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To help you find the best adult tricycle, we reviewed different models to check their durability and whether they can support a rider’s weight of at least 250lbs. Next, we researched them for their stability and the quality of their materials, favoring those with premium hi-tensile steel frames. After spending 48 hours researching various products from trusted brands, we’ve determined that the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle is hands down the best adult tricycle today. Read on to find out why it is the best electric bike for adults.

It has a high-quality steel frame for durability, an adjustable seat and handlebars for a customized fit, and parking brakes for safety. Indeed, the Schwinn Meridian is an easy-to-use cruiser trike for all ages and various purposes. Read below to discover more about it and our other picks for the best adult tricycles.

Top 3 Best Adult Tricycles Compared

 #1  Schwinn Meridian Tricycle – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Schwinn Meridian Tricycle lands on our #1 spot because of its 300-lb weight capacity, adjustable cruiser handlebars, and adjustable seat. Having all the features you can look for in an adult trike; this cruiser tricycle is ideal for everyone and various purposes.

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  • 300-lb weight capacity
  • Rear folding basket
  • Front & rear pull hand brakes
  • A bit tricky to assemble
  • Tools for assembly are not included

The Schwinn Meridian is the best adult tricycle because of its stability, functionality, and comfort. This full-sized unisex tricycle comes in 24” and 26” wheel models with a 15.5” steel frame — ideal for riders who are 5’4” to 6’2”. It has wide swept-back cruiser handlebars that can be adjusted from 37” to 40”. It also features a step-through frame that makes it easy for riders to get on and off. It would help if you also read more about the best Schwinn electric bikes.

The Schwinn Meridian can be used for transporting light cargo because of its high carrying capacity of 300lbs and a rear folding basket that can handle up to 50lbs. It features a single-speed drivetrain, which is ideal if you want to take the Schwinn out to do your errands or for relaxing rides around the neighborhood. If you want a faster tricycle, though, opt for the Schwinn Meridian 3 speed. For kids who want to have fun, but with one less wheel, read about the best scooter for kids. For women, read the best e bikes for women guide.

 #2  Mobo Triton Pro – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: We love the Mobo Triton Pro for its ergonomic recumbent design and its innovative rear-wheel steering system that enhances comfort and maneuverability. This is best for those looking to get some cardiovascular exercise and those who are unable to ride upright trikes.

  • Dual-joystick steering
  • Adjustable high-tensile steel frame
  • Cushioned recumbent seat
  • Single-speed only

The Mobo Triton Pro is a recumbent three-wheeled cruiser trike that’s ideal for riding on flat paved surfaces and gently sloping terrains. Its low-rugged chassis creates a low center of gravity for maximum stability. Its sturdy hi-ten steel frame can be adjusted to accommodate riders with heights varying from 4’2” to 6’3”. This is a great trike with a modern, sporty look and has a weight capacity of 250lbs. The Mobo Triton Pro is more suitable for fitness riding.

This recumbent trike also features an innovative steering system. Two joysticks for steering make it easy to maneuver the trike with simple hand movements. Aside from these, the Mobo Triton Pro also has hand-caliper brakes, a low-maintenance free-wheel hub, and inflatable rubber tires. Are three wheels too many? Try an electric unicycle. Or choose the middle road and look at the best bikes. Be sure to check out the Hiram Adult Tricycle, another tricycle similar to the Mobo Triton Pro that is a single-speed cruise bike with a removable basket and extra-soft seat.

 #3  Slsy Adult Tricycle – Best Tricycle for Large Adults

WHY WE LIKE IT: A large weight capacity of up to 350lbs and a 7-speed Shimano gear set this trike apart from the rest. This is the best adult tricycle for obese adults and for those who will be using trikes for errands.

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  • Smooth 7-speed Shimano gears
  • Up to a 350lbs capacity
  • Extra Large-capacity basket
  • Slightly tricky to assemble
  • Somewhat stiff to pedal

The large basket and the 350-lb weight capacity of the Slsy Adult Tricycle make it the best choice for those who need trikes that can be used for carrying and transporting goods. It also has a Shimano 7-speed shifter and derailleur, enabling you to ride faster than other traditional tricycles. Truly, it’s a great trike to have when you often run errands to the grocery or other local stores. You can’t haul goods on the best hoverboard.

A high-tensile steel welded frame assures durability and the capacity to handle heavy weight, while an extra-large padded seat with a backrest provides comfort. This trike also comes with the tools required for assembly. If you or your child like an extra wheel, check out 4-wheelers for kids.

How We Decided

In choosing the best adult tricycle, we primarily considered its purpose. These trikes have been selected for general use, such as transport of light cargo or grocery bags, moderate physical exercise, commuting, and mobility for adults, including the elderly and those with physical constraints. They aren’t meant to be the best motorcycles. Or the best electric bike. They serve different purposes.

