BeoSound 1 and 2 are Ultra-Classy Wireless Speakers for Your Home

We’re honestly not sure what to make of Bang & Olufsen’s newest speakers. They’re…mini Daleks with sound? They sort of look like room heaters? The BeoSound 1 and 2 have some very odd design features, that’s for sure. However, because this is Bang & Olufsen, they no doubt also have incredible, high-quality sound that can resonate through your entire home. Get ready to see these two speakers on our best wireless speakers list before long.

That odd design is in part due to the purpose of the BeoSounds: They provide true 360-degree sound to fill a room. Those shiny aluminum cylinders house both full range drivers and woofers, so you’re getting a whole lot of range with just one speaker. They also have a few cool extra features, such as proximity features that can detect where they are in the room and always turn around to face you – which again, is bound to make Doctor Who fans a little nervous.

Beosound Floor Table
One for the floor, one for the table.

Most of the work, however, is done via smartphone, where you use the app to stream music over the BeoSounds. B & O wanted to make sure that the speakers worked with pretty much every protocol you may want to use, so they function equally well with Bluetooth, AirPlay, Google Cast and DLNA – you probably won’t have to change your habits to stream with these wireless speakers. They can also be linked over your wireless network (along with any other B & O speakers you may have) if you have more than one speaker and want to spread the sound around.

So, why are there two of them? Basically, the BeoSound 1 is smaller and designed to sit on a table, while the BeoSound 2 is larger and made to sit on the floor. There’s also the not-small matter of price and availability. The first table version you can buy now for $1,500…if you have that kind of cash lying around. The second version will be available October 2016 and will cost $1,900. So, the sort of buyers who can afford to put these around their homes probably aren’t afraid of Daleks.

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