Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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92 Expert Rating

It isn’t often that a minimalist’s wallet can ascend to Best Cool Wallets status, but the Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet manages just fine. Its leather exterior is sleek, stylish, and nicely stitched; its entire design is slim, making it a premium example of what the Best Front Pocket Wallet needs to achieve.


Why We Like It – Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet

The Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet is a minimalist’s calling card, due to its slim design, but doesn’t sacrifice too much that its style suffers. As a bonus, the leather used is environmentally certified!

  • Holds up to 15 credit cards
  • Dedicated space for a second SIM card
  • Environmentally certified leather
  • Lack of substantial organization
  • A tad pricey


What’s nice about the aesthetics of the Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet is the effort to break up the use of leather. For example, the zipper opening provides not only a two-tone coloring but also a nice accent to the leather. The stitching is fair, though the pull tab on the zipper looks subpar.


Since this is a combination of high-quality leather and fabric, you can expect a few years of use; in fact, there’s a 3-year warranty attached to the wallet, just to give you some context. However, a few users noted the dye rubbing off onto their cards, on the inside. If you are interested in a leather wallet with a  selection of colors to choose from, the Bellroy Note Sleeve is a choice to consider.


The Bellroy Card Holder Slim Wallet could use some improvements. Holding both folded bills and 15 cards at the same time is great, and the pull tab does allow for quick access to said cards. What isn’t great is stacking all 15 of your cards into one area, which can result in your cards rubbing together and leaving behind scratches. It desperately needs organization, like the separate pockets on the Vaultskin Notting Hill Wallet.

Size & Versatility

Measuring 4 x 2.6 inches, the Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet definitely fits the definition as a “minimalist wallet.” You can get an even slimmer minimalist’s back pocket wallet with the Herschel Charlie Wallet, but the Bellroy Sleeve Wallet still serves its purpose. It’s a breeze to slide it into your front wallet.


As far as minimalist wallets go, the Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet can handle a high number of cards, one of the highest. With that said, its aesthetics and performance still aren’t worth a nearly $60 price tag. If you want something more affordable, or you just don’t care for leather, then consider getting the Crabby Wallet. It nearly serves the same purpose for the fraction of the price.

Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet Wrap Up

By no means is the Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet bad, but its few flaws can really turn potential users away. This is mainly due to its lack of substantial organization. All of your cards are crammed together and that’s that. It looks great and performs decently, but ultimately too pricey for what it accomplishes.

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