Best 65 inch 4k TV for 2019 - Ultra HD Television Buyer's Guide
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Best 65 inch 4K TV for 2019

Best 65 Inch 4k TV
Looking for the best 65 inch 4k tv? We've got the top 5 and everything you need to know.

Despite what some people might think, the best 65 inch 4K TV for 2019isn’t automatically the one that also happens to be the most expensive. Manufacturers like LG, Samsung, and Sony have finally started to find a balance between price and available features, equipping even their mid-range 4K TVs with top-of-the-line picture quality for half of what they would have cost just a year ago.

But which 65 inch 4K TV can combine affordability and features better than the rest? Read on in our guide to the best 65 4K TVs for 2019.

65 inch 4K TVs Models Compared

LG 65UH6550Samsung UN65KS8500Sony XBR65X930DVizio M65-C1Hisense 65H7B2
Rank#1 Editor's Choice#2 Best Curved 4K TV#3 Best Color Accuracy#4#5 Best Budget Pick
Amazon Rating3.5stars-2105five-stars4andhalf-stars4andhalf-stars4andhalf-stars
Screen Size65-inch65-inch65-inch65-inch65-inch
Display TechnologyLEDLEDLEDFull Array LEDLED
4K Resolutiongreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Curved Screenred-x-icongreen-check-markred-x-iconred-x-iconred-x-icon
120/240hz Refresh Rategreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI,
1 Component Video in, 2 USB
1 Component Video In, 3 USB
4 HDMI, 1 Component Video In,
1 Ethernet, 3 USB
1 Component Video In, 1 USB
1 Component Video In, 1 Ethernet, 3 USB
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Best 65″ LG Electronics 65UH6550 65 Inch 4K TV

LG Electronics 65UH6550

The LG 65UH6550 65-inch 4K TV is the perfect compromise of features and price

Price: $1,396.99 | Features: LED display technology, webOS 3.0 smart TV interface

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The LG 65UH6550 is a feature-rich 4K TV at a poor man’s price.

Of all the new models of 4K TVs that have hit the shelves for 2019, the LG UH6550 is a 4k Ultra HD that we found offered the best combination of quality, features, and price. The TV comes equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate, ColorPrime Pro display technology, HDR Pro, and the company’s much loved proprietary smart TV interface webOS 3.0, compatible with the Magic Remote.

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LG does offer a 240Hz version in the same size for $300 more, however we don’t recommend spending the extra cash if you can avoid it. As it stands there isn’t a ton of real world media content that can take advantage of the increased speed, and 120Hz is still plenty quick enough for sporting events (which you won’t find streaming in 4K anyway). This 65 inch 4k ultra HD TV is stunning and sound quality is more than decent.

View on Amazon – $1,697.00 

#2 Pick Samsung UN65KS8500 4K TV

Samsung UN65KS8500

Despite Samsung’s “SUHD” chest-puffing, the UN65KS8500 is still just as 4K as the rest of the options on our list

Price: $1,572.38 | Features: HDR 1000 contrast technology, 240Hz refresh rate

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The Samsung UN65KS8500 bends the rules with its curved 4K display.

For years, Samsung has been a class leader in the HDTV category, consistently producing displays with deep, rich blacks, blazingly beautiful color, a wide color gamut and enough extra features to make your head spin. Their foray into 4K displays has been no different of course, and that pedigree for quality is no more apparent than in the Samsung UN65KS8500.

Confusing model numbers aside, the Samsung is equipped with many of the same features we loved in their 1080p line, including Quantum Dot color technology, a 240Hz refresh rate (more on that later), and HDR 1000 High Dynamic Range contrast.

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It should be mentioned that because the Samsung is curved, it may not be optimal for larger seating layouts designed to let more than four people watch at once. Curved screens add an extremely immersive cinematic effect that really has to be seen to be believed, but the compromise is their viewing angles come out less-than-optimal as a result.

View on Amazon – $2,497.99

#3 Pick Sony XBR65X930D 65 inch 4K TV

Sony XBR65X930D

With eye-melting colors and an incredible dynamic range for blacks, the Sony X930D elevates the game in 4K clarity

Price: $1399 | Features: Ultra-slim profile, X-Reality Pro 4K upscaling

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The Sony XBR65X930D has high-class features at a high-class price.

Sony may have had a rough couple of years, but despite their flailing financial reports the company still knows how to do one thing really, really well: TVs.

The Sony X930D is an exceptional ultra HD display in every category it competes in, with Truluminos color accuracy technology, a wide color gamut, the Slim Backlight Drive, and the 4K X-Reality Pro processor which can take even the grainiest 1080p content and upscale it to shine in true 4K glory.

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But, all those high marks start to make a bit more sense when you take a look at its equally high price. If it weren’t for the nearly $3,000 sticker shock the Sony X930D would easily lead as our top pick in this list, but if you can afford it, this set is a hard one to beat.

View on Amazon – $2,998.00

#4 Pick  Vizio M65-C1 4K TV

Vizio M65-C1

Vizio continues its hot streak of undercutting the competition with the M65-C1 4K TV

Retail Price: $1,499.55 | FeaturesActive LED Zone contrast, 20,000,000:1 ratio

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Outstanding value in a sharp 65-inch 4K TV.

When you think of “cheap” flatscreens, the first brand that usually comes to mind is Vizio. The company has regularly been undercutting the competition when it comes to price for years, and with the release of the Vizio M65-C1 4K TV, 2019 doesn’t look to be any different.

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Although this 4k smart TV is not too heavy on premium features like you might find in the Sony or Samsung sets, the Vizio still has a way to keep itself in the race with 32 Active LED Zones that dynamically adapt to color and black shifts on the fly and wide colors. This results in a staggering 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio, a number that remains unmatched by another other 4K TV in the field. It has 5 HDMI ports as well.

View on Amazon – $1,499.55

#5 Pick Hisense 65H7B2 65 Inch 4K

Hisense 65H7B2

Who is Hisense exactly? Doesn’t matter; they make a great 65-inch 4K TV for next-to-nothing

Price: $1,099.99 | Features: LED display technology, 120Hz native refresh rate

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Best option for 4K starters shopping on a budget.

And finally, we come to the wallet-sensitive selection of our roundup on the best 65 4K TVs in 2019: The Hisense 65H7B2.

Hisense, a no-name undercutter from China, has somehow managed to do the impossible by putting out a solid, respectable 65-inch 4K TV set at just $1,099 out the door. It may not have the best color quality or the best dynamic contrast ratio, but what it lacks in raw power it more than makes up for with its ridiculously cheap price.

Since its debut, the Hisense 65H7B2 has been scoring accolades and glowing customer reviews across the web, which is surprising when you consider the rest of the competition it’s up against. Either way, if you’re looking for a 4K TV but don’t have a ton of extra coin to throw around, Hisense has got this area of the market cornered.

View on Amazon – $1,099.99

Key Factors and Features to a Good 65-inch 4K TV

Display Technology

  • The display technologies that power today’s 4K TVs come in two different types: LED-LCD, and OLED
  • Because 4K TVs are so new, the jury is still out on which display tech is objectively “better” than the rest.
  • OLED currently holds the crown as the king of deep blacks with a super deep black level and insane color accuracy, but it’s also so prohibitively expensive that only the ultra-rich or serious media connoisseurs can afford the ticket for entry for that kind of image quality. LG OLED sets are very praised at this size, but any 4k OLED is going to look amazing. LCD TVs just don’t compare.

Refresh Rate

  • In the world of 4K TVs, there are only two refresh rates you need to know about: 120Hz and 240Hz
  • The refresh rate refers to how quickly the TV refreshes the signal it’s receiving from the source, which in so many words controls how “smooth” content looks while there’s a lot of fast-paced action going on.
  • 120Hz is more than enough more sports games and action films, though this hasn’t prevented manufacturers from upping the ante to 240Hz in 2019.
  • Unless you have to have the most future-proof features possible, 120Hz will serve most applications without a problem. You won’t see any ghosting or bad motion handling. This will also help with input lag.

Screen Design

  • 4K TVs, like their 1080p counterparts, come in both flat and curved designs.
  • While there’s nothing particularly wrong with flat TVs, curved displays do offer a more “cinematic” viewing experience if you only have a few people watching at a time.
  • Right now, Samsung is the only manufacturer producing curved sets. If you don’t plan on buying from them, you shouldn’t have to worry about hanging your set on the wall or how it will fit inside your entertainment center.

Contrast Ratio/Color Accuracy

  • You’ll notice that most of the top choices in this list carry separate processors specifically tasked with making sure the contrast and dynamic blacks of the set are as crisp and clear as possible at all times.
  • This is for a good reason, as all of these factors feedback into how a piece of media will look in different lighting conditions.
  • If you can, try to prioritize sets that have a lot of color processing onboard, because at the end of the day it’s these components that will keep your TV looking just as good as the day you bought it well into the future.

Mistakes to Avoid

Going Too Small to Save on Money: Perhaps the biggest mistakes that potential 4K buyers make when shopping around for their first set is compromising on the size of their screen in order to save a couple bucks at the checkout by buying cheap TVs. 4K resolution packs in twice the amount of pixels as a standard 1080p set, which means that on anything less than 55-inches the picture quality difference between the two is too difficult to tell by the human eye. In so many words this means that if you’re going to go 4K: go big or go home. TV sizes matter. 65inch TVS are where it’s at. Don’t bother with a 32 inch TV.

Splurging on Extra Features You Don’t Need: Because the 4K revolution is still in its infancy, there’s been a lot of mismanagement between the features that display manufacturers want to add and what content providers can actually keep up with. Yes, 3D is cool, but there’s barely any 3D 4K content to speak of right now. 240Hz may sound awesome on the surface, but then you realize that it’s not much different from what you’d see in 120Hz. Manufacturers of 4k UHD HDR sets are betting on consumer ignorance to up sell them on features that will remain useless for at least the next six months, so be sure to only add on what you know you’ll be able to use. For instance, large viewing angles may not be important if you live alone and sit right in front of the TV.

Which 65-inch 4K TV is Right For You?

As the list of available 65-inch 4K TVs continues to grow when each product cycle passes by, manufacturers are finally starting to hone in on which features consumers want the most and how to make them the best they can possibly be.

Screens like the LG 65UH6550 are packed with more goodies and extras than ever, and Samsung is already splashing into the curved 4K scene with the UN65KS8500. If cost is of no concern then we can’t recommend the Sony X930D highly enough, however if you’re pinching every penny the Hisense 65H7B2 will get the job just fine too.

The 4K revolution is still just getting its training wheels off, but we expect that with smart tvs like these hitting the shelves, it may only be a few more years before people can’t even remember what it was like to watch their content in plain old HD. The smart features on a 4k smart tv are excellent as well since they are often compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa and other smart home devices.

Some compatible apps that are built-in or work with most 4K TVs are: Roku TV, Andriod TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, 

A 4k HDR means High Dynamic Range.  The idea is that the higher the dynamic range, the closer a photograph looks to real life. This is why HDR gaming and HDR movies are so popular. HDR TVs tend to look more naturally realistic. Dolbys Vision is HDR technology. 4k UHD means Ultra HD. This is a term used to let you know that the display has higher resolutions than HDTV.

Popular 4K TVs to buy include products like the LG OLED65b8, TCL 65r617, Vizio p65f1, Samsung q9fn, the a9f OLED, LG OLED65c8, the TCL 6series, the Vizio pseries, Sony xbr65x900f, Samsungs QLED offerings, the Sony master series, the q9fn QLED, Samsung nu8000



No matter what TV platform or brand you get, our 65-inch 4K TV buying guide will help you buy the best 4K TV for you. Use our TV buying guide and also look for TV deals on Amazon. Whether you are looking for an LCD TV or a UHD TV, and regardless of screen size, we have your home theater covered. You will be enjoying 4k content in no time.

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