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Updated July 6, 2022
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If you want a mattress for sciatica or just a good sleep, we have you covered. My girlfriend and I started looking for a new mattress this summer as a consequence of her upcoming move, prompting this Bear mattress review. She and I go back and forth from my place to hers and quite frankly, she was trying to come up with some arrangement to acquire my spring mattress which we both love. Currently, she is sleeping on a second-hand mattress from a former roommate, who gave it to her when the roommate upgraded. I wonder if the new roommate misses her old mattress, or if she’s sleeping on what could be one of the best mattresses around. I should ask.

I had heard about these online mattress deals from a friend who was able to take advantage of the generous return policy with a different company. Bear Mattress has a 100 Night Risk-free trial period as well as free returns. I figured being able to sleep on a mattress for that amount of time is actually less risky than trying a mattress out in a store for ten minutes. I ordered from Bear Mattress with the feeling that I had nothing to lose.

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Summary: The Bear mattress provides an exceptionally comfortable (and cool) night’s sleep

Price: $500-$950
Available: Now


I was immediately impressed from the very beginning with my Bear Mattress. First, the order was processed very quickly and I received the bed within a few days as promised on the website. The packaging itself was remarkable; it comes in a box a little larger than your average college refrigerator and even included a small bladed tool to help you open the shrink wrap!

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Eco-Friendly Materials

One of my concerns with these types of beds is the “off-gasing” period where it smells toxic due to the factory chemicals. My buddy bought one from another company and ended up returning it because it was giving him a headache.

This was not the case at all with the Bear Mattress.

The absence of smell was clearly a concern for the engineers given they used an odorless material to construct the foam, but it’s also eco-conscious as well. The mattress is Certi-pur Certified which means it was made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. I tossed my old mattress immediately, put the sheets on this one and was good to go.

Comfort and Support

Now the most important part – the feel. I tend to like a firmer mattress and was reluctant to try anything related to memory foam because it almost feels like your sinking into clay. I think even Goldilock’s would have found this Bear Mattress to be just right. Thanks to the attention spent on pressure relief and pressure mapping, my back was well supported.

It’s definitely responding to my body like you’d expect from a foam, but not to a point where I don’t feel like I’m in a weird waterbed (or like its sucking me in!).

This comfort I felt was largely in part due to the multi-layered materials that go into the mattress. The top layer is a Memory Foam that is infused with a graphite-gel. The foam structure and the conductivity of the graphite creates a surface area that dissipates the heat away from the body to keep you cool.

The next layer is a hybrid foam that stays consistent with the cooling intentions, while the final layer is the foundation that will keep the mattress solid for a long time. They are obviously confident in the quality given the ten year warranty that comes with your purchase.

The only “issue” I’ve had so far is that given that the responsiveness is better than the old mattress, I might buy a new pillow to accommodate the change in my head/neck support, but have yet to experience any stiffness.

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Latest Technology

Lastly, I was particularly interested in the Bear Mattress because it said it was designed for athletes using a material known as Celliant. Basically, it’s a yarn that has been infused with minerals which facilitate a thermo-reactive response from the body. This process allows for more oxygen to be absorbed in the blood which facilitates muscle recovery. The scientific evidence is well supported on the website, but I suspect that even if these claims are accurate, it’ll likely have a cumulative effect on the body over a long period of time.


My girlfriend and I have slept on this mattress for over a week now and within that time we have both empathetically commented on how well we’ve slept. For me it’s incredibly rare to wake up in the morning in the same position I feel asleep and this has happened a few times now. I now understand why people say, “I slept like a rock”.

One of the interesting things that she and I have commented on and amazingly, it does not seem to be advertised, is the motion control aspect of the mattress. My mattress, the one we both love, is a spring mattress, and since both of us turn throughout the night, it’s not uncommon for one of us to note in the morning that the other must not have been sleeping well since we woke up to their movements. Just last night, my girlfriend said, “Did I wake you up at all? I was up late with a stomach ache.” Amazingly, this was one of the occasions that I woke up where I feel asleep. It was an aspect of the purchase I hadn’t even considered but it’s actually made the most noticeable difference.

The whole experience with Bear Mattress has been very impressive and I’d highly recommend this bed in a box brand to anyone in the market for a new sleep experience.

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