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To find the best ATV snow plow available, we began our research on the factors that contribute to a great product – the snowplow’s bucket size, its durability, ease of installation, and how compatible it is with specific models of ATVs. If the snow is falling, or you need to move the debris on your property, we evaluated the factors as mentioned above to ensure that the product you select is perfect for your specific needs. Whether you need a large plow to cover a large amount of area at a time, or a plow that is easy to install on your specific ATV, we’ve got an option for you. Are you shopping for a new bike? Take a look at our best motorcycles guide.

After we concluded our research, we found Black Boar’s Snow Plow Kit-48 to be our top pick based on its 48-inch plow, large enough to get the job done but small enough to fit in tight spaces, and its sturdy black powder-coated steel construction, so you have the required ruggedness to get the job done. Black Boar includes everything you need to get started inside the box, including a mounting kit compatible with most ATVs, featuring both round and square tubular frames.

Top 4 Best ATV Snow Plow Reviews

 #1  Black Boar ATV Snow Plow Kit 48 – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: Black Boar’s Kit 48 offers an excellent all-in-one solution that includes a durable 2mm thick steel blade and a universal ATV mounting solution.

  • 48-inch blade fits tight spaces
  • Includes ATV mounting hardware
  • Easy install with release pins
  • Too small for some tasks

Picking out a snow plow kit for your ATV can seem overwhelming with the number of options available on the market. However, Black Boar’s Kit 48 offers an excellent all-in-one starting point for anyone looking to shovel snow or debris with their ATV. The included blade is 48 inches long, perfect for fighting into tight spaces, and stays secure with a 2mm thick black powder-coated steel construction that ensures your product will last. The unit’s unified safety trip springs also help to ensure that your ATV isn’t damaged from blade impacts or overloading.

The included mounting kit is what makes this snow plow kit great, as it can easily install onto most ATV chassis that feature round or square tubular frames. The blade itself can be placed at angles of 0 to 30 degrees to accomplish any task, and any adjustment or removal of the blade is easy thanks to the use of quick release pins. Some customers may find the blade a tad-small for more substantial tasks, but overall, in our research, we have found that Black Boar offers one of the best snow plow solutions. It attaches to your vehicle easily and by vehicle I mean ATV, not the best motorcycles.

 #2  WARN ProVantage Steel Plow Blade – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: WARN offers an ultra-durable steel plow that features 12-gauge steel construction and heavy-duty ribbing for the roughest of tasks.

  • Intense durability & construction
  • Available up to 72-inches
  • Wear bar prevents damage
  • Mounting hardware not included

If you have a lot of rugged work to get done, then the WARN ProVantage plow is the tool you’ll want to use. Built for durability, our honorable mention features a construction of thick 12-gauge steel; snow, dirt, or debris – this plow blade can stand the challenge. The unit also features heavy-duty ribbing and boxed design that improves the plow’s rigidity, as well as a wear bar that helps prevent your blade from accumulating damage. This 78950 Straight Blade’s useful heavy duty design for plowing snow, including its low-friction powder coating to give it a non-stick finish.

Whether your job is small or large, the WARN ProVantage is offered in a variety of sizes from 50-inches up to 72-inches. While the 50-inch blade is excellent for working on smaller properties or in tight spaces, the 72-inch can help get your plowing job get done faster by moving around more material at a time. Just be sure you pick up any needed accessories for this plow, as no mounting option is included. When the electric motorcycle for kids is put away for the season there’s always an ATV to use with this plow.

 #3  Extreme Max 5500 UniPlow – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Extreme Max 5500 UnitPlow offers a tough steel plow and a universal mounting kit that’s easy to install, all at a price that makes this offering hard to resist.

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  • Best budget
  • Available up to 60-inches
  • Includes ATV mounting hardware
  • Best for light-duty tasks

The folks over at Extreme Max present an excellent option for anyone seeking an all-in-one kit on a budget. The 5500 UniPlow includes either a 50-inch or 60-inch blade, depending on your plowing needs – large or small, both constructed from black powder-coated steel and each featuring two wear bars for increased durability. This 5500.5010 model has a 16 inch blade height as well. As the name suggests, the UniPlow includes a universal plow mount that attaches to most ATV frames behind the wheels.

Extreme Max integrated a quick-release mechanism into the plow design for easy installation and removal of the blade, as well as the ability to adjust the blade up to six different angles. Based on our research, we recommend utilizing the 5500 UniPlow for light-duty work such as moving snow or other debris of similar weight. Overall, if you’re on a budget, Extreme Max offers a compelling all-in-one solution at an even more compelling price. When the 4 wheelers for kids come out to play it’s also time to plow snow, but you’ll be all set with this one. Check out the MotoAlliance Denali ATV Universal Snow Plow Kit as well, which is a heavy duty 60” straight blade that’s made of 11 gauge steel. Certain features provide extra support to the blade, like four 7 gauge ribs and three horizontal stabilizers. Note that this Denali plow system requires an additional winch to adjust the positioning of the plow blade. To power your ATV, you need a good battery. Find great battery alternatives in the best ATV battery guide.

