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Updated January 24, 2023

To find the best ATV battery for your vehicle, we researched the critical factors that will make sure you are all set on your next offroad adventure, including overall battery capacity, compatibility with your specific ATV, its cold-cranking amps for starting in frigid weather, and included warranty. Combined, these factors ensure that you have an ATV battery perfect for your particular vehicle, that can operate in the conditions you demand. Whether you’ve got a heavy-duty off-road ATV or a small four-wheeler for around the neighborhood, we’ve got an option for you. If you also like motorcycles, we’ve got a list of the best motorcycles to help you select the right one to buy.

After our research, we awarded Chrome Battery’s YTX-12BS iGel as our pick for the best ATV battery. The Chrome iGel is a reliable 12 V rechargeable battery designed for most ATVs; it features a 10 AH rating that helps to ensure your battery won’t run out quickly during your next ride. The iGel also features a built-in LED digital display, the only battery on this list to do so, and allows riders to view information about the current voltage, as well as receive low battery warnings. Keep reading to find the best ATV battery for your vehicle.

Top 5 Best ATV Battery

 #1  Chrome Battery YTX12-BS iGel ATV Battery – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: Chrome Battery offers a powerful pre-charged battery with its YTX12-BS iGel; the unit features a smart LED digital display that allows you to keep an eye on battery status, and you need not worry, as Chrome Battery includes a stellar 18-month warranty.

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  • Integrated LED status display
  • Auto alarm for low-battery
  • Battery comes pre charged
  • Capacity could be larger

The YTX12-BS iGel from Chrome Battery is the smartest battery on our list, featuring an integrated LED digital display screen that also provides low voltage alerts. With the iGel, you always know how much battery you have left, and don’t need to worry about being stranded.
With 10 AH of capacity, it isn’t the most massive battery we found, but it fairs well. The same can be said for the battery’s 180 CCA rating, which should allow you to start in colder weather quickly.

The iGel includes an industry-standard 18-month warranty with a 30-day refund window. Best of all, you can start riding as soon as your battery is delivered; all Chrome Battery products come fully charged. Before purchasing, make sure that your ATV can fit the battery with its dimensions of 5.12-inches x 5.91-inches x 3.43-inches. So double-check before you buy it for 4 wheelers for kids.

 #2  Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS ATV Battery – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Yuasa YUAM320BS is one of the toughest batteries we tested with a whopping 18 AH battery capacity to keep you going, and a 270 CCA rating ensuring that you’ll be able to start your ATV in even the coldest of weather conditions.

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  • Best cold weather
  • Extra-large battery capacity
  • Sealed and spill-proof design
  • Relatively expensive

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS is a battery with a confusingly long name, but it makes up for it with its substantial battery capacity. Coming in at 18 AH, this battery is an excellent pick for larger ATVs and motorcycles. Also, the 270 CCA (cold cranking amps) rating, helps to ensure that your vehicle won’t get stuck in a snowstorm – you’ll be able to start it in the coldest of weather conditions.

We praise the manufacturer for the battery’s sealed spill-proof design, so you won’t need to worry about acid damaging your ride. For ATV owners eyeing the Yuasa, be sure you have an ATV that can fit it with dimensions of 6.87-inches x 3.43-inches x 6.12-inches. Additionally, be prepared to spend a few pennies as this battery is 2-3x the price of most batteries in our guide. This is a good battery for the best ATV snow plow. Another option is the Mighty Max Battery ML8-12, which is an SLA type (sealed lead acid) of rechargeable, maintenance-free battery. When the lead-acid batteries are charged, the battery acid and lead plates react to store energy. The battery has a high discharge rate and long service life and can work in a wide range of extreme temperatures. 

 #3  Chrome Battery YTX14-BS ATV Battery – Best For Honda

WHY WE LIKE IT: Yet another product from Chrome Battery, we found the YTX14-BS to be a powerful battery with a 12 AH capacity for keeping you moving. Additionally, it is quite popular amongst Honda enthusiasts.

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  • Large 12 AH capacity
  • Works well in cold weather
  • Great for Honda TRX 500
  • Previous version had faults

Honda is a big name when it comes to ATVs, which is why we’ve included Chrome Battery’s YTX14-BS. With dimensions of 5.71-inches x 5.80-inches x 3.26-inches, it fits perfectly into the battery bay of a Honda TRX 500. Of course, your ATV doesn’t need to be a Honda to use this ATV battery with its large 12 AH battery capacity that will keep you riding. The 200 CCA is also a welcomed addition, allowing ATV drivers to remain nomadic even in cold weather.

The Chrome Battery YTX14-BS is an excellent battery, but if we had to fault it, we would say watch out for older stock. While newer versions of the battery that most shops should have at this point work well, the older version had a few durability issues with its terminals that are now fixed. You can charge it using the best car battery charger.

 #4  ExpertPower YTX9-BS AGM ATV Battery – Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: The ExpertPower YTX9-BS saves the day by providing a lightweight 9AH battery at an affordable price; ride with this battery and avoid weighing down both your vehicle and your wallet.

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  • Lightweight design great for ATVs
  • Available in discount packs
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Short 1-year warranty

The YTX9-BS AGM from ExpertPower delivers battery power in a small, lightweight that is perfect for smaller ATVs where heavier batteries could detract from their overall riding speed. ExpertPower provides a 9AH battery suitable for medium-distance rides, at an excellent price point. The company goes as far as to discount the battery further when buying in bulk, but we wish ExpertPower provided a more extended warranty than just a single year.

