BeOn Smart Light Bulbs Offer An Instant Layer of Home Security

Home security is a deep rabbit hole when it comes to pricing, options, and features.  There is everything from paid monitoring services to turn key DIY products, such as Canary and Angee.  And adding to that latter smart home security category is BeOn smart light bulbs.

Now for clarity’s sake, these are not yet another smart light bulb, like the Philips Hue.  Those simply connect with your smart home and can be controlled via a smart device (iPad, Android, etc). The BeOn smart bulbs offer a layer of security by automating lighting, cueing offer a variety of things.

Setup is apparently pretty simple.  Just screw in, connect via Bluetooth to say your iPhone and you’re in business.  There you can control the output and change features.  The BeOnhome bulbs can learn your schedule over time and automatically turn lights on or off to replicate your presence at home.  Great if you’re traveling for periods of time, but not necessarily the answer when it comes to dissuading burglars.

That said, the bulbs have a modular like system, allowing you to not only upgrade to a new chip set, but include a rechargeable battery backup that can illuminate the lights, even when the switch is powered off, for up to 4 hours, though not at the brightest setting.  And yes, they automatically charge off your home’s light socket when the switch is flipped to “on” so in a power outage they’ll still run.

Adding to the security component is a listening feature.  It can listen for chimes, which includes door bells and alarms.  So if the burglar rings the bell to determine if any one is home, the lights will automatically illuminate.  This could of course lead to false positives, which is to say your friends, family or delivery men might start to think you’re out to drive them bat sh*t crazy. And yes, the same feature applies if your home’s security alarm system goes off.

As of now the BeOn bulbs don’t integrate with other systems, such as IFTTT, programmable thermostats, home security cameras, Nest, or Smartthings from Samsung. But that could change when new modules are released.  Though, that means making a further investment in what is already a potentially pricey set of bulbs ($199 for a 3 pack or $75 for one).  But these bulbs are said to provide the equivalent output of a 60w incandescent bulb – yes, these are LEDs – and have a shelf life of 22 years if used an average of 3 hours a day.  Double the daily usage and you’re still talking about a decade of lighting.

Unfortunately, at least for now, there is now way to control the BeOn smart bulbs outside of Bluetooth range.  This could prove annoying even when at home, because Bluetooth, while spec’d for 30m, is anything but when you don’t have line of sight.  However, the company apparently does plan to bring a WiFi module that will plug into your home’s router and allow you to dial into the smart light bulbs from any where you’ve got an Internet connection.

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