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If you are looking for the best gaming monitor for ps4, BenQ might have the answer.

Just in case you haven’t upgraded your monitor to 4K yet, the BenQ EL2870U 4K gaming monitor has a lot to offer, whether you are a PC gamer, or use a console like the Xbox or the PS4 Pro. We like the Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ 27″ 4K – Editor’s Choice/Best G-Sync Monitor, but this one is also a great gaming option.

The BenQ EL2870U is priced nicely, has UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution, and measures 28 inches, which is the perfect size for a PC games monitor. It packs in some other nice features too. Read the buying guide below to see my impressions.

I put in over 40 hours playing games on this display so to find out if it is a monitor worthy of being one of the best monitors for the Xbox One. Poor me, I know.

Is The BenQ EL2870U Worth Your Money?

BenQ EL2870U 4K Gaming Monitor
A powerful gaming monitor from BenQ.

This ultrawide gaming monitor with a 28-inch screen size has a streamlined design that looks great, nice color accuracy, great picture quality, 16 9 aspect ratio, supports HDR10 content and Cinema HDR Mode, 1ms response time, as well as a native contrast ratio of 1000:1. There is a lot to like here. The question is, how does it perform when gaming every day.


  • Supports HDR
  • UHD (Ultra High Definition) Resolution
  • Great Price


  • Needs MoreConnectivity
  • Built-In Speakers Are Not The Best

BenQ EL2870U Build Quality And Design

This monitor is built well enough that it feels sturdy and it sits solidly on the stand, which isn’t always the case with monitors. The design is streamlined and modern, giving it a bit of class. It’s a step above most gaming displays when it comes to aesthetics.

Resolution/Response Time/Refresh Rate

This entry-level 28-inch display offers 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution at 60hz refresh rate. The response time is lightning fast at just 1 ms. That means no input lag or motion blur. With all of these factors, you shouldn’t have any issues with stuttering images or screen tearing. In fact, I encountered none of those problems.


Connectivity on this 4k display is a bit of a disappointment. It has 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, DisplayPort 1.4, and a headphone jack. However, there are no USB ports.


Some of the additional features of this BenQ model are Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology which gives you a balance between the maximum contrast and vibrancy to get the most details with the brightness. That should help with eye strain. AMD Freesync is on board too to keep your image looking perfect with low input lag. Smart Focus lets you target an area on the screen, so you can focus on that area, with less distraction. While the auto-brightness and color temperature detector adjust the settings so that it best suits the room you are in. The black levels are very good too. As you can see, the EL2870u features are good.


In my time testing the BenQ EL2870U, I found it to be a very capable HDR gaming monitor. I didn’t experience any tears or ghosting while playing my favorite video games. The colors on this freesync monitor are very accurate and it has a wide color gamut. The clarity and detail are also very impressive. It delivered a vibrant picture and extremely realistic images no matter the game. Viewing angles are also great. You can see the action from anywhere in the room. The low response time keeps images from stuttering.

I tested it with the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One X. This was certainly a few steps up from the monitor I usually use. As a gamer, this display makes me very happy indeed. Why ever go back to 1080p monitors?

Bottom Line

I couldn’t be happier with this ultrawide gaming 4K monitor, especially since it is priced so well. The BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K is a standout HDR gaming monitor. It doesn’t matter if you are watching movies or playing on a gaming PC. It offers excellent performance and makes your game time even better. This is a great Freesync monitor with decent build quality and one of the better 4k hdr monitors for gaming out there right now. Movies are also a special viewing experience on this display at 4k resolution.

I love the image quality. It is an awesome budget monitor.

Other top picks for monitors include the BenQ EW3270u, ASUS ROG, and the Acer Predator.

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