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Beanzawave: The World’s First USB Powered Portable Microwave Oven

Heinz Snap Pots launches the world’s smallest microwave – the Beanzawave

If Heinz, yup, the ketchup maker has its way you’ll never leave the confines of your cubicle.  Measuring just just 7.4inches tall by 6.2in wide and 5.9in deep, this mini microwave – called the Beanzawave – can be powered off your computer’s USB port or optional lithium ion batteries.  I’m still convinced its a super belated April Fool’s joke, but all signs point to it being the real deal.  Unlike conventional microwave ovens, the Beanzawave uses a combination of mobile phone radio frequencies to heat the inserted food or liquid, which might explain its ability to be powered by USB.  The current prototype Beanzawave has a price tag of about $160, which prices it beyond most consuermers’ appetites for convenience, but like all things portable and mobile phone oriented the price is sure to drop with time. If you’re looking for a handy microwave…for your kitchen and not your workstation, then check out Why You Should Buy A New Microwave and which brand and model we consider to be the best small microwave in the market.

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