BenQ BL2711U Review

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Updated November 7, 2022
86 Expert Rating

High definition monitors are a dime a dozen these days, however, the BenQ BL2711U manages to stand out from the crowd with distinct features. Alongside being a gaming monitor, the BL2711U brings in an excellent contrast ratio with a UHD resolution, earning spots on our list for not only best video editing monitor and best gaming monitor, but also for the best monitor for eyes. But does it feature on our best computer monitors list?

Why We Like It – BenQ BL2711U

Out of the box, the BenQ BL2711U brings an impressive picture and features. Some, like the animation mode, are blessings for those in the media industry.

  • sRGB colors are lifelike
  • VESA compatibility
  • Diverse port selection
  • Flickering is a major issue
  • Some settings feel redundant


The BenQ BL2711U makes claims of having flicker-free technology, and on paper, this sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, the claims BenQ makes have been unable to be proven as fact. Despite its best efforts, such as the built-in display pilot software and low blue light filter; features that should improve eye care are dismissed by an uncontrollable flicker. Should the flickering be too much for you, the BenQ GW2280 Eye Care is a solid alternative.

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Viewing Angle

Featuring IPS technology, the BenQ BL2711U looks good at any angle. The matte screen reduces any incoming glare on the display, and if the screen didn’t flicker as much, would make for one of the best viewing experiences. Like the Dell UltraSharp U2412M, this monitor’s stand is fully adjustable, able to tilt, rotate and swivel to whatever position you see fit. As an additional feature, the BenQ BL2711U is VESA compatible. Should you want to mount this monitor to a wall, it’ll be easy to do so. If you already have a VESA mount, you’re already halfway through a simple installation.

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A concern about the BenQ BL2711U’s longevity is the screen itself. The one issue that detriments the BL2711U is its inability to control its flickering. A rather small but glaring issue at the moment, I can easily see this becoming a much larger problem. If BenQ couldn’t squash this problem, it’s unknown what other problem, potentially fatal to the monitor, they couldn’t fix as well. A proven monitor with great longevity is the ViewSonic VA2855SMH, a worthwhile investment that will last.


The BenQ BL2711U comes with two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, 4 USB Slots, and a Headphone Jack. Ditching the VGA cable, this monitor embraces modernity and uses the space for said VGA port and instead opts for USB slots.


Power consumption is a legitimate concern for many owners of monitors, some drain too much power and raise bills. Thankfully the BenQ BL2711U has none of those issues, and while it gives a fantastic performance, the underlying issue with this monitor is its flickering issue.

BenQ BL2711U Wrap Up

A monitor that offers so much, yet is setback by its own issues. The BenQ BL2711U shows promise, with its color accuracy and features such as a CAD/CAM mode. VESA support and a diverse port selection make this a contender, but it is limited by simple issues that threaten its longevity. If you can make do with this monitor’s flickering issue, this will be a reliable choice that offers a pristine picture.

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