Turn Your iPhone 5 Into a Buildable Brick With Belkin’s LEGO Case

Belkin's LEGO Case

LEGOs aren’t just for kids anymore and Belkin’s iPhone 5 LEGO Builder Case proves this. For $39.99, you can protect your phone and play with LEGOs at the same time! Designed to protect the button on the side of your iPhone 5, the case also lets your imagination go wild with play since the back can be used to build tiny LEGO projects. Your phone is always protected and its ports and speakers are fully exposed so that you can still use the phone’s functions, but the best art is that it’s designed with an official LEGO Base Plate so you can go crazy customizing it with your favorite LEGO bricks.

Belkin's LEGO Case

The case all keeps the iPhone 5’s screen safe thanks to its wraparound frame that fits your phone ever so slightly. It was designed this way so that when you place your phone facedown on a flat surface, your screen is less likely to get scratched. It comes in three two-tone color cases: yellow and blue, purple and blue and black and blue. And its flexible, easy-to-grip outer frame perfectly fits in your hands with or with out extra LEGO bricks on the back.

Belkin's LEGO Case

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