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The best gaming monitor should elevate your game. Oh yes.

This 4 monitor is just loaded with features. Not just gaming features either. This BenQ PD3200u monitor has a ton of features that will also help you get your work done. So if you play hard and work hard, this looks like it will be ideal for you. Read on to see my impressions after spending over a month with the BenQ PD3200U. It could be one of the best g-sync monitors you’ll see today.

No matter which games you play, whether you use the PS4, Xbox One X, or PC, you need a good gaming monitor to get the most enjoyment out of your gaming sessions. The BenQ PD3200U 4K Gaming Monitor is a good contender for your money and among the best monitors for Xbox One X.

Is The BenQ PD3200U Worth The Money?

BenQ PD3200U Monitor
Another powerful gaming monitor from BenQ.

This 4k UHD monitor has it all. AQColor technology, Dualview which helps you view your work side by side, Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch to display files, photos or videos from two different computers on a single screen and much more. It is a powerful gaming and work monitor that should serve all of your needs.


  • Great for gaming
  • AQColor technology
  • DualView for multitasking


  • Speakers are not the best

BenQ PD3200U Build Quality And Design

This 32-inch gaming / computer monitor has a slim and modern design that most users will appreciate. It feels solid on the stand, so no worries about it falling down. This seems like the perfect screen size for gaming. It should fit right into your room whether it’s an office or gaming room. The PD 3200u looks good and delivers accurate colors that look great thanks to an Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel type. This model has a wide color gamut that looks great. This model also has decent connectivity: two HDMI ports, display port, mini displayport, 4 USB ports, and an SD card reader.

Another great design choice is the ability to flip it between landscape and portrait mode on the adjustable stand when you need to. The ability to switch between modes is amazing.

Resolution/Response Time/Refresh Rate

The BenQ PD3200U professional monitor boasts a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, a response time of 4 ms, and a refresh rate of 60 hertz. All solid numbers for gaming as well as doing design work or graphical work.


This monitor has some very nice key features:

  • AQColor technology.
  • Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch so you can display files, photos or videos from two different computers on one screen.
  • Eye care technology to reduce eye strain and low blue light technology. Eye care will keep your eyes healthier.
  • Dual View lets you view files side-by-side to compare photos and videos in CAD/CAM, Darkroom or Animation display modes
  • SD card slot


I played many games on this 4K IPS monitor and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the 32inch screen. I didn’t experience any choppy video scenes thanks to the fast response time and refresh rate. The colors are vivid and the detail is clear. The 178-degree viewing angles let you see all of the action from almost anywhere in the room. The build quality is also very good. And the fact that this 4K monitor comes with so many extras means that both my work and play are covered. This is a powerhouse for both gamers and professionals who need a business monitor.

Bottom Line

This ultra HD monitor is expensive, but with so many extra features and superior performance all around, you really get a lot for your money. It has good connectivity options compared to most 4k monitors, is the perfect size for gaming and I loved being able to swivel the display from landscape to portrait easily. The color accuracy is great and it boasts superb image quality. If you are a gamer who plays on game consoles or plays PC games, and also works on the computer daily, I highly recommend it. Especially if you edit photo and video.

Other top picks are the BenQ bl3201ph, Dell Ultrasharp, ASUS ROG,

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