We also considered the stability of the trike. Thus, our choices are traditional tricycles with two wheels at the back and one in front. These features make the trikes easy to balance and provide more support. We didn’t include any lightweight folding tricycles as these may not always provide the stability needed by older riders.
The next factors we took into consideration were the trike’s weight and carrying capacity. All these trikes can handle at least 250lbs. Those with cargo baskets can accommodate up to 50lbs of additional weight. This feature makes the trikes quite useful when running errands. Though this isn’t a classic bicycle, you’ll still want to keep your best bike lock on hand.

Best Adult Tricycle Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Reliability and Durability
    A trike’s reliability and durability depend mainly on its materials and construction. High-tensile steel frames can provide strength and enough amount of flex for a comfortable and smooth ride. Aluminum is lightweight but can be stiff and may not be able to handle additional cargo weight. Carbon fiber frames are both lightweight and strong but can be a bit costly. So for adult trikes intended for leisure and transport, hi-tensile steel frames are the best choice, like what you’d see on the Schwinn Voyageur or Toxozers Electric Trike.
    • Pay attention to how many gearing options your favorite electric trike option offers. More gears can help you navigate challenging terrain like hilly terrains. But if you’re going to stick to the opposite of rougher terrains and use the adult tricycle at a leisurely pace on flat surfaces, then a single-speed trike would be a good fit for you.
    • Paired with its larger wheelbase and lower center of gravity, a single-speed trike can provide an even smoother ride than other types of adult tricycles, making it an excellent option for those looking for a relaxing ride.
  2. Safety
    It’s critical to check the safety features of any trike. This includes top-rated electric bike trailers and ebikes for heavy riders. When choosing adult trikes, consider low-entry ones with efficient brake systems and safety accessories. A low spacious step-through would enable you to get on and off easily. Responsive brakes protect you from accidents and serious injuries. Consider getting integrated drum brakes that are low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and more durable than rim and disc brakes. Parking brakes, reflectors, and flags aren’t always included, but these extra features enhance safety.
    • In fact, rear brakes are a great extra option for riders when tackling rough terrains, and they’re a great choice for those who require more stopping power.
    • For those with disabilities, read about the best folding mobility scooter. A tricycle for adults would still be a safer option for senior riders or riders with impaired balance issues versus a traditional bicycle.
  3. Size and Fit
    Comfort during riding relies heavily on how an adult tricycle bike fits you. A trike that’s either too small or too big will cause back pains and other body pains. However, it can be a challenge to find a trike that perfectly fits you for maximum comfort unless you have one custom-built. What you can do instead is choose trikes with adjustable seats, stems, and handlebars. These can be easily customized to fit your body size.
    • If you plan on using the electric tricycle for long hours, a comfortable seat is essential. If it comes with a rear basket, that can carry items in order to take some weight off your back like a backpack for a more comfortable ride. Plus that rear cargo basket on electric adult tricycles can carry heavier loads during grocery shopping. Alternatively, you’ll also want to compare electric bike rider weight vs amp hour battery distance, as this can have some effect on battery longevity. An amazing tricycle will still have decent battery life to support larger riders.
    • Keep in mind wheel size as well. The bigger the wheel size, like 26-inch wheels, the smoother the ride. If you have comfort in mind, pick a trike with larger wheels so you get a more comfy ride, whether you’re commuting or using it for leisure rides. Smaller wheels like 20-inch wheels and 24-inch wheels will be a more comfortable option if you have a shorter rider height.

Adult Tricycle FAQs

Who should buy an adult tricycle?

Adult tricycles are most commonly used by older folks looking for mobility and independence. The best adult tricycle provides comfort and stability as they enjoy some physical exercise outdoors. However, any adult can find this type of trike quite useful. Most models have cargo baskets that can be used to carry groceries, supplies, and even pets. Some are even sturdy enough to use for business deliveries. Moreover, there are also adult tricycles that can be used for fitness training and physical rehabilitation. For the elders who are looking for a tricycle for adults, motorized models might be better.

Are tricycles easy to ride?

Because of their stability, tricycles are generally easy to use but may take some time to get used to. The riding posture is quite different but can be more comfortable. Those who struggle balancing on regular bikes will have no problem with tricycles because of the third-wheel system. This makes tricycles easier to ride than their two-wheeled counterparts. Perhaps, this is why tricycle for adults in India is popular.

How do I select the frame size of my trike?

Frame size depends on the type of trike but should always match your height and inseam length. Ideally, the frame size should be 0.65 times your inseam. So, if your inseam length is 25 inches, get a frame that’s 16 inches long. To help you get the right size, go over the frame sizing chart provided by the trike manufacturer. You can also just opt to get trikes with adjustable frame lengths and handlebars that can be easily adjusted to match your body size.

What are recumbent trikes?

Recumbent trikes are tricycles with a long but low design, which places the rider in a relaxing reclining position. The ergonomic design with a full-size seat and backrest puts you in a laidback position for a very comfortable ride. These trikes are more popular for fitness or sports activities. If you’re looking for a tricycle for adults with disabilities, a motorized recumbent trike would be a good choice.

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