The new Star Wars movie hasn’t even dropped yet, and there are already some fan favorites. Notably the cute little rolling BB-8 droid, which seems to succinctly encapsulate everything fans love about droids in a fun new character. We can look forward to plenty of gifts for geeks as all of the new toys roll out. If you love everything Star Wars, head on over to our Star Trek vs. Star Wars infographic too.

Star Wars and Disney have been quick to capitalize on this love – of course. Fortunately, the result is a miniature working BB-8 model from creator Sphero that is just as lovable as the few seconds we’ve seen on the big screen. Released as part of Force Friday, the little dude quickly stole hearts and won over tech toy fans.



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The robot is controlled via app, but it can also respond to voice commands based on where you want it to go. Or you can just put it on patrol mode and have it randomly scout the area or occasionally bump into walls as it gets its bearings, which is just as adorable as it sounds.

There are even other functions, like the shake or nod of a head to help give the lil droid a few extra emotions based on what it’s encountering. Does it sound sweet? It certainly does.

But at a $150 price tag (and with availability almost certain to be low) this is more a toy designed for true adult fans rather than kids. For one thing, while its penchant for wandering around and bobbing its head is cute, that’s all there is, which means kids will probably get bored with it in around 12 hours. Also, the poor guy can’t do stairs very well.

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