The YTX9-BS is rated for 180 CCA, meaning it should work in most cold weather, but we wouldn’t test it during your next nor ‘easter. Riders looking to install this battery should ensure that their ATV’s battery bay can fit it with dimensions of 5.9-inches x 3.3-inches x 2.2-inches. You may want to use this with the best battery box for extra protection. There’s also the Throttlex AGM Replacement Power Sports Battery, which is maintenance-free and ready to install. It features both AGM technology and advanced lead-calcium technology as well for a boost in starting power and to resist sulfating.

 #5  Pirate Battery YTX5L-BS ATV Battery – Best Small Vehicle

WHY WE LIKE IT: Not all ATVs will require a massive battery, and if your ride is on the smaller side then check out the YTX5L-BS by Pirate Battery; it features a 4 AH capacity, weighing in at less than 4 pounds.

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  • Small & compact size
  • Includes 18-month warranty
  • Also works great for motorcycles
  • Not suitable for larger ATVs
  • Doesn’t perform well in cold weather

The YTX5L-BS is an excellent battery, but a very niche one as it won’t work with most large ATVs; it delivers 4 AH of battery capacity, better suited for small ATVs, children’s toy ATVs, and mopeds. If you have a smaller ATV then you might be in luck, finding the best option for your vehicle with the YTX5L-BS. The company, Pirate Battery, isn’t afraid to stand behind its products, as it also features an 18-month warranty.

Check first to be sure that your battery compartment can hold this little guy, coming in at 4.21-inches x 4.45-inches x 2.60-inches. We would recommend staying out of the cold, however, as this battery’s 70 CCA rating may prevent your vehicle from starting. Be sure to also check out the Odyssey Powersport Battery Model PC545, which is a powerful charging system with twice the overall power to quickly charge your ATV. The maintenance-free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology works to extend this battery’s service life over three times the life of conventional batteries that get refilled with bulk acid and distilled water. These Odyssey PC545 AGM batteries avoid the spill risk that comes with a flooded lead-acid battery, but this AGM type of battery, however, tends to not last as long as other types and are rather expensive. Just in case, you will also want to have the best ATV winch too.

How We Decided

With an extensive collection of ATV batteries on the market, we had to do a lot of research to find the best ones for our guide. We examined the essential factors behind each battery, including its capacity, cold-cranking amps, overall weight and form-factor, and warranty. Each battery on our list met a list of minimum requirements so that we ensure that you’ll have a great time once you get your battery connected and out on the road – or off-road!

Excluding our last pick, all of our selections feature a minimum capacity of at least 9 AH, ensuring that you won’t get stuck running out of juice – our top pick even includes a smart display to keep an eye on your voltage. Other features in our top-four batteries include their ability to start in cold weather, with no option featuring a CCA below 180; otherwise, you might find yourself stuck in a snowstorm.

For the last battery on our list, we needed to find a unique solution that would work for smaller ATVs and other vehicles. We ensured our last pick featured a capacity of at least 4 AH, suitable for smaller vehicles, as well as a CCA rating that would ensure regular operation in general operating conditions.

Best ATV Battery Buyer’s Guide



  1. Battery Capacity: Your ATV battery’s capacity will determine how long it can run before requiring a recharge. Larger vehicles will generally require higher capacities, while smaller vehicles can rely on lower capacities. To find the perfect battery, be sure to check your ATV manual for your manufacturer’s recommended capacity or amp-hours (AH).
  2. Cold-Cranking Amps: An important factor, especially if you plan on using your ATV in the snow as a plow, is the battery’s cold-cranking amps (CCA). This number helps to determine the coldest temperatures that your battery can start. For ATVs that plan on running in the snow, we would recommend a battery with a CCA of at least two hundred.
  3. Weight and Form-Factor: One of the most essential factors of your new ATV battery is ensuring that it will fit in your ATV’s battery bay. Using your ATV manual or with a ruler, determine the size of your battery bay, then be sure that any battery purchased will fit within it. Additionally, check the weight of your battery, and be sure that it isn’t too heavy to cause a reduction in speed – you can also find this information in your ATV manual.
  4. Warranty: Most batteries will include an industry-standard warranty of 18-months; this is in case your battery has issues or ceases to function altogether. Be wary of any warranties that are less than 1-year, to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Warranties of 24-months would be considered exceptional.

ATV Battery FAQs

How long do ATV batteries last?

Most ATV batteries will last anywhere from three to five years. The best way to prolong your battery’s life is to keep it out of cold weather and keep it in a dry location. Constant use of a battery, as well as draining it all the way, will work to shorten its battery life. However, don’t let a battery completely sit as it can run out over time.

What is the best ATV battery for cold weather?

Our research found the Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery to fair best in cold weather conditions thanks to its CCA rating of 270. If you will be out in frigid weather or operating your ATV as a snowplow, we recommend the Yuasa.

Why are ATV batteries so expensive?

Most of the options on our list are quite affordable, but more expensive options do exist. As a battery becomes more costly, its capacity and durability will generally increase. Our guide features inexpensive budget batteries great for ATVs, as well as more expensive options for ATVs that may be used in colder climates.

Why does my ATV battery keep dying?

Your ATV battery might keep dying if you find that you are letting it sit in your vehicle without use. As such, you should try to start your ATV at least once every few weeks. You should also avoid storing your battery in frigid temperatures, as this will reduce its battery life.
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