BeatsX are the iPhone-Ready, Bluetooth Earbuds You’ve Been Waiting For

BeatsX may be the best noise cancelling headphones we’ve seen in a while. Did anyone else find Apple’s new announcement about the wireless AirPods a little awkward? Those earbuds aren’t doing themselves any favors, especially when you take a minute to think about how easily they will fall out or get lost during everyday life. It’s even stranger when you consider that Apple had also released, at the same time, a new Beats headset that does the same things, but in a much more impressive way.

It’s called the BeatsX, and if you like wireless then it’s one of the best Bluetooth headphones built for working out.

First, these headphones are designed specifically to stay with you and fit well enough, even when you get active. The earbuds are connected via a cable that is designed to be especially durable, with a little extra inflexibility to make it easier to hook it around your neck when necessary. The backs of the earbuds are also magnetized, so you can snap them together to form a complete loop whenever you want. Includes tip accessories allow you to attach extra hooks for your ears if you are planning on jogging or more intense workouts.

Slim and sturdy, these iPhone 7-ready headphones are designed for workouts.

The Bluetooth connection is the same used in other Apple products which pairs particularly well with Apple devices, but can also work with any sufficiently new Bluetooth connection, so don’t worry about switching between devices.

Battery power is also an interesting feature n the BeatsX: The earbuds have 8 hours of battery life, which is pretty good for wireless earbuds without a lot of room to store battery components. However, they also have a feature called “Fast Fuel” which can deliver a super-quick charge to the headphones if you are short on time. Connect the Lightning cable, charge for five minutes, and you get two hours of use: No word on what that does to your batteries in the long term, but it’s nice for unexpected requirements.

While the BeatsX hasn’t been released yet, it’s expected to drop sometime this fall. The price will absolutely be $150, so start saving up if you need new workout headphones!

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