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Best 4K Ultra HDTV Sales for Christmas

Although 4K Ultra HDTVs aren’t by any means mainstream, you can still snag solid deals on them, especially from budget-minded manufacturers. At a glance, Seiki is best-known for sub-$200 32-inch LED TVs, but their inexpensive sets now extend into the 4K resolution realm. Below we’ve found two sets worth considering at new lowest ever prices during Cyber Week. You’ll also want to review our list of best 65 inch tvs.

Keep in mind: 4K Ultra HD resolution technology is still in its infancy. There isn’t much mainstream content readily available yet, and although you can upscale 1080p on these sets to fill the screen, the ultimate result won’t necessarily be superior to the picture produced by a regular 1080p set. The best use of a 4K TV at this juncture (in our humble opinions) is PC gaming and computer work where additional screen real estate proves advantageous (although you might want to stay away from FPS and the like given the 30Hz maximum refresh at 2160p our current HDMI spec’s bandwidth allows).

To skip to the chase, here are some wallet friendly best 4K Ultra HD TV deals for Xmas:

  • 50-inch TCL 4K Ultra HDTV for $600 (use coupon HAB109600) at TigerDirect
  • 50-inch Seiki 4K Ultra HDTV for $692.93 at Sears (out of stock at this price!)
  • 39-inch Seiki 4K Ultra HDTV for $449.05 at Amazon (out of stock at this price)

Update: prices and units in stock are changing constantly, so we’ll keep this post updated through Christmas.

The first offering comes from Sears of all places – a store not always known for the lowest prices around on big electronics, but occasionally with a diamond in the rough. The 50-inch Seiki SE50UY04 is only $693 at Amazon right now and averages 4 stars after over a hundred reviews. The set is also down to $700 plus $70 shipping at Sears (deal expired), but you do have the option for free store pickup instead.

TigerDirect also has a 50-inch TCL 4K Ultra HD LED TV for only $600 – which is currently the cheapest 4K HDTV we’ve seen ont he market. Make sure you use the coupon listed below to get the price listed. The same unit is listed at $750 at Amazon, so a solid $150 savings.

50″ TCL LE50UHDE5691 2160p 4K Ultra HD LED TV for $599.99 (next best is $749 – use coupon code HAB109600).
50″ Seiki SE50UY04 2160p 4K Ultra HD LED TV for $692.93 with free shipping (next best is $1,221). Cheapest ever by $29.

Although that set is within a reasonable price range even for a regular 1080p 50-inch set, you can save over $200 more by going with a 39-inch from the same model line. If you’re planning on using this as a computer monitor or for PC gaming (though remember refresh rate is low), you can sit closer to this one without being bothered by blocky pixels.

39″ Seiki SE39UY04 2160p 4K Ultra HD LED TV for $449.05 with free shipping (next best is $550). Cheapest ever by $34.

Or if money is no object, check out this 85″ Samsung UN85S9 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV for $40,000. Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a comma in that price. But hey, you’re saving $5,000 off list price! And you can watch pixellated compressed Netflix without buying a $50 Roku! Also, you won’t have to pay for wallpaper on whatever wall you place this in front of in your house.

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  1. Maurice Samuels

    How is a TV worth $40,000? Im glad Seiki comes in $799 for a 55in that is what it should cost.

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