Belt Transforms Into A Scooter

Is it a scooter or a belt? Actually it’s both! Although the two seem like two totally different things that don’t make sense as one, designer Adam Torok thought outside the box and decided to combine the two with his new creation – the Collapsable Belt Scooter. Now, this very utilitarian invention may not be able to compete with the fastest electric scooters which are the best choice for the money, but it does have a cute appeal and earns you good karma by really reducing your carbon footprints.

Fully Functional Belt


Every guy needs a belt to hold up his pants and the Belt Scooter does a great job at it! It fully wraps around you waist and weights only 1.7k, so it’s not as bulky as you’d first think. Then when you’re ready to take off, just take it off, unfold it and be on your merry way!

Futuristic Style

Although the Belt Scooter is only a prototype at the moment, it doesn’t look that bad and sort of looks like the belt of the future. You’ll think of yourself as a nerdy Batman, but instead of having all kinds of good devices to fight with on your belt, you’ll be able to whip it out whenever you’re in a hurry and zip away to your destination. As for the design, he white belt with black accents uses plywood and iron, along with white fabric, which is what ames it so lightweight.

Fully Rideable Scooter


The invention goes from being a fully wearable belt that holds up your pants to a fully rideable and functional scooter when you unfold it. It rides on two very small wheels and even has a handle bar up top to hold on to when scooting around the city. Then when you’re at your destination, just roll it up and buckle it back on your waist to hold up your pants.

The Belt Scooter was actually Torok’s degree project while studying at the University of West Hungry’s Institute of Applied Art and was shown at the 2014 Budapest Design Week. He’s already working on developing the next version, so we may just see his unique belts in stores in the future!

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