BenQ EW2480 24 inch Eye Care Speakers Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

The BenQ EW2480 is another one of BenQ’s affordable gaming monitors, and it does pretty well to balance the scale between amazing game performance and eye care technology. The gaming monitor has a decent screen resolution of about 1080p, and it comes with emulated HDR technology to deliver sharp images with vivid color. It’s built-in treVolo speakers give it an edge over other gaming monitors in terms of audio quality, and it’s low blue light technology helps filter out blue light which is known to affect how well you sleep. These are just some of the features that this IPS LED monitor has to offer, so make sure you get to the end of this review to see why we think it has what it takes to be the best budget gaming monitor for you. When it comes to the best electronics for gaming, BenQ delivers.

Why We Like It – BenQ EW2480 24 inch Eye Care Speakers

The BenQ EW2480 24 inch Eye Care Speakers is an eye care IPS LED monitor that is designed to offer advanced gaming performance, and still keep your eyesight in check especially if you tend to spend long hours in front of your monitor. It’s also got 2 integrated speakers that offer great sound, and AMD Radeon FreeSync technology to optimize the refresh rate for gaming.

  • Energy Star certified
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Low maximum brightness


One of the stand out features for the BenQ EW2480 is it’s HDRi technology. Although lacking in the ViewSonic VX2257 MHD Gaming Monitor FreeSync, it adjusts the display’s brightness to deliver images that have a sharper contrast and vivid color. This is very essential in gaming as it helps deliver an immersive experience, and coupled with the monitor’s AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, there will be a lot less screen stuttering, tearing or ghosting to deal with compared to other monitors. At 250 nits, the maximum brightness level is a bit low, but this is something that the IPS LED monitor purposely implements to keep eye strain at a minimum. Another 24-inch gaming monitor that is flicker free and has 1ms response time is detailed in our ASUS vx248h 1920×1080 gaming monitor review.


This BenQ eye care IPS LED monitor doesn’t have too much to make it stand out in terms of looks, and because of this, there’s not much to differentiate it from the BenQ GL2480. Despite this, the monitor does have a slightly better offering in terms of connectivity, as it offers up to 3 HDMI ports for a wider range of options to connect your video source. The monitor also sports two stereo HDRI HDMI speakers that are run by a digital signal processor, and this allows for greater customization of your audio to match your listening needs. A BenQ model that is built with the dream combination of a TN with LED panel is described in our BenQ GL2480 review.


BenQ demonstrates their commitment in ensuring that their customers stay healthy when using their products by investing a lot in terms of eye care technology. The BenQ EW2480 for example comes with Brightness Intelligence Plus to for automated on-screen brightness control depending on the monitor’s ambience, ePaper mode for a clear black and white layout when reading for long durations, flicker free technology to keep images sharp, and a blue light filter that does away with harmful light emissions from the screen. These are features that you won’t get with the Pixio FreeSync Certified 1920×1080 Warranty, so if safety is a major concern when buying your electronic products, the EW2480 remains a great option to go with.

BenQ EW2480 24 inch Eye Care Speakers Wrap Up

This eye care IPS LED monitor has sharp visuals thanks to HDRi HDMI speakers that allow for sound customization, and eye care technologies that help keep you safe as you use it. Go ahead and hop over to Amazon to find out what first time customers had to say about it.

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