BenQ TK850 Projector Review

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Updated November 29, 2022
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96 Expert Rating

As our #1 pick for both the best outdoor projector and the best long throw projector, this projector is truly a work of art. In this BenQ TK850 projector review, we’ll go over all the features and specs that make this DLP project worth the nearly-$1,500 price tag it commands.


The BenQ TK850 projector is a great home theater projector for any home theater or living room. It provides excellent image quality even in ambient light and offers good black levels thanks to its HDR Pro Technology (which is a combination of HDR brightness & Dynamic Iris).

  • 3,000 Lumen DLP Projector
  • Covers a Dynamic Range of the Color Gamut (98% Rec.709)
  • Minimal Input Lag
  • Nearly $1,500
  • Poor Customer Service

Performance & Resolution

This projector offers a normal picture mode, an HDR mode, a Sports mode, and more. The 4K image (3840 × 2160) projects well on a smaller screen size of 40”, but can produce a clear image on surfaces up to 200” (another great 4K projector is the Optoma CinemaX P1)! HDR Pro technology provides automatic color & tone mapping, which makes HDR content pop, even in a semi-lit room. The TK850 supports HDR10 and HLG technology, but it can also be used for SD content. If you fancy a cheap projector with the option of having multiple connections, the YG300 Mini Portable LED (Meer Pico) will be a perfect fit. But, for another great BenQ projector, you’ll want to check out the BenQ TK800M.

Brightness & Lumens

The BenQ TK850 is designed for use in a room with variable lighting. If you’re only planning on using your projector in a dedicated home theater, you may find that the BenQ HT2050A 1080p DLP projector is a better (and more affordable) option for you. Unlike the BenQ W1080ST, the TK850 is extremely bright at 3,000 lumens, so it easily handles ambient light. Interestingly enough, this projector is not set up for pitch-black rooms, so you will have to adjust the settings if you intend to use it in black rooms.

Adjustability & Viewing Angle

The TK850 was made for projecting on a big screen. It can project from 30” up to 300”, but it’s recommended for use between 40” and 200”, which is still pretty good! On the bottom, you’ll find the usual turnable knob for adjusting the viewing angle, and this device has a keystone for perfecting the image. It even has a lens shift feature for easy adjustment, which is a nice feature. You can use this projector as close up as 1.47” from the screen.


Inside this projector is a 245W lamp that is used as a light source. Unfortunately, the high performance of the lamp is also its downfall, as its expected life is much lower than other projectors. If you run the projector in normal mode, the lamp will only last for approx. 4,000 hours. However, if you use Economic mode, the life expectancy jumps up to 10,000 hours; SmartEco mode is rated up to 15,000 hours. Fortunately, this model does include a lens cover, unlike many cheaper models.


At $1,499, the TK850 isn’t a small investment, but considering the price of an 85” 4K TV is about the same, the investment actually makes more sense (if you’re looking for a much more budget-friendly option, consider the TMY V08 720P NATIVE PROJECTOR instead). BenQ does offer free shipping, but returns will cost extra. It comes with a 3-year warranty (not quite as good as the 5-year GooDee Projector warranty) and scored 4.4 out of 5-stars based on 526 Amazon ratings. Hopefully, you will not have to use the warranty, because customers report poor customer service from BenQ.


Despite its high price tag, the BenQ TK850 projector is definitely worth the money. It offers a far bigger “screen” size than a comparably-priced TV, is capable of displaying in 4K, and supports HDR content. If you’re looking to replace the living room television, then the TK850 could be a great option!

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