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The BenQ ex3203r earned its position as one of the Best Curved Gaming Monitors by giving users a colorful experience filled with the sharpest graphics. The widescreen display is great for gamers looking for a better view, or someone that needs more space for multiple windows.

Why We Like It – BenQ EX3203R

The BenQ ex3203r provides a rich gaming experience by combining smooth frame rates with better brightness and contrast levels. With its curved display, it brings a panoramic experience that immerses you into whatever game you decide to play. It offers a diverse panel of ports to connect various types of devices.

  • Freesync 2 gets rid of broken frames and provides sharp gameplay
  • The high refresh rate of 144hz is great for today’s latest games
  • Only a single USB 3.0 port


The curved monitor has a capped resolution of 2560×1440. It has a curvature of 1800R, which translates to 1800 millimeters for the radius. It has a refresh rate of 144hz, which is better than the average refresh rate among competitors and translates to smoother gameplay. It also uses AMD free sync 2 to ensure that there are no sloppy broken graphics. If you would like to find a monitor with features similar to this, you may also be interested in the rog swift pg35vq.

Viewing angle

The 31.5-inch EX3203R monitor uses a VA panel, which is known to be reliable but may not provide the best viewing angles. The viewing angle for this monitor is 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. The HDR support on this monitor will provide even sharper graphics. There is a brightness intelligence plus which will adjust the brightness and color temperatures for better viewing experiences. If you would rather invest in a larger screen, you may want to check out the Alienware aw3418dw that stands at a solid 34” inches.


While some customers raved about the monitor’s success, other customer reviews revealed that they experienced some backlight bleeding. You can always take extra precautions and add a protection plan if you want your investment to last longer. As with most monitors, with your purchase, you will also have a limited warranty in case of any defects.


This monitor has a unique USB type c port that can be used for turbocharging a phone or connecting any other device that may use USB C. There is also a single USB port that supports 3.1, and there are multiple HDMI ports to connect multiple consoles. The ultra slim bezels let you connect more of these monitors together for an all out cinematic experience. If the BenQ EX3203R monitor does not excite you at this point, it may be time to check out something different like the Asus pg348q.


This monitor is a great choice because you can enjoy the QHD resolution for Fortnite, COD Modern Warfare, or any movie. Thanks to the adaptive sync technology, you can enjoy smooth frame rates and give yourself a competitive edge. It also has blue light technology, which will help reduce eye strain. The VA panel type is durable and provides rich vibrant colors. Motion blur and ghosting will be problems of the past after purchasing this BenQ monitor.

BenQ EX3203R Wrap Up

With the BenQ ex3203r on your desk, you can take advantage of rapid response times during any intense games you may have. The 31.5” screen size will be an immersive experience, and the brightness intelligence plus will automatically adjust your brightness levels to reduce eye strain and adjust to give you the best view for your environment.

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