Battlefield 3 End Game DLC Dirt Bikes, Capture The Flag & Air Superiority, Oh My! (video)


Granted I was just as excited as the next virtual soldier of war when I heard DICE was adding dirt bikes in the next chunk of Battlefield 3 DLC. But good Lord in the morning, I had no idea what a difference a little power between your legs could make for a soldier. Hmm…that came out wrong. Let me back up.

End Game is the 5th Battlefield 3 DLC, as the developer makes good on their promise of a year+ worth of quality content and new ways to play the game. It brings back two beloved modes – Capture the Flag, which looks like a riot with high-speed motorcycle chases, and Air Superiority is another familiar mode, one made popular in the console version of Battlefield 1943. Expect the 2-seater dirt bikes, drop ships, four new maps, and of course plenty of new weapons and assignments to unlock them.

This is also the last bit of DLC included in the Battlefield 3 Premium. So if you paid for Premium you will get End Game at no additional charge. However you will  have to pony up real coin if you want any subsequent DLC, providing such is even on the roadmap.  So lets see here; Battlefield 3 was launched in North America in 2011 on October 25th. Yup, check and check! In fact we’re creeping up on 2 years here, DICE. Keep it coming.

Battlefield 3: End Game deploys March 2013 and will launch in the nebulous “earlier than that” for BF3 Premium players.

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