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Belkin Announces First To Market iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories

If you’re fed up with dragging your iPhone 5’s Lightning cable between your car, office, and home, good news.   Today, Belkin introduced what they say are the first official third party Lightning accessories on the market.  That said, the’ve got plans to launch many more before year’s end.

For night time charging, or at your desk, there is the Belkin Charge + Sync Dock.  Really no explaination as needed, and this dock is an iteration on a previous model that existed for the iPhone 4 and 4s.  However, in this model they’ve include a slot for a headphone jack so you can add your headphones or speakers to the mix.  Strangely enough, the $30 price tag does NOT include a Lightning cable, so you’ll actually have to use the one that was packed with your iPhone 5 or purchase another one.  Hardly an attractive deal, but hey, it’s an iPhone 5 accessory, so here we are.

Playing complement to the Belkin Charge + Sync dock, as well as the aforementioned scenario, is the Car Charger with Lightning connector.  This setup includes a 4-foot Lightning cable (thank God), costs $30, and is bundled with a car compatible cigarette adapter that delivers 2.1amps, enough to efficiently power up your iPad, as well as your iPhone 5.

According to Belkin the Belkin Charge + Sync dock and Car Charger should ship on or before November 15th.

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