If your goal in life is to become the next Shawn White of snowboarding, then you probably have to work really hard on your skills. To help you figure out what you could improve on and what you’re doing wrong while up on the mountain comes the XON Snow-1 Bindings and app that will analyze your snowboarding.

Visualize Your Riding

Snow-1 bindings

You’ll be able to visualize your load balance of each foot thanks to the four load sensors at the bottom of each of the foot bindings. You’ll also be able to see a bending level of your snowboard via two flex sensors. And learning new tricks (like Ollies and Nollies) will be easier thanks to the  bend sensors that are placed on both the head and the tail of a snowboard. The system will even help you perfect your takeoff on jumps so that you’re on point. It’s not only a great tool for beginners, but even advanced snowboarders who could really benefit from this type of feedback.

Analyze Data

Snow-1 bindings

The XON device easily connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and its app and will track in real-time all sorts of useful data while you’re boarding. The data is then visualized on the app and you’ll get tips on how to improve your riding as you’re out practicing. And its Video Overlay function will record your snowboarding data like GPS, acceleration of your movement, load balance and flex so after each ride, you can easily and quickly check your snowboarding style while riding on a ski lift.

Strobe Lights

Snow-1 bindings

The bindings have 4 built-in LED strobe lights in the heels and toes that you can program to light up when you jump or turn. They also come in handy when you’re riding at dusk so that you could see a bit better.

The Snow-1 bindings are scheduled to come out later this year, with pricing TBD (somewhere around the $400-$600 range).

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