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If you’re looking for an easy way to get around town or to and from work, we’ve got the answer for you; the best 50cc scooters money can buy.  We researched the top 20 50cc scooters to find out which was the best vehicle for commuters and recreationists alike. While we drove each of these scooters around town, we specifically measured top speed, storage options, and weight capacity. We weighted street-legal models more heavily than non-street legal options. After researching, we narrowed our choices down to the top 10 best gas-powered scooters, which you can see below. But you may also be interested in the best electric scooters.

We also found that one scooter pulled ahead of the others in the race: the TaoTao ATM-50. With a powerful 4-stroke, air-cooled engine, and plenty of storage, the TaoTao ATM-50 50cc Moped is fast and powerful, making it a wonderful choice for local commuters everywhere. Keep reading to learn about our top pick and the other 9 scooters and how they can speed up your daily commute.

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Top 5 50cc Scooters

 #1  TaoTao ATM-50 – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This 50cc scooter is a great choice for anyone who needs speed and convenience. With excellent gas mileage and high top speeds—both provided by a powerful engine—this scooter is perfect for students on a budget. It’s also durable, but at the sacrifice of an unimpressive look.

  • Free rear trunk included
  • Affordable price
  • Fast speeds
  • Assembly required
  • Rear drum brakes
  • Not as sleek looking as other scooters

​​​The TaoTao ATM50 features a powerful 4-stroke engine, enough to get you where you’re going and back in a breeze. This also means you can get up to speeds of 35 miles per hour without a problem. The engine features an automatic transmission, as well. It also features a durable design that will hold up at the top speeds. In fact, the scooter is so smooth that you likely won’t notice any difference between driving at low speeds and driving at high speeds.​​The ATM50 is a street-legal vehicle due to its powerful engine, and you’ll need to get it registered at the DMV before you start driving it on the roads. It’s also environmentally friendly with high fuel efficiency if you’re concerned about those aspects of driving a gas scooter around.

​​This TaoTao 50cc scooter offers a lot of storage options for the driver, which is great if you need it, but unobtrusive if you don’t. In the front, you have simple tray-style storage where you can put your phone, wallet, and other small items. You get more storage under the seat for bags or books. You also get a free rear trunk included in your purchase, which is lockable and holds even more medium-sized items. While there is theoretically enough space to fit two adults on the seat of the ATM-50, the weight capacity of up to 225 pounds limits you. This is a pretty standard weight capacity, but if you exceed it, you’ll find that the scooter struggles going up hills.”

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 #2  TaoTao ATM50-A1 – Fastest 50cc Scooter

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This is TaoTao’s top-selling 50cc scooter, and for good reason. It gives you a powerful engine, room for an extra passenger, high top speeds, and CARB compliance. If you’re looking for a fast and reliable motor scooter with extra room, this scooter fits the ticket.

  • CARB compliant
  • Double seat
  • Fast and durable
  • Owner’s manual difficult to read
  • Hard to adjust mirrors
  • Smaller fuel capacity

The TaoTao ATM50-A1 is one of the fastest scooters to buy on our list, with top speeds ranging up to 35 miles per hour. This is also a gas, fully automatic street legal scooter, making for an even smoother ride at top speeds. It’s also durable enough to withstand top speeds, which makes this good for longer trips on faster roads. ​As with most of the other scooter mopeds on our list, the TaoTao ATM50-A1 is completely street legal, meaning you can use it on most local roads. However, you won’t be able to take this scooter on the interstate since it isn’t fast enough. The ATM50-A1 is also CARB compliant, meaning you can use it in California without fear of getting in trouble with the state. Make sure you register the vehicle properly before using it on the roads.

​You have plenty of storage options with this TaoTao 50cc gas scooter. Much like other TaoTao scooters, you can store your things in two separate places on the ATM50-A1. First, you’ll have storage under your seat. Next, each TaoTao scooter comes with a rear trunk where you can store more items, if necessary. This trunk is lockable and is made of durable materials. The TaoTao ATM50-A1 can handle up to 225 pounds of weight during operation. The scooter can carry up to two adults, but you might find you can only achieve slower speeds with the added weight. While this is a pretty good weight capacity for a single rider, it can be difficult to stay under that limit with two adults riding at the same time.

