BenQ HT6050 Guarantees Cinema-Grade Projector Quality

It’s no surprise what consumers want when they buy a home projector: They are usually seeking to replicate the movie theater experience inside their homes. The problem is, of course, that a house is not a movie theater. Even with the right projector and screen, small things like distance, illumination, windows, and even the color of your walls can make a big difference when it comes to image quality. Because these factors are difficult to test ahead of time, trying to choose the best home theater projector is a little risky…at least, without doing research first. Fortunately, some products, like BenQ’s HT6050 DLP projector, are working to meet these specific concerns.

The HT6050 has a simple goal: “Are you worried about cinema quality? We’ve got your cinema quality,” the projector says. First, it offers full HD resolution quality (accounting for the DLP system, which is different from the average TV screen), so you’ll get as much clarity as you would in a traditional movie theater. There’s a day mode and night mode to help account for external illumination, too.

Then the projector offers a completely remastered color system that is designed to meet Rec. 709, an international HDTV standard designed to guarantee authentic cinematic color. In other words, colors are going to be as accurate as possible when it comes to imitating video content, with high native contrast to make it look as real as possible. There is also some support for 3D content.

HT6050 Back
A projector designed for simple, modern home use.

Another effort toward cinematic realism: The HT6050 also comes with a frame designed to keep light from leaking out of the project and creating annoying counter-illumination. The lamp, by the way, is a fair 2,000 lumens, with up to a 6,000 hour lifespan if you use all the eco-friendly settings. It also comes with five different zoom options for more flexible setups. That bulb probably isn’t in much danger of overheating, but it still comes with a new cooling system designed to keep the project as quiet as possible.

When it comes to connections, the project primarily depends a dual HDMI port (HDMI and HDMI/MHL) which should work for most content, but you should still double check to make sure that it has the ports you need.

You can buy the BenQ HT6050 right now…as long as you are willing to pay for it. Yep, all those color enhancements don’t come cheap – this is one of the most expensive projectors we’ve covered for the average consumer at $3,800. With the prices of 4K TVs dropping below that, you’ll have to decide just how important that cinematic feel is this year.

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