Behold The Luckiest Motorcyclist Ever

Note: Sorry, YouTube removed the video :(.

Motorcycle accidents are no joke. One mistimed turn, one inattentive driver, and you’ll hit something very heavy, very quickly, with no protection. But, occasionally, somebody lucks out, like this motorcyclist who dodges severe injury by being acrobatic.

Stick The Landing

This happens, of course, in the land of the dashcam, Russia. Russia has a terrible insurance and court system, so the more evidence you have of an accident, the more likely you are to not be thrown under the bus in order for some jerk to avoid responsibility. Hence, there are dashcams everywhere, giving the country a reputation for weird stuff happening on the roads. Admittedly, that video above is just one of them.

Flip And Slide

Essentially, the cyclist does something stupid that no cyclist should do, and tries to weave around cars in slow traffic. If he’d pulled off the correct technique, he would have slipped through the vehicles and been on his merry way.

Instead, he rear-ended a car. Usually, this doesn’t end well for the cyclist; they get thrown over the car and often hit by it, often fatally. Here, though, he hits the car, he goes for the flip… and he sticks the landing on the roof of the car, probably denting it but largely seemingly landing with his health and well-being intact.

Sheer Luck


We want to emphasize that A) this cyclist was insanely lucky and not be emulated and B) he never would have risked his life in the first place if he’d just followed the traffic laws like a normal, sane person. But, on the other hand, if you’re going to wipe out, damage somebody’s car, and generally spend six months in court being ordered to pay for their repairs, at least you’ve got something you can brag about out of the deal, Russian guy.

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