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Beddit Sleep Monitor Helps You Get A Better Night’s Rest


Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. But for many who have trouble sleeping, a good night’s rest can seem like an impossible task. To help aide these unfortunate sleepers, Misfit has created their Beddit Sleep Monitor. The plastic sleep aide device is placed on your bed, between your sheets and mattress, while it’s sensor will monitor and track your sleep patterns so that you wake up with an app-full of information to help you get the best zzz’s you’ve ever had.


The Beddit device will track your heart rate, when you’re awake, sleep cycles like deep and light sleep duration, total sleep time and even if you’re snoring. All the data is then sent to the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth and will display an accurate picture of your sleeping patterns. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, the device will provide soothing sounds that’ll help you nod off. And so that you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle your day, the Beddit’s Smart Alarm will wake you during a light sleep cycle. Get better sleep with Mistfit’s Beddit for $149 and choose from either black or white options.


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