to a variety of health conditions, including back pain. This is because sitting reduces your range of motion and puts a lot of strain on your back. A standing desk can help to alleviate some of this pain, as it allows you to move around more.

Does a standing desk help neck pain?

Much like back pain, neck pain can be caused by sitting for long periods of time. When you're standing, you're not putting as much strain on your neck as you would when you're sitting. This can help to relieve some of the tension and pain that you may be feeling in your neck. Standing also allows more freedom of motion, so you can stretch more to keep your blood flowing, which can alleviate pain.

How long should you use a standing desk?

You should try to spend as much time standing while you're working as possible. This will allow you to reap the full benefits of using a standing desk. If you're on a budget, then you can alternate between standing and sitting while using a desk that has an adjustable height. If you don't enjoy standing all day, experts recommend that you stand for at least 15 minutes every hour before returning to a seated position.
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