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Beep Makes All Your Speakers Wireless (video)

If you haven’t outfitted with your home with a wireless sound system yet, you won’t have to anymore with Beep. The tiny device easily connects to your speakers, receivers and docs so that your music can be heard wirelessly throughout your entire home. Created by former Google hardware engineers, Beep can hook into any speaker or amp that has an auxiliary or optical input to instantly make it wi-fi compatible in no time. Set up is super easy! All you do is plug in the wedge-shaped device, connect it via cable to your speakers and then enter your Wi-Fi password using the accompanying app for iOS and Android. The tiny dial also looks good since it’s designed in both gunmetal and copper so that it can be displayed rather then hidden.


It also features a large volume dial with inputs for play, pause and skip. If you want to make all your speakers or amps wireless, each one will need it’s own Beep. Playing music on Beep is easy, since you choose music from the apps you already have on your Smartphone. It’s integrated directly with Pandora with more services available soon, or you can just play your own saved music on your phone or tablet using the Beep app. Beep will be available this coming fall for $149 and you can pre-order now for $99 with a $10 discount for every friend you convince to buy one, too.


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