 #4  WARN 79403 Plow Mount – Best Mounting Kit

WHY WE LIKE IT: WARN’s front mounting kit allows for the fast and easy installation of nearly any plow blade without the need to crawl under your ATV.

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  • Best plow mount
  • Easy to install or remove
  • No decrease in ground clearance
  • Not compatible with all ATVs.
  • Doesn’t include a blade

For anyone looking for a plow mount to attach their newly purchased blade, WARN offers up a compelling solution. The WARN 79403 features a front kit mount which means that it can be easily installed or removed without needed to climb underneath an ATV. The 79403 plow mount is located at the front of the vehicle, eliminating concerns of under ATV mountings such as a reduction in ground clearance, so you can leave it on all year round. Just be sure to first check that your ATV is compatible with this solution, as it is not a universal solution and will not fit on all ATVs. If you’re worried about your ATV being stuck, you’ll want to consider the best ATV winch too.

How We Decided

At first glance, it might appear challenging to comb through all of the available snowplows on the market, but we did just that to find the best options. All of the snow plow kits that we chose meet strict selection criteria across our primary factors – blade size, ease of installation, and overall durability and construction.

All of the snowplows that we selected feature a bucket size starting at around 50-inches, moving up to 70-inches; this range allows for a selection of plows that can fit into tight spaces while still showcasing efficiency and those that are built to handle large tasks. For ease of installation, we ensured that all included mounting solutions offer quick installation and release processes for storing your blade in the off-season.

Constructed from stainless steel, all of our choices are durable and built to last, ensuring you won’t need to replace the blade often. Additional durability features found on a few of the selected snowplows include box constructions that aid in overall rigidity, as well as wear blades that protect your actual steel blades from becoming damaged over time.

ATV Snowplow Buyer’s Guide


Top Features

  1. Blade Size: Knowing how broad of a blade you need on your ATV snow plow is the first question you should be asking yourself when shopping. While a small plow is excellent for fitting into small-sized spaces, a large plow will be able to move more material at a time, potentially speeding up how fast a job is done. Begin by asking yourself how and where you will be using the blade and measure the smallest areas on your property to determine the proper blade size needed to squeeze through.
  2. Ease of Installation: You don’t want to waste time attaching and detaching your snow plow blade or entire mounting kit every time the season changes. Seek out plows that offer quick release pins and other fast solutions for easy disassembly. Less expensive packages may forgo the quick-release solutions for cheaper screws and bolts, but you could find yourself wasting hours in the future fiddling around with the hardware.
  3. Durability: Moving light snow, piles of dirt, or other materials? While some manufacturers do indeed offer plastic snow plow blades, sticking to more robust materials such as stainless steel is more likely to provide rugged solutions that last for the foreseeable future. Other features to look out for include wear blades and blades that are manufactured from a single piece of steel – all factors add to increased durability.
  4. Compatibility: Ensure that the product you are purchasing is compatible with your ATV. While blades are generally universal, the mount is the part of the equation that you will need to look out for when making your selection. You can seek out universal under-wheel mounting solutions that will work with nearly all ATVs featuring round or square tubular frames. If you select a non-universal option, check with the mount manufacturer for compatibility assurance.

ATV Snow Plow FAQs

Do ATV plows work well?

ATV snow plows can work exceptionally well, but it all depends on your specific ATV and the snow plow kit that you purchase. Begin by learning what your ATV’s weight capacity is so that you understand how much weight it can move around – just don’t forget to add yourself into the equation. Using our guide to find the perfect ATV snow plow kit is a great way to ensure you are selecting a quality blade and mount.

How do you plow with an ATV?

Ensure that your ATV has enough power to get the job done, then install the snowplow kit correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that your plow is angled correctly for the job and watch out for any items that may be lurking underneath the dusty white snow covering. Remember that keeping your ATV in top-mechanical shape with maintenance is also an essential aspect of the job.

What size ATV is needed to push snow?

Check with your ATV manufacturer for exact specifications, but most vehicles should be able to handle up to a 50-inch blade without much trouble. If you are looking into large 60-inch and 70-inch blades, you may first want to consult your ATV manual.

Is plowing bad for an ATV?

Overall, no – plowing is not bad for an ATV. For the best experience, ensure that your plow is not attempting to lift or otherwise handle weights beyond its capabilities. Additionally, try not to run into any rough objects with your plow attached as it could cause damage to your blade, mounting hardware, and ATV.

Can you put a plow on an ATV?

Yes, you can! Placing a plow on your ATV is an excellent way to convert your fun four-wheel vehicle into a workhorse; it can be especially useful during seasons such as the winter when snow might need to be moved around your property.

Are ATVs good in the snow?

ATVs work great in the snow. ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle, and as such, works well across a variety of terrains, including asphalt, dirt, mud, and even snow.

How much HP does an ATV have?

Some ATVs can reach up to 50 horsepower and beyond. It is best to check with your ATV’s instruction manual for its rating. If you are shopping for an ATV, you should be able to check for the ATV’s horsepower rating on its specifications page.

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