 #3  TaoTao EVO 50 – Fastest 50cc Scooter with no mods

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Tao is powerful, sleek, and street legal. Even with a powerful 50cc engine, this sporty scooter still offers great fuel efficiency and a large fuel tank. While you can only use this on local roads, it still provides you with a good amount of mobility and power to get around. We also like how easy to ride the EVO 50 is.

  • Plenty of item storage
  • High gas mileage and fuel capacity
  • Street legal
  • Needs to be assembled
  • Drum brakes on rear wheel
  • Requires a valid driver’s license

​While this quality scooter doesn’t rival 150cc scooters in terms of speed, the EVO 50 still gives you enough speed to travel on local roads. Topping out at 25 miles per hour, this 50cc scooter focuses on reliability over thrills and speed. This scooter’s reliable engine gives you excellent gas mileage of up to 100 miles per gallon, which is a huge cost saver. ​​Like other 50cc scooters on this list, the EVO 50 is completely street legal. Remember that you’ll need to register the scooter appropriately with your state’s motor vehicle agency in order to use it legally on the roads.

​​The TaoTao EVO 50 offers plenty of storage in two different places. First, you’ll get a bunch of storage underneath the extra-long seat. The scooter also comes with an included rear storage trunk with even more storage space. This 50cc scooter model can hold up to 300 pounds, which is much higher than all of the scooters on our list. This is good news for you, especially if you want to travel with more than one person. The extra-long seat gives you plenty of room for two adults, which is having the extra weight capacity is even better overall.

 #4  Renegade TPGS-805 – Best 50cc Scooter with affordable price

WHY WE LIKE IT: This 50cc scooter is reliable and sturdy, but not quite as fast as other scooters on our list. However, it’s CARB approved and gives you excellent gas mileage, which still makes it a great scooter to use for local commuters. Throw in some extra storage options, and you’ve got a great vehicle on your hands.

  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • CARB approved
  • Lots of storage options
  • Rear drum brakes
  • Not as fast as other scooters
  • Assembly required

​​This reliable 50cc scooter only reaches top speeds of around 25 miles per hour, which is slower than most of the top scooters on our list. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean this is an underperforming scooter. The engine is still powerful enough to get you up and down most hills, and it handles well on most local roads. Remember that you won’t be able to take this on a freeway or highway, but it serves its purpose as an easy daily commuter vehicle. ​Like most 50cc scooters, the Renegade TPGS-805 is a fully automatic street legal scooter and approved for use on local roads. While you won’t be able to use it on high-speed roads like the interstate or local highways, you can still drive it without any problem around your neighborhood or to and from work. This scooter is also CARB approved for California, and you can use it legally within California state lines. ​You have three storage options on this Renegade scooter, which is more than most other 50cc moped scooters. First, you can store smaller items directly underneath the console in a tray built into the steering column. This is perfect for your wallet or phone.

You also get storage underneath your seat and in an included rear trunk. The storage under the seat offers more room than the trunk, but the trunk can be locked for secure storage options. This gas automatic scooter can carry up to 225 pounds, which is more than adequate for most adult users who will drive it. Like other scooters on the list, you can also fit more than one adult on the extra-long seat, but you might find trouble getting up to top speeds if you’re over the 225-pound capacity. The Honda Ruckus is another durable and reliable 50cc moped scooter since it uses an easy automatic transmission and has a sturdy steel frame. It’s a quality scooter but a bit on the pricier side.

 #5  TaoTao Thunder – Fastest 50cc Scooter with No Mods

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This scooter is reliable and sturdy, but can only reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour, which isn’t as fast as the top scooters on the list. However, it’s CARB approved for use in CA and gives you superb gas mileage, which is perfect for local commuters. With the added storage compartment under the seat, this 50cc gas scooter is an excellent choice.

