Be BBQ-Ready With Refuel, Device Monitors Tank’s Propane Levels From Your Phone


Finding out your BBQ tank is out of propane in the middle of a family BBQ is a pain. So you’ve just laid out your steak and chicken on the grill only to find out that it won’t light because there’s no more propane can seriously be upsetting. You could have avoided the situation if you had the Refuel device. It’s not exactly easy to monitor how much propane you have left and not having the grill light up is probably the only indication that you’re out (unless you routinely pick up the heavy ass tank to check, but who does that?).


Refuel lets you monitor your tank’s propane levels right from your smartphone so you can easily check if you have to postpone that BBQ a week or two for you to refill the tank. And the good thing is that the device is waterproof so you can leave it outside on your grill and not have to worry about it getting rained on. The device transmit info to the app on your phone and gives you an estimate amount of time your promote is good for, allowing you the chance to get it refilled if you’re trying to be grill master for the day.


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