Bedjet Keeps You Warm In Winter and Cool In Summer


Make your bed warm during winter and cool during summer with the Bedjet bed heating and cooling device. You’ll never be too hot or too cold in bed ever again! You’ll be able to superheat your bedding in just180 seconds or cool off in no time with the device’s convenient bedside remote control.  Conceived by an ex-NASA spacesuit engineer, the Bedjet provides on-demand ultra rapid hot and toasty pre-heating for your bed in just 3 minutes all via a wireless remote or the optional smartphone app, making it feel as if you have a warm towel wrapped around your body. Its 3-to 8 minute auto shutoff after activation lets you know your bedding has been fully heated by more than 30 degrees over room temperature.

Press the  the cooling button on the remote and the device instantly disperses built-up body heat with a dry and refreshing room temperature breeze between the bed sheets and over your body so you can say goodbye to those annoying hot flashes and damp sheets. Both cool and warm functions will provide you with a better night’s sleep, with a number of studies proving that body temperature regulation in bed plays a critical role for deep circadian rhythm sleep. There’s also no annoying noise since it’s a durable and quiet forced air heating, with ventilation and air conditioning system that ducts right into your bedding.  The Kickstarter campaign still has about two weeks to go so make sure you order yours soon by pledging $249 or more.


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