  • Street legal
  • CARB approved
  • Electric start with backup kick start
  • Slower than some 50cc scooters
  • Rear brakes are drum brakes
  • Back foot pegs too small

This 50cc scooter only reaches top speeds of around 30 miles per hour, although it’s rated at 35 MPH by the manufacturer. While this is faster than other scooters on the list, you might be disappointed in the fact that you can’t take this on the highway. The Thunder features a 4-stroke engine that can easily get you over most hills, though, and it performs really well on local roads. Like most of the 50cc scooters on our list, the TaoTao Thunder is completely street legal and approved for use on local roads only.​ You can’t take it on high-speed freeways or highways because the speed just isn’t there, but you’ll at least be able to make it to the store and back.

Remember that you must have this scooter legally registered before taking it out for a spin. This scooter is also CARB approved for California, and you can use it legally within California state lines. ​The TaoTao Thunder features a roomy storage compartment directly under the seat, where you can easily store larger items. It also comes with a handy storage trunk that attaches to the back of the vehicle. This gas automatic scooter can handle weights of up to 250 pounds, which should be enough for most adult single riders. However, be careful of adding passengers to the scooter during your rides. If you exceed that weight limit, you’ll likely experience decreased performance and power. There’s also the TaoTao CY50A 50cc Scooter, which reaches a maximum speed of 35 MPH and is good for beginner-level riders. It features front and rear hand brakes, a fully automatic twist throttle, and a rear trunk.

Street Legal vs Off Road

You’re going to want to know the difference between a moped and a scooter before settling on either device. But, what’s the difference between street legal 50cc scooters and off-road 50cc scooters? For starters, they’re both made very differently. Street legal scooters tend to have a more aerodynamic build with overall construction focused on long-term comfort. Off-road scooters are focused on durability and power.

To choose between them, simply consider how and where you’ll use your scooter. If you’re looking for a commuter vehicle, you’ll definitely need a street-legal model. If you’re looking for fun in the outdoors, an off-road scooter will likely work better. Additionally, how hard is it to ride an electric scooter? It’s not much different than riding any other two-wheeled vehicle. Although, compare electric scooters with other powered devices, like boosted boards, for a look at other transportation options.

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How We Reviewed the Scooters

  1. Top Speed
    Faster is Better  Top speed should always be the main consideration when you’re looking to purchase a vehicle. While all the reliable 50cc scooters we reviewed here feature the same size of the engine, they can vary widely in top speeds. Check the roads you’ll use with your scooters and make sure the top speeds of the scooter you purchase are sufficient for your needs.
    • Additionally, a cheap scooter can often have variable seat heights that you can adjust so you can find a comfortable height for yourself. Many of these cheap scooters also feature seat storage space located to store items like helmets and other small items
  2. Street Legality – Check Your State Laws
    Your state creates laws around street legality, but most states require scooter engines to be 50cc or under. The legality of your scooter can also be affected by CARB compliance, which is specific to California state law.
  3. Storage Options – More Storage Means More Flexibility
    If you’re purchasing a 50cc scooter for commuting purposes, you’ll definitely need to consider what kind of storage options are included. Most street-legal scooters feature storage options under the seat, but many also offer rear trunks included in the purchase of the scooter. Consider the types of things you normally carry with you to work and determine if the scooter’s storage will be sufficient to carry them for you. If not, you’ll need to find a different way to carry your things, like a backpack. And, to protect headgear, you’ll want to invest in great bike helmet locks.
  4. Weight Capacity – Higher Capacity Means More Riders
    50cc scooters feature a standard weight capacity of around 225 pounds, although some do offer larger or smaller capacities. If you’re looking to carry a passenger, consider purchasing a scooter that has a higher weight capacity.
    Remember that weight capacity isn’t necessarily a hard and fast rule. More often than not, if you overload the scooter, you won’t be able to reach the top speeds listed by the manufacturer.

Top 10 50cc Scooters Compared

Scooter Name/Top Speed/Weight Capacity

  1. X-Pro 50cc Moped – 35 MPH/225 lbs
  2. TaoTao ATM-50 – 35 MPH/225 lbs
  3. TaoTao ATM50-A1- 35 MPH/225 lbs
  4. TaoTao EVO 50 – 25 MPH/300 lbs
  5. Renegade TPGS-805- 25 MPH/225 lbs
  6. TaoTao Thunder – 25 MPH/225 lbs
  7. TaoTao CY50-A – 25 MPH/225 lbs
  8. Evo 2X- 30 MPH/265 lbs
  9. Scooter X Dirt Dog – 22 MPH/250 lbs
  10. V-Fire 2-Stroke – 15 MPH/100 lbs


​As with any vehicle you purchase, safety should be a top priority for you when you start researching the best 50cc scooters on the market. Many of the scooters on our list include some safety features, but there are always gaps in safety coverage. You should always wear a helmet while operating a scooter, regardless of where you’re using it.

Consider the person using the scooter as well. Safety can go further than the features the scooter includes. Some scooters are better suited for younger children, while others should only be used by adults. – Ryan Hansen | 50cc Scooter Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a 50cc scooter is different than buying a motorcycle or car. Customers typically have different questions to consider when purchasing something much smaller than standard vehicles Let’s take a look at shoppers’ most frequently asked questions about 50cc scooters.

  • 50cc vs 150cc: Which is better for you?
    50cc mopeds and scooters are commonly brought up in the same line of thought as 150cc scooters. So, which one is better for you? 50cc scooters have less powerful engines and thus much lower top speeds. If you’re looking for local transportation, a 50cc scooter is best. 150cc scooters can travel on interstates at speeds more than 55+ MPH.
  • Do 50cc scooters have good gas mileage?
    Yes! Scooters rival motorcycles in terms of fuel economy. You can expect your 50cc scooter to get around 100 miles to the gallon, but remember that most scooters only carry around 1.5 gallons of fuel at a time.
  • Do you need a license to drive 50cc scooters?
    If you’re purchasing a street-legal gas scooter and planning to drive it on state-owned roads, then yes, you will need a license to drive. You may need to check with your state offices in order to find out exactly what kind of license is necessary, as you may not need a full driver’s license.
  • Are 50cc scooters safe to drive?
    Much like every other vehicle, a 50cc scooter is only as safe as you drive. Safety features like headlights, blinkers, and taillights are all typically built into the scooter, but it’s up to you to operate it safely. Always wear a helmet and drive defensively when on the road with cars.

50cc Scooter Features

​Learn more about the considerations you should take into account when purchasing a new 50cc scooter.

    In this review, we only focused on scooters that have 50cc engines. This is the standard engine size for street-legal scooters, but that doesn’t mean they all offer the same quality. 50cc engines typically offer enough power to get up to 40 miles per hour at maximum, but many of them are slower than this. Try to find a scooter that can reach the upper ends of the speed range so you won’t be as limited in which roads you can drive on. Don’t forget to consider scooters that feature engines with an electric start and a kick starts for backup, in case you have a dead battery.
    The type of brakes on your scooter can have a huge impact on maneuverability and safety. Most 50cc scooters feature disc brakes on the front wheel and drum brakes on the rear wheel. Disc brakes are preferable for both wheels, but this can be a difficult feature to find. Disc brakes tend to be of higher quality and durability, while drum brakes may degrade faster, especially in wet weather.
    The weight of the driver can affect a 50cc scooter’s overall performance in many ways. We recommend you stick to the weight capacity listed by the manufacturer. If you exceed it, you may decrease the performance of your scooter, as well as its overall lifespan. Most 50cc scooters feature a weight capacity of around 225 pounds Those made for kids typically cap out at around 100 pounds.
    Look for scooters with built-in safety features. These typically include headlights and taillights, but may extend to features like locked storage trunks and improved brake quality. The goal here is to be able to operate your scooter in a way that prevents accidents and harm during operation and storage.
    The durability of your brand new 50cc gas scooter is important to consider for a variety of different reasons. Mainly, you don’t want your vehicle falling apart while you’re driving it. On the other hand, these are expensive products, and you don’t want your scooter breaking after a month of driving. You can read customer reviews on each specific model to learn more about durability, but you should also look for scooters that are built from durable materials like steel and polypropylene.
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