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If you want something that compares to the best 27-inch monitor, for everyday use, but can also hold its own when it comes to being a quality gaming monitor, then you may want to go for this full HD BENQ GL2760H. Offering a fast response time and a flicker-free technology, you can rest assured your eyes will need no time to adjust to the screen. You will feel comfort from all viewing angles, allowing extended periods of casual use. You know what else feels comfortable even after long periods of use? The best computer monitors. Check them out!

Why We Like It – Benq GL2760H

If you’re in the market for a monitor that is not only a perfect size for your home office, then the BENQ GL2760H is the right choice for you. Eye care technology and the dynamic contrast ratio allows easy viewing and much less eye fatigue.

  • Quick pixel response
  • Good price
  • Input lag is on the low side
  • Not many features
  • Some issues with color accuracy


Your eyes will thank you for using the BENQ GL2760H. The flicker-free monitor also offers an ultra-high contrast ratio, resulting in clear and defined pictures and movement…which helps eye care. Internal audio works well and the 2MS response time is quick and functional. Like the ACER R240HY, the screen does offer a fast pixel response and there is virtually no lagging, making for a good gaming monitor. The screen is aesthetically an overall more pleasant experience. There is flexible connectivity, meaning it has no issues adapting to all types of laptops such as PC, Mac, or any systems that use HDMI connections.

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With the BENQ GL2760H, the glossy black bezels are combined with a thin frame. The standard plus icon, minus icon, allows you to adjust different settings directly from the monitor itself. The bottom panel can tilt the screen, however, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments are not available with this model. Like the ASUS va24ehe monitor 1920×1080 d sub, the screen is impressively light, so you can take it with you wherever you go, Whether it’s the office, or your favorite gaming location. For the price, you are going to get a fairly decent-looking monitor.

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Gamers are going to enjoy the price for this BENQ GL2760Hm thanks to the smooth 2MS response time. The monitor offers low input lag, fast response time, and all at an affordable price. Much like the LG 24M47VQ, there are more than enough features to justify the cost, enough to make it more than just an everyday monitor. For work or gaming, you could pretty much use this for anything, making it a pretty easy choice for screens of the size. And with the flicker technology, you might actually be saving money by not requiring an eye doctor!

Benq GL2760H Wrap Up

With low blue light technology filters, harmful blue light is taken out of the equation when looking at this stunning keyword screen. Gamers will rejoice with the fact they could keep on playing extra hours without experiencing the same eye fatigue they are used to. The monitor is affordable and works well for basic home productivity and multimedia use. Some of the viewing angles are a bit narrow, and sometimes the color accuracy is off, but a speedy pixel response provides smooth gaming and video viewing.

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