BBQ Dragon Starts Fires In Less Than 10 Minutes (video)

Man may not have created fire, but in times even before antiquity, humans mastered the art of fire starting. Fast-forward to the fast-paced hustle and bustle of modernity. Somehow, our highly efficient and evolved brains lost that that ability. Not everybody can start a fire in a timely fashion. A world filled with complicated child-proof lighters, flammable chemicals and quick-start briquettes have neutered our nature-sense. A simple backyard barbecue can be an exercise in tedium resulting in cold coals and hungry bellies.


Soon you may be able to start a fire in less than 10 mins guaranteed with the BBQ Dragon. The BBQ Dragon is focus of a new Kickstarter crowd-funded campaign. The campaign has not gone fully live as of yet but you can see the draft here. The BBQ Dragon is made to blow low-pressure air on to a live flame to help your flame grow. This unit works for BBQ charcoal grills, fireplaces, firepits, campfires, wood stoves and more. It works hands-free and attaches easily, clamping down on the edge of grill or fireplace.  The low-velocity air controller has variable speeds to provide just right amount of oxygen to feed your flames. It charges via USB to the AA batteries for ease and convenience.

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