Batman The Telltale Series Trailer

Batman The Telltale Series

Batman: The Telltale Series is the brand new game coming from Telltale games, the genius’ behind The Walking Dead Season 1 and Season 2 as well as the critically received Tales from the Borderlands. If you are needing more Batman than Legos or the popular Arkham Series can provide, then check the above video!

Telltale Games

Telltale has taken the 1990’s point and click adventure games, made famous by Monkey Island, and revamped the storytelling and interactive elements. The interactive elements usually contain either a puzzle or quick time event where the player has to enter button prompts to stay alive. There is already some actions hinted at in the trailer when Batman has to fight off armed attackers wearing red body armor.

A quick time event from The Walking Dead Season 1. The player has to push Q rapidly to avoid being eaten alive!

These actions scenes add tension and excitement to the well-honed story system present in Telltale games. This system uses timed multiple choice responses that can have little to absolutely destructive effects in the game’s story.

An example of choices from The Walking Dead Season 1, your answer will change how the other characters will react to you.

Whether you kill, spare or cripple with your decisions, the plot keeps moving forward. For example: If you let someone die, their family member might refuse to work with you in the future. Conversely, the family that hated him might work much closer with you. It’s a dark world in Telltale games and your not going to come out unscathed. Batman the Telltale Series hints at massive choices ahead of players with the election of Harvey Dent.

Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham, can he handle the Cowl?

Batman The Telltale Series Trailer breakdown

This new Batman series holds no punches as Bruce Wayne tries to tackle the corruption of Gotham City as both the wealthy philanthropist and the caped crusader. There are a few other familiar faces in the trailer as well.

We see Alfred trying to talk Bruce out of being Batman, and living a normal life. While Harvey Dent, who later becomes Two-Face, is holding an election rally for mayor and needs Bruce Wayne’s help to clean up the city. The underworld kingpin Falcone returns as well, being one of the worst gangsters in Gotham. Surprisingly Telltale Games includes the smaller role of Gotham’s finest reporter Viki Vale as she questions the legitimacy of Harvey Dent’s campaign. We get our first look at Batman’s rogue gallery with Catwoman as she sneaks her way through an elevator shaft. It looks like an exciting first year for Batman The Telltale Series.

Batman meets Catwoman for the first time, she might have grabbed his wallet.

Batman The Telltale Series is for sale at $30 at Amazon. That price includes all 5 episodes, each lasting about 2 hours. If you are interested in trying out their earlier works give a look into their Game of Thrones Series, Tales from the Borderlands or even The Wolf Among Us for games springing from a comic